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Submachine: The Explorers (or SubEx) is a suggested side game of the Submachine series that is not currently in development.


“did you quote me [on the Wiki page]? Like, um, saying "I like this idea"? [laughs] Because I do.”
— Mateusz Skutnik[3]

Developer Mateusz Skutnik initially expressed interest in making a game related to the stories of the exploration teams during a live stream on YouTube on January 29th, 2017. During this stream he said he "liked the idea" (especially in contrast to a suggestion to make comic books about Submachine, which he did not approve of) but that his audience should not hold him to it.[4] About a week later, he again referenced the game idea during a live stream published on 6 February 2017. He stated that he did not have any ideas about what to put in the game, just the title[5], but that it was still worth adding a page about it to the Submachine Wiki.[6]

The only details mentioned were that the game would be about "explorer teams that roamed the Submachine long ago"[5] and be "filled with field notes".[4]

By the 28th of April 2018 the game had entirely been shelved as a concept. Mateusz stated on his personal Discord server that the game had never even entered pre-production stage so it could not even be said to have been cancelled. He said that he would do Submachine: The Engine and Submachine: The Legacy first, and at that point in the future anything could have happened.[1]

The question of Submachine: The Explorers was revisited on the Discord server on the 27th of September 2019 and Mateusz had further forgotten about the games existence. He stated that any continuation after the Engine and the Legacy was unknown even to him and that the idea of Explorers was not even sitting on his brain at this point in time. Finally he added: "it is possible though, but probably should revisit that idea after the legacy".[2]

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