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Switch between layers or sublayers

The passage-machine is an interlayer device that moves the player from level to level within the loop.

Description and function[]

The passage machine is essentially a circular device with a mounted button that is protected by a glass cover. While the current level's puzzle remains unsolved, the button is red and cannot be accessed from beneath the cover. When the puzzle is solved, the button lights up green and the cover slides to the side, allowing the player to push it to enter the next level. The passage-machine is always located at the origin (0,0) of any level the player is in.

When pressed, the audio for a layer-switch can be heard (in the online version, the item-collect sfx is heard).

A message from Murtaugh reveals that this mechanism is nothing more than a teleportation system that takes the player deeper and deeper into the Loop. It's not certain whether the lever would continue teleporting the player endlessly, because if the loop had an end, the player would die from dehydration before reaching it.

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