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Shiva Section

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The Shiva section is a location in Submachine 9: The Temple.


The statue of Shiva that connects from the temple.

The basic groundwork is much like that of the temple: the floor is lined with light brown bricks with white candles in the background.

The room is dominated by a giant statue of Shiva, which the player can partially see in an animated sequence while they are going down the rope from the previous section. Only the lower part of the stature remains visible after the sequence. Immediately to the right of the statue there is a brass stand holding a circular brass ring with a glowing green inscription inside.

The room has a mechanism spanning two rooms, powered by three wisdom gems, inside of which is the eighth button of the navigator. It consists of two brass pedestals connected by an arc of the same metal, one of which contains the eighth button protected by a brass hemisphere, and another one with three slots (in respective layers 2, 4, 6) where the player inserts the three wisdom gems.

Just to the right of this mechanism is a grey stone landmark. In the layer 3 version of this room, there is a karma portal leading to what is maybe the same mover from Submachine 5 and 6, half-destroyed by the karma portal, still containing three collectible wisdom gems. There is a stone wall in the rightmost scene.

There is a brass pedestal with a note written on it to the left of the statue. Further to the left, there aren't any more candles lighting the rooms, which prevents the player from advancing.

In the layer 8 version of the room, white rays of light emanate from the brass circle next to the statue, whose inscription is now white. Following these rays, the player can now access the leftmost part of the area, where the rays end in a large white portal that leads to the Northern Garden docks.


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