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Portal doors are found in Submachine 7: The Core and Submachine 10: The Exit. They function as a method of transportation within the South Garden and the Winter Palace, as well as between the Northern Garden docks and the metal section. Their function is similar to that of karma portals and lab portals.


Main portal doorEdit

Portal door animation

The transition between the sanctuary and the Winter Palace animated.

The main portal door is the link between the sanctuary and the Winter Palace. The main portal door was first seen in ruins, but it was erected when the player hit the gong inside the sanctuary. As Mateusz explained in the quote below, this sound manipulated the atoms of the portal door, causing it to become operational. The main portal door requires an energy gem as an energy source to work properly. Furthermore, a certain sequence of key stones must be set to place for the portal to actually lead to the Winter Palace.

Minor portal doorsEdit

Door control room

The door control room in the Winter Palace.

Other portal doors are much simpler and only move the person within the South Garden, not between locations per se. Each door has a blue energy field inside it when it is functional. If the field is not there, the doorway serves no purpose and is merely decorational.

They are operated from inside the Winter Palace, with a simple system of levers. Based on the rusted state of the levers, it can be assumed that the portal door system is very old.

Metal section portal doorEdit

Metal section

The portal door in the metal section.

A third type of portal door is found in the Northern Garden docks and the metal section in Sub10. The door requires four tiles to be activated.


“spectrum and frequency and wavelength.”
“that is represented by us summoning the main portal door by striking the gong. frequency of the atom structure manipulation. woah.”
— Soulllock and Mateusz Skutnik

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