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Maintenance of the subnet

Sub-bots or subbots are robots created by the subnet to assist it in routine maintenance.



Sub-bots consist of a metal tubular body with one jointed arm ending in a two-fingered hand. Their heads are made of a glass dome covering a simple antenna and they have one antenna acting as a standing leg.

The front of the body is exposed to allow for the sub-bot to store a large multi-tool with two different plug types inside themselves when not in use. Other bits of exposed machinery and copper wiring can be seen as well.

When not in use, sub-bots are stored in large vertical containers connected to other parts of the net via wires and a singular antenna on top. They can enter and exit these containers via glass doors.


A sub-bot's function consists of jumping from coordinate to coordinate and checking for any changes within the Submachine. They move around the subnet through the portals, a network which was initially created specifically for them, and was only later modified by humans to accommodate themselves.[1]

In Submachine Universe it was seen that sub-bots too leave notes behind to receive instructions. All bots have an ID-number (in form #-#-#-#). They go around and analyze problems they found and send messages to some kind of station that orders them to either fix the problem or leave it be.[2]

The message has following facts:

  • The bot's ID
  • The number of its maintenance round.
  • The problem with all of its effects.
  • Presumably the coordinate the bot shall move to next.

Physical sub-bots can be found in Submachine 10: The Exit and in Submachine Universe's collector's room in deactivated states.


“Introducing new term into the sub universe:”
— Mateusz Skutnik September 5, 2009

“sub bots”
“you treat them as inhabitants, like humans, like something aware and spread through the net.”
“they're a piece of machinery. just a piece of metal with a job to do.”
Mateusz Skutnik


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