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Karma and Portals Theory (doubtful)

Karma and Portals Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-03-23
Still alive 2009-05-18
Doubtful 2012-12-20
Location in Subnet

Definitions -Karma: a force that can manipulate matter, eg, the floating bells. -Will: Soul or spirit of a concious being.

This theory says that karma can be found in different places, if it can't be found everywhere. In the SubNet, perhaps, karma is easier to tap into. Karma acts when it has a will behind it, eg, Mur's karma arm. With the arm, Mur can manipulate matter and open portals. In the Lighthouse, Mur used his arm to 'draw' the portal that led us to the Loop. In conclusion, karma does not act alone, it needs a will to controll it.

I think that Player is a being of karma, but only has been since the begining of Sub 1. He can't remember because his being is seperate from his mind. Mur had some degree of orientation because he had two pages of diary. This suggests that Mur had some understanding of the Net before arriving. In conclusion, a body of matter cannot travel through a portal.

I suspect that karma is a product of creation. When something comes into being, this creates karma. Assuming that the SubNet is detatched from 'our reality', we could say that karma is trapped within the Net which was made when the Net came into being. The Lighthouse portal was an object of karma when it was created by Mur's arm, as was the arcade game. In conclusion, karma can travel through creative mediums in addition to space.

Matter can react in two sperate points, using karma. This is the essential mechanics of a portal. If a controlled karma contacts matter through a medium eg., the XYZ transporter, it creates a rift that can be travelled through. Imagine two floating balls of karma. If the first makes contact, karma can travel between these two balls. In conclusion, a portal is karma moving between two points of matter.

Human understanding of portals is limited, which is why the XYZ transporter will not bring you just anywhere. The transporter maps the irregular area of the Net, so with it, you can only travel within the Net. Suspicion: the Lighthouse portal tried to make contact with the Net, but was directed to the Loop as an outside source; this might have been the will of another concious being.

Main points:

  • Karma is a potencial force.
  • It is controlled by the will of a concious being
  • Karma is easiest contacted by karma, so the more karma a being has, the more it can manipulate matter.
  • A portal is a rift that brings you between two points of matter when karma contacts more karma.
  • Bodies of matter cannot travel through portals.
  • Beings travel through portals as karma.
  • Concious beings found in the SubNet are likily consisted of karma, being controlled by a will.

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