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Submachine: The Engine (or SubE) is an upcoming side game of the Submachine series.


The game was first mentioned by the author in October 2012, along with "Submachine: The Sewer", as a hypothetical stand-alone game taking place after the main series had been finished.[1] Over time, the community largely wrote them off as random examples, without any further inquiries.

Much later, the game was added as a Patreon development goal with the opening of the page on the 4th of September 2016. The goal description read:

“First of the standalone Submachine companion games, explaining a bit more about the world and the mystery. This game will be about the machines themselves, without the context of Murtaugh or other main storyline elements.”
Mateusz Skutnik

The game was later removed from the list of goals, and it was not made clear whether the game would be developed in the future.

On the 10th of October 2016, the game was re-added as a Patreon goal for $2000/month. The goal description read:

“First of Submachines to be created after singularity (meaning: finishing of the main series). There are still questions surrounding the world of Submachine. We can answer them in these games.”
Mateusz Skutnik


The game was again removed from his list of Patreon goals and instead guaranteed a Steam release.

In his YouTube stream "Live Stream #44 • playing subnet hd part 2", Mateusz Skutnik stated that he would like to release Submachine: The Engine as the first Submachine game on Steam.[2]

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Mateusz Skutnik stated in the chatbox in one of his streams that Submachine: The Engine "will be my second game to come out on steam". [citation needed] Development is tentatively planned to start in 2021 after he publishes another non-Submachine-related game (currently referred to as "The Big Game").[3]

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