Observation Room

Observation room sub5

Accessed from 552

The observation room is a sub-location in Submachine 5: The Root.


The room exhibits typical Root architecture with rust and red-bricked walls. Two sets of three pipe speakers adorn both sides of the room. A chair sits to the right and a metal plate leans up against the right wall. A wrench can be found under the chair.

The main feature of the room is the observation machine that sits in an inset in the back wall. The machine is a large, teal, rusted object with four small screens and four buttons to power on/off the screens. In Sub5, either they do not work or they are not receiving power.

A microphone and a control panel are also present, but neither can be used. Gray wires trail up into the ceiling behind the machine.


This room was used to observe and contact the people who where in the Subnet. This room may have been abandoned after all communication was lost.

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