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The metal section is a location in Submachine 10: The Exit.


The location is named after its walls that are made of sheet metal. Stones jut out from and make up the floor. The area is first accessed from a portal door that is framed similarly to the entrance to the lighthouse tower. To the left of the door is a monitor that can be powered by two plasma coils. Once powered, the screen contains a system protocol prompt to raise or lower a ladder which can be found on a track to the left of the monitor.

The ladder leads up to a ventilation shaft made out of complete metal. The end of the shaft ends in a karma portal leading to the lighthouse tower.

The location is dimly lit by green circular wall lamps and also features a note.

Due to the architecture of the area, including the door frame and the metal panels on the walls as well as the puzzle of lowering a ladder, this location is well thought to be in the area of the lighthouse, if not somehow connected to a different part of the lighthouse directly.


Metal section map.png

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