Theories by Sublevel (Wiki: SubmergedMachine).


Theory history
Submitted 2014-11-02
Debunked 2016-01-15
Location in Subnet

Human mind is limitless. It can create the most impossible thoughts, and it can convince thinking people that it could exist. Somewhere. Sometime. Somehow.

And people struggle to see and to prove thing they imagined. To show they were right, they properly understood all things, and successfully solved the greatest mystery.

That is why human mind will always THEORIZE. And to wish his theories become confirmed, become perfect truth.

And probably, all these theories is foundation of what is, perhaps, the greatest mystery of human minds - SUBMACHINE.

What is Submachine?

Is it the greatest creation of some great human mind? Or of someone's mentally insane mind?

Maybe it's just a dream? Or it is great plan?

Maybe it's man-made structure, which should save us? Or it is creation of aliens, where we are just experimental creatures, or beings accidentally found it?

Maybe it's just a game of some programmer? Or it is program of high-constructed AI?

Maybe it is machine for production of canned food? Or it is, in fact, our creator that gave birth to all of us, with some certain purpose?..

Maybe ... Maybe ... Maybe ... Maybe...

All these assumptions were born in the mind of anyone who contacted with Submachine. After all, natural reaction of the human mind of man who saw with his own eyes something unimaginable in ordinary life is trying to make sense of what he saw, and explain it, creating incredible ideas, even more incredible than things he tries to explain. That’s human nature.

At the time when Submachine appeared, and when man saw it, he immediately made his first theory. Then next theory, and next, and next. Then other people came, they saw it as well, and maybe they even read or listened first man’s theories, but, anyway, they also made their own theories. New theories. More new theories. And as result: after some time (the time that even can be disregarded within the boundaries of Submachine universe), Submachine is full with theories, assumptions.

To not forget and to convey their thoughts to others, people leave notes wherever possible. Almost in every location, you can find traces of men, and their notes, writing, any signs that their mind wanted to lay out thoughts about Submachine, including leaving all their thoughts to those who come after these men.

And so, it has been going on for a long time. Theorizing has become norm for people inside Submachine, their shape. Rather, it always was its shape, from the beginning.

It seems that theorizing is single purpose of people in Submachine...

But the most important thing is that people do not know: all of them, including all of their thoughts, belong to IT.

Thoughts, seeping through Submachine, leave information, and it gets this information, these components. And from them, it creates all things we see inside it, inside Submachine.

The main thing is the whole foundation of Submachine is composed of special material, made from dissolved thoughts in it, thoughts of all the people who are there.

And there, you can always find piece of things that can be read in any of infinite number of Submachine theories. Even among theories that contradict each other. Or among theories that deny that seems irrefutable, canon.

And if someone says there is some kind of center of Submachine Network, its core, it will appear.

And if someone resists words of others, saying there is eighth layer, it will appear.

But one thing remains unchanged. The most important thing.

Submachine LIVES by theories. It lives by speculations, assumptions, and desires. Great desires about things people imagined become true, desires about meeting and observing everything they predicted to be real. And if that happens, if someday man makes sure his theory is FULLY confirmed, his mind that was working all the time, will settle down. Man will stop to theorize. And that is what Submachine cannot afford.

If it allows mind of man stopped to theorize, it will lead to collapse of everything. Expanding, evolving process will stop. No new structures, no new things, no new universe laws. The main function of Submachine will be broken.

That's why Submachine creates a world that theorizing man sees in his imagination, but at the same time, this world is NOT what he expected to see. This world contains some things from his theories, but they are not complete. It's just parts, fragments of picture that is written in his theory. And between these fragments, there is something that does not makes mind of man who wants to solve this mystery stop. On the basis of these fragments new world is created, with new locations, new picture of everything. And that will make man who saw all this continue to theorize, to try to link all this with things he theorized about earlier, or even make him tear in pieces his notes, thoughts, beliefs, everything he made so far, and start creating new theory. New foundation for future Submachine formations.

And so on without the end. Because Submachine’s life is kept by only this.

And, maybe, at the time when I’m writing these words, somewhere in the distant space of Submashine Network, new formation forms, a new reality, partly reflecting my theory, changing the structure of Submachine, creating new huge wall that hides the truth.

Truth. Submachine’s original form. Its true entity. Its true face. Its true function. And its true purpose.

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