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Sector 9

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Sector 9 is an area in the Core.


Sector 9 serves as the base area for Submachine 8: The Plan. It is a mid-transit stop for the player on their way to the fifth-layer version of the Knot. In this zone the player learns more about Mur's plans to reach the Knot and what exactly the Knot is.


Not much is known about Sector 9, other than one location that is explored very thoroughly in Sub8. It is known that the Plan is fully intact in this area, as Sector 9 can be explored on all seven main layers. It is assumed from the name that Sector 9 is a mappable part of the subnet. Due to its stability, it is also theorized to be located close to the Knot.

However, Sector 9 is very different from any location seen in the Knot in that each layer representation looks radically different from the next, whereas most Knot locations retain very similar architecture between layers.

The layer representations for Sector 9 are given below:

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