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Release date
v1 (SD/HD) December 21st 2015[1]
v2.0 (SD) November 2017
v2.1 (SD) February 2018

Submachine 10: The Exit (or Sub10, stylized Submachine 10: the Exit) is the tenth and final installment of the main Submachine series.


The game picks up right at the last moments of Submachine 9. The player is confronted with the white karma portal at the bottom of the temple and uses it to transport to the Northern Garden docks.

From there, they access the captain's ship, which the player can use to access the rest of the areas of the game, encountering new technologies such as light spheres and karma portal stands and using them to progress. Along the way, the player collects exchanges between Murtaugh and Elizabeth in the form of notes, and as a result, learns that both time travel and karmic energy-stabilizing technology were both used in the Subnet. The player also sees sub-bots for the first time, but they are dead or broken.

In their travels, the player finds the remains of past exploration teams. They eventually visit S.H.I.V.A., a supercomputer that controls the Submachine. At some point, the player shuts down S.H.I.V.A. in order to progress. The player visits locations from each previous Submachine game, including the edge and the Root base. They even return to the basement. The player encounters many looping locations and must restore various karma portals before revisiting the lighthouse tower.

In the very last moments of gameplay, the player teleports right outside the lighthouse from within, therefore exiting the Submachine. They find out that the Submachine was buried under a desert of sand, in an alternate layer version of Earth with pyramids and two moons in the sky. The player walks a short distance and is greeted by a living Murtaugh and Elizabeth at a stone temple.

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Development and history

The game originally went under the title Submachine X or SubX; however, the name was revealed to be Submachine 10: The Exit in 2012[2].

In his wrap-up of 2013 post, Skutnik stated that work for Submachine 10 might begin in 2014, but he was doubtful whether it would be finished before 2015[3].

When Submachine 2: The Lighthouse HD was released on August 8th, 2014, Mateusz Skutnik stated in a Facebook comment that Submachine 10 is scheduled to come out in September 2015[4].

In his 2014 wrap-up post, Skutnik restated the game would come out in 2015 and also added the promise of showing teasers, sketches, and screenshots continuously after work was started[5].

Mateusz Skutnik posted the game's progress bar on his current work page on 23 March 2015, signaling his completion of Rewolucje 9 and his start on building Submachine 10.

On March 26th Mateusz Skutnik asked his fans if he would rather show teasers or not. The decision concluded that Mateusz is not going to show teasers of the game.

Mateusz changed the release date to "late autumn" on September 10th in a reply to a tweet on his Twitter.[6] Some time later, Skutnik stated that the most likely release date for Submachine 10 would be on December 21. [citation needed]

Captain's Ship Ladder Lever - Monitor Display

The game was released at 8:00 AM ET on 21 December 2015.[1] About a week later, reports of a game-breaking bug appeared on Pastel Forum. Moving the ladder from the Northern Garden docks to any of the docking areas besides the correct one, teleporting to Level X via the lighthouse portal, and trying to return to the docks would leave the player stuck with no way out, as the karma portal to Level X was one-way and the player could not descend from the Captain's ship to the docks, or even re-enter the ship itself. Skutnik updated the game (v2.0) by adding the lever found inside the ship that calls the ladder to the correct position to allow the player access to the docks.[7]

Sub10 and a few other installments in the series were updated (v2.1) between November 2017 and February 2018 to fix bugs found by speed runners in the series' fan base.

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  • As of at the least September 2021 the game doesn't function under the replacement of Adobe Flash, Ruffle, as it results in a red shader effect over the screen after the intro, as mentioned here. No known solution to this problem exists except, naturally, buying or otherwise circumventing using Ruffle.

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