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Wisdom Gem Theory (debunked)

Wisdom Gem Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-04-14
Still alive 2009-05-25
Doubtful 2011-03-36
Debunked 2016-01-15

I believe that a replication of Murtaugh has been built. In submachine four, after you have done many tests/puzzles, you'll notice a golden statue. If we briefly look at it, it is missing an arm and something else. I can recall that Murtaugh once lost his arm due to an event I'm unknowingly of, so I think this statue represents Murtaugh himself. The Wisdom gems are called such because of the information they carry. With this information, it can replicate objects and make it possible for normality to be restored. Without it, Chaos and the improbable become possible, because there is no check or balance like the Wisdom gem. Wisdom gems generate such checks and balances when they are having some type of perpetual motion. should the motion stop, then no energy or balances are created. But if more than one Wisdom gem is manipulated in a synchronized manner, then maybe we are able to manipulate the balances so they turn to our favors, such as Submachine 5: the root. More may be added/deleted if the time and space acknowledge it.

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