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Edge as Boundary Theory (debunked)

Edge as Boundary Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-02-15
Still alive 2001-06-01
Doubtful 2009-12-27
Debunked 2013-01-27
Location in Subnet

The Submachine can tap into locations that we can physically access (such as the Lighthouse) as well as other dimensions that we cannot access without the aid of teleporters. Since the Submachine can tap into other dimensions, it stretches through them instead of taking up as much physical space in our dimension. For some reason it could not spread and engulf a region, and this became the edge. Either humans who were trying to stop the Submachine from expanding further (because they lost control of it) created a way to prevent it from engulfing more regions at the edge, or a bug or other freak of nature disabled the Submachine from expanding. Thus it created the defense systems to protect itself from whatever exists at the Edge. The Looping Traps were also part of this Defense System where people, or attackers, would get lost and die of dehydration. The function of the Looping Traps was probably changed later to also trap people who had managed to infiltrate the Submachine through other means (i.e. locations such as the Lighthouse), or unlucky explorers who teleport themselves from the Lighthouse. The object of the player in Submachine 6 would be to explore the defense systems (unharmed. Here the task shows up on not getting killed.) and probably find a way to exploit a weakness so that they can be disabled. Once disabled, the Submachine could be easily breached and shut down by those who either lost control of it, or those who fear having their dimension engulfed by it.

Plot Explanation (debunked)

Plot Explanation
Theory history
Submitted 2009-02-15
Still alive 2001-06-01
Debunked 2011-03-05

At first the Submachine was intended as a training ground for some people (soldiers, explorers, college students etc.). It was created to tap into buildings which would created entrances into the Subnet. Then the Submachine would tap into other dimensions to save space. Here trainees would have to find their way through the Submachine and exit. Eventually the scientists who created the Submachine (which could have included Mur) lost control of the Submachine; it started engulfing more and more territory from other dimensions and our dimension as well. [It has been mentioned indirectly by Mateusz Skutnik at the pastelforums, that the Submachine has some sort of collective self consciousness. Either it realized that its full potential and decided to disregard all orders from humans, or a bug resulted. Either of the two made it go haywire. A third possible reason is that the Submachine realized what it was created for, assuming it was used to train soldiers, or test weapons, and it decided to stop the development of weapons by humans. This it started engulfing the human's labs and buildings, trapping inside the scientists who created it.] Murtaugh discovered his ability to create karma portals with his karma arm which allowed him to explore the Submachine. He then began recruiting explorers to help him explore the Subnet, eventually finding a way to shut it down. You (the player) were recruited by Mur, as well, and the games Sub1 to Sub4 were just training programs. You accessed the Subnet through the Lighthouse. Sub1 was just a video game. It was not at all part of the real Submachine, but a sort of model to get you used the types of puzzles you would end up solving. You make your way out of the Lighthouse and end up in the the Looping Traps. After that you make your way through more parts of the Subnet (during Sub4). All of these adventures happened in about a day (seeing that there are no signs of the player resting such as a bed). This was your interview process. After "You passed all the tests flawlessly [and] Your application was considered positively" you began to actually work (explore) for Mur. (Now there are signs of time having passed since you start Sub5 next to a bed.) Since you are one of Mur's best explorers (and you dealt with wisdom gems in your previous travels) he sent you to the Defense Systems. Here your task will be to find a weakness in the Submachine so that it can be stopped/destroyed, or even contained and controlled.

Major edit on this theory is soon to follow. Please stay tuned.

Player Movement Through Submachine and Submachine Existence (doubtful)

Player Movement Through Submachine and Submachine Existence
Theory history
Submitted 2009-03-18
Doubtful 2001-06-01

This kinda goes with Anteroinen's theory about the Submachine.

It's not a matter of where the Submachine is, but when it is. What I mean is that the Submachine takes up a tiny, tiny amount of physical space, while another part of it is in a different time period. For this reason, we, the Player, need to be on a special machine that bends time and allows us to explore the Submachine; this is the reason why the rooms move up/down left/right when we move, instead of us walking over into the next room (also accounts for why we see the whole room instead of part of it like in RL). Mur does not need a machine to bend time around him because he can bend time himself through his Karma Arm

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