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Storage unit 33/4

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IOO (Sub10)

Storage unit 33/4 is one of the royal storage facilities in Submachine 10: The Exit.


The facility follows the same framework of rooms that make up a basic loop location. The door frames, ladders, and floor are all made of a bright orange metal. The walls are made of beige bricks with a couple orange bricks as well.

The left sequence of rooms features, among other objects including a karma fuse, a circular panel holding a lever. This also appears in the right sequence of rooms and combined these open a panel concealing a loop stabiliser.

The right sequence of rooms contains a long stick and a note bearing a rune on it.

Map and movement[]

The area loops. Movement behaves as normal when moving between any of the rooms as they are mapped below.

Moving up or down from the entrance brings one to the room left or right of the entrance, respectively. Moving to any other unmapped room returns one to the entrance.

Storage unit 33 4 map.png

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