Theories by Raxas.

The Number Station Theory (debunked)

The Number Station Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-06-09
Likely 2010-12-29
Doubtful 2013-01-27
Likely 2014-11-05
Debunked 2016-01-15
Location in Subnet

Over the course of the Submachine series it's no secret that we've seen a lot of broadcasting centers, with no apparent use or purpose. Exploration gave us a view into some active broadcasts, and to the attuned listener, these stations are in fact real. Remember location 837? The gramophone that played that buzzing noise? That is a real frequency broadcasting from Russia. It has been broadcasting continuously for over 30 years, stopping rarely (oddly enough one of those stops occurred a couple days before I posted this, I was there). Other stations include;

The Lincolnshire Poacher
The backwards music station
The crackle

Just to name a few.

Now, we've all heard a lot of similar things inside Exploration, and I'm not sure which one's Mur used, but I've got a theory- these myserious number stations, broadcasting with no particular use, are part of the Submachine. They're broadcasted into the real world through connected areas. For instance, UVB-76 has been traced to a very tangible building in Siberia, perhaps it is connected, physically or dimensionally, to location 837.

But why?

Maybe it's a form of communication. Maybe the Subnet speaks. Maybe it is trying to contact something. Or perhaps something, or someone, within the Subnet is trying to get a message out.

Maybe it's a form of attack. Maybe these wavelengths and frequencies are how the Subnet spreads and builds connections to the real world, like 837 in Siberia.

But whatever they're for, one thing is certain; they most certainly exist in both worlds.

Karma Particle Theory (doubtful)

Karma Particle Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-03-23
Still alive 2009-05-20
Likely 2011-03-05
Doubtful 2016-01-15

Murtaugh refers to 'karma' in the games. I think that this 'karma' may not be energy or glitches, but matter. Karma could be the term for a dark-matter like particle; millions pass through the Earth every second, yet they're so unique that they're near-impossible to detect, and contain massive amounts of energy. Mur may be able to manipulate them by emitting electrical signals from his brain to manipulate the particles to do his bidding. They can be condensed into solid forms and be moved to "telekineticly" (if that's an actual word :P) move objects. The 'karma particles' may also be the method of which the teleporters work. If they could contort the Space-time field by applying their energy, they could connect two points in space, and, theoretically, in time as well. The teleporters would emit signals that would gather the particles into a small space at the center of the teleporter and form a tesseract. This process would require extremely massive amounts of computation, data, and energy (you have no idea). The teleporters could be linked so that they're individual processors work as a collective entity, to successful perform the desired function.

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