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Northern Garden Docks

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The Northern Garden docks is a location in Submachine 10: The Exit.


Left section[]

The left of the location consists of a bridge made of floating tiles, similar to those found in the South Garden in Submachine 7, which is broken and ends abruptly at the left side, right where the player arrives. At the right end of the bridge, on firm ground, there is an archway made of floating white stones, next to a device emitting blue energy lines.

The center of the location has four numbered stone pillars with metal rings on their top, where the anchors can be attached, as well as a railway with a controllable moving ladder, used to access the ships. There are two pedestals with a welcome message from the King of the Fourth Dynasty that is exactly the same as the message in the South Garden.

Right section[]

To the right, there is a building that seems to be a docking control center. The building has curved walls and is made out of concrete. It contains levers that control the ladders that lead up to the docks, a chart with a docking schedule, and a machine that gives one a bottle fuse in exchange for a ship ID number. There is also a destroyed staircase in the upper floor that can be reassembled with a karma stabiliser so that the player can access a portal door, which is activated by four tiles and leads to the metal section.

The player eventually accesses the Captain's ship, tied to the third pillar in the dock, after giving power to it.

The location contains two worn-out karma portals, both of which can be restored with the help of a karma stabiliser. One of them leads to a secret, and the other to one of the tile rooms.


Northern garden docks map.png


  • It is heavily theorized that this location is connected to the dock from Submachine 8: The Plan, since the blue energy lines are seen in the background of that location can be found in this one as well.

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