Submachine: Ancient Adventure

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Release date
v1 (SD) August 28th 2006
v1 (HD) October 20th 2014

Submachine: Ancient Adventure (or Sub0), formerly known as Submachine 0: Ancient Adventure, is the first side game of the Submachine series.


An unidentified explorer searches the ancient ruins and ends up finding a wisdom gem.

List of locations

There is only one location in this game, namely:

Ancient ruins

103 entrance

This area is based on an ancient temple made ​​of gray stone tiles. The outside of the ruins has a medieval castle style and features several statues depicting dragons with a Japanese touch not found in any other Submachine game so far. The inside of the ruins have an Egyptian and Mycenaean architectural style with statues of horses and jackals (which both reappear in Submachine 4) except that the construction material appears to be an easily broken, blue-tinted stone. Additionally, there are several golden statues of stylized winged scarabs, a common theme in Egyptian hieroglyphs. This location contains a wisdom gem.


This game is a lot shorter than the other games in the series and only features 18 screens; this is because it was an entry Mateusz Skutnik made for the Jay is Games Casual Gameplay Design Competition. Because of this, the game itself is not directly related to the main plot, although parts of the location (including the wisdom gem) reappear in Submachine 5.


  • Extra rooms to the right of the beginning scene appear in the game's HD version, as well as in Submachine Universe in room 103. They show that the blue sky background appearing in the original game is fake, and the ancient ruins are actually linked to what looks like an area from the Root.
  • The "0" in the original title is a tribute to Cube Zero.
  • At 18 screens, this is the second-shortest Submachine game (the first being Submachine 1 v1 with 9 screens). The game can be completed in less than one minute.

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