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Lab worker

The predecessor was a lab worker, who was sent to the Edge by Murtaugh. In the end, he failed and committed suicide.


The man claimed that he was not much of an explorer. He also said that he was likely to do what he was told. His reactions indicate that he didn't approve of Murtaugh's methods, but still agreed to abide by his rules.


This man[1] was hired by the Lab. He spent some time exploring the subnet and found out about the exploration teams, at least some things of Murtaugh and Elizabeth's personal histories and Murtaugh's plan to get to the core of the Subnet.[2][3][4]

While he worked at the Lab, he never met any people or joined any exploration team, but did what he was told.[4] He was sent to the Edge to disable the defense system. He eventually arrived and stayed in the tunnels under the Edge.[4][3]

Predecessor's "bedroom".

There he saw others get locked up by the protocols and refused to go inside the Edge anymore.[5] The man became depressed and wrote several notes where he claims that Murtaugh had lied to him and the others[6] and advised the reader to follow Elizabeth instead of Murtaugh.[2]

The mountain where he left his suicide note.

For a while, he waited for someone to rescue him[7], but in the end, he chose to commit suicide, as he saw no point exploring the infinite subnet anymore. He wrote a note from those who come after him before he presumably jumped down the ledge of the mountain. His body has still not been found.[4]


“When I look around I see submachine.”
“When I look down I see nothing.”
“I want to be there.”
— The predecessor


  • Some parts of this character's history were made up by Mateusz Skutnik on a whim after reading a theory in PastelForum[8], but he has confirmed it is still 'legit'.[9] Only later it was confirmed that he was the same and only person who left all the notes in the tunnels[10].


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