Maintenance cart
Mover interior

The Mover's interior

The mover is a vehicle seen at the end of Submachine 5: The Root, in the beginning of Submachine 6: The Edge, and Submachine 9: The Temple.

Description and functionEdit

The original function of the mover was a maintenance vehicle to be used by sub-bots.

To power up a single mover three wisdom gems are needed. These are attached to the appropriate holes in the wall, which, once all the three holes are full, is then concealed with metal plates.

There are two holes in the front of the cart: one for light beams and one for the user to look out from. There is also a comfy-looking seat to sit in, which has two monitors attached to it.

The player then pulls a lever in the mover, which makes it move across the light beams that were powered by the gems.



The blue mover taking the captured player to the lobby.

There seems to be a certain system for the interception of movers. Once detected, the system sends out three blue cubes, two for interception, and one for transportation. This is part of a system alert titled "0-23-17 - Mover on Section 1 unscheduled movement"

The two 'interception' cubes grab the mover between them by "sandwiching" themselves above and below the lover to stop its movement. This action somehow removes the energy of the mover. It is likely these will then take the captured mover back to its original position, destroy it, or place it in a location where it is otherwise inaccessible. The "transportation" cube (aka "blue mover") will then connect to the mover so that the doors of each meet.

The system shall then wait until the user of the cart exits to the blue mover. Then it shall transport the user of the mover to the Edge to the lobby, where the player is scanned for items.


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