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Holds a key

The orb is an item in Submachine 4: The Lab.


The orb's container.

The orb is a simple corrugated transparent sphere that is colored dark blue.


Upon being heated with an extremely powerful laser, the orb becomes bright yellow and opaque. After being heated to its critical point, the orb explodes, revealing the key inside it. After the heating/breaking process, shards of the orb are gray, like wisdom gems and also transparent.


The orb started in the hands of the basement section exploration team, which was given a task to break the orb using a laser. The team took the orb to the Basement section but forgot a coil to charge the laser. They could not return to the research base, so they waited for a couple of days before Murtaugh retrieved the orb and returned it to its original spot in the looping traps.

The laser breaking the orb.

Later on it was found by the player and taken to the basement section. Then it was destroyed with a laser, revealing the key that could unlock a chest on the ship.

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