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Metal Box Room

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The metal box room is a location in Submachine 5: The Root.


The area's architecture is typical of the Root; red brick walls and rusty metal equipment. The floorboards are dull, light brown. Lightbulbs sit in cages on the walls. (One lightbulb isn't protected - this one can be collected and used to illuminate the dark room in the ancient room).

The area itself is one of two unique locations in the Submachine series because of its structure - the area is "three dimensional", with eight rooms wrapped around one central room. Although the game's two-dimensional interface doesn't change, players must alter their thinking to comprehend the area as a 3D space. (The other unique location in the series is the basement exit.)

In the center room, there are three holes in the walls. Inside each one is a circular metal plate resembling a clock face, with a hand and a clam-shaped ornament at either 12, 3, 6, or 9 o' clock.

The hands can be rotated to touch the clam ornaments. Each valve is connected to one of the metal plates. Turning the valves will turn the hands in each respective room.

Once every hand is touching its ornament, the decorated metal container in the middle of the room will start to float, revealing the metal box.


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  • Mateusz Skutnik explained in the lucky room that this area was made as a "3D location" because he wanted to go beyond the typical 2D structure.

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