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“no, it's a solid state. like resin or something.”
— Mateusz Skutnik, April 7th, 2011[1]

Resin is a substance appearing in several games of the Submachine series. Its purpose or origin is unknown, beyond it taking over Submachines. Connections have been made to it appearing in locations that have experienced a lot of karmic activity, but nothing relating it to karma has been proven.

It features prominently in Submachine 9: The Temple and Submachine 10: The Exit, where a number of locations are partially or completely covered in red resin, as well as in Submachine Universe, in the resin room and the resin temple (KOL), where it is a of a dark amber or yellow[2] color.


Gold encased in yellow resin.

Resin is known to take over submachines[1] as a high viscocity fluid. It hardens over very long periods of time, at least several centuries.[1] Hardened resin may even be built upon, as seen in the Resin mine.[3] The yellow resin and red resin are not the same exact substance, but are similar. Both are still considered types of resin.[2]

Game appearances[]

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In Submachine 10[]

In Submachine Universe[]

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