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The people dubbed predecessors are a loose group of people, consisting of humans sent by Murtaugh to disable the defense system of the Subnet before the player was assigned the same task.


“My objective was to disable the defense systems, so the invasion could reach the core of the subnet.”
— Jumper, during Submachine 6: The Edge[2]

All of the predecessors seem to have been employees of Murtaugh. Many - including the player - seems to have been sent by themselves, one at a time.[3][4] However, it seems that either the predecessors formed a group in the Edge or a team was sent, as one of the predecessors mentions seeing other people.[5]


The player arriving to the edge. It is likely that the predececssors arrived in a similar fashion.

Their objective was to complete the "defense mission". Specifically, this means that they had to disable the protocols of the secondary defense system, the primary defense system, and the mainframe. As these protocols play an important role in the Edge's operation, they were highly guarded by several other protocols.

Most of the predecessors were told that they were the first ones to be sent to this mission.[6] Upon arriving they seem to have been disillusioned and turned bitter. At least one of them lived in the tunnels that lie under the Edge.[7]

Predecessor sub6

Signs of a predecessor living in the tunnels.

While trying to disable the protocols, some were captured by the protocols. Those who survived soon became depressed and refused to venture inside the Edge again.[5] At least one is known to have killed himself by jumping into the void.[4]

It is not known what ultimately happened to rest of the predecessors. However, the portal later found out by the sub-bots, which implies the predecessors - who were an "main factor" in the infestation - might have been dealt with.


“I know that I wasn't the first one sent out here. I know there were at least 5 people before me.”
“And as hard as it might be to hear, you have to hear this:”
“Just as I wasn't the first here, you probably won't be the last.”
— Predecessor, during Submachine 6: The Edge[2]


A key card used by the predecessors.

Most of the predecessors seem to have been somehow associated with the research base and Murtaugh, as he was the one who sent them to their mission.[4][1] Some even knew enough of his personal history to speak of Elizabeth, although they claim that they never saw anyone, and just received orders.[4][2].

There have been at least six predecessors.[1]


This man had explored quite a lot, however, he had never met other people, but was aware of them and suspected they were dead. The jumper was responsible for leaving the notes that the player finds in Sub6. He was chosen to be sent to the Edge by Murtaugh, because he easily did what he was told, and had given up on exploring the "infinity". He seems to have had quite a bit of knowledge of the predecessors, as he knew of five preceding predecessors. He also knew of Elizabeth, although how exactly is unknown.

He failed in his mission in the end, and committed suicide by jumping off a ledge, into the darkness.[4]

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