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Stabilizer Bay

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IOI (Sub10)

The stabilizer bay is a location in Submachine 10: The Exit.


The main color scheme of the area is lavender and purple. The binary portal is made of metal and has lavender and purple stripes. The main body is semi-circular with light lavender panels sticking out at haphazard angles. Two thin posts support the upper two orbs necessary for the portal to function.

The portal is located on a lower level with purple tiles covering the floor and a purple fence. To the left is a statue of a bull skull garnered with stone grapes, two of which are missing. If all stone grapes are placed above the bull skull, a beam of karma will shoot out the top and connect to a similar statue in the karma studies facility. To the left of the statue are more light purple panels which are akin to vertical banners, as well as a deactivated sub-bot.

A higher level, accessed with a ladder that is driven by a series of ladder pistons, is positioned high up to the right and contains a karma portal stand leading to the dock.

A section of rock positioned above the binary portal and to the left of the KPS allows access to a large purple sphere that contains memory drives for S.H.I.V.A..


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