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Outside the Core

The Outer Rim is one of two overarching physical divisions of the subnet, the other being the Core.


The Outer Rim consists of the wilderness of unmapped submachines outside the Core. While it is technically underground or in some sort of pocket universe, it is still permeated by void, or material nothingness. In fact, the Outer Rim is akin to extraterrestrial space in that most of it appears to be a vacuum.


It is difficult to describe the Outer Rim in terms of location, since there is no one way to conceptualize the relative distances between regions and the locations they contain. However, it is commonly thought that the Outer Rim forms some sort of metaphorical "bubble" around the Core, with the boundary being the Edge. The Outer Rim does not have an observable external boundary.



The Outer Rim was created during the Collapse, which stemmed from two different causes:

1. The unrefined results of Murtaugh's karmic abilities (i. e., creating the Lighthouse lamp portal[1] and karma portals that tore and distorted the layers), and
2. The spontaneous growth of submachines that already had been occurring ever since S.H.I.V.A. became sentient and started replicating parts of the Core.

Combined together, these two forces distorted the Plan to the point where the subnet could not be contained in the Core. As soon as the Collapse occurred, the subnet started to become unmappable[2].

The Outer Rim grew enough to be practically infinite, in a sense[3]. Over time, the expansion slowed. It was still big enough that Murtaugh with supernatural teleportation abilities took 32 years to research a third of the region that could still be mapped[4].

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