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Submachine: Legacy

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Release date
probably 2022[1]
In progress

Submachine: Legacy is an upcoming game that will contain remasters of all the games in the Submachine series made between 2005 and 2015. This includes all the games in the main series, as well as Submachine: Ancient Adventure, Submachine: 32 Chambers, and Submachine: FLF. The game will be both the first Submachine game made since 2015, the first Submachine installment released on Steam, and the first Submachine game developed in Game Maker Studio 2.


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Mateusz Skutnik initially spoke about integrating old Flash Games into full Game Maker games on Steam. In one of his YouTube livestreams, he stated:

"older games will probably get redone in game maker as submachine: legacy."

In the years preceding 2020, Skutnik had a general plan to debut his Steam presence with his new title Slice of Sea, and follow that up with the release of the upcoming new Submachine game called Submachine: The Engine. In October 2020, he switched the order of "Engine" and "Legacy" around to start working on "Legacy" first.[2]

The Steam page for the game was published on March 7, 2021, confirming the title of the game in the process.[3]


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  1. Transfer all graphics from all games to new flash files, resized to 900x900, graphics enhanced, corrected etc. [February, March]
  2. Separate all active/inactive graphics from flash movie clips. [end of March, early April]
  3. Create a brand new engine in GMS2 for easy importing locations, puzzles, chapters etc. [April - May]
  4. Add all locations to the game engine. [May-June]
  5. Create all animations and implement all puzzles. [June/July/August]
  6. Create menus, and additional graphical assets, wrap all games in one overworld mechanic. [September]
  7. Implement all music and also work with ThumpMonks on all-new sounds. [May - September]
  8. Beta testing. [September - ?...]