Submachine Wiki


Basement walkthrough map sub1.png
  1. Obtain the four tile pieces.
    • Tile A:
      1. Replace the fuse.
        1. Collect the ancient coin ("golden coin" prior to version 5) at (-1,-2). Hover over the symbols on the right side of the coin to reveal a 4-digit code. Prior to version 5, the code is written clearly on the face of the coin.
        2. Use this code to open the locked chest at (-1,-3). Collect the electrical fuse contained within.
        3. Place the fuse in the fuse box at (1,-2).
      2. Pull the lever on the transformer at (2,0).
      3. Short the transformer.
        1. Collect the spoon.
          1. Mouse hover the right-side button on the radio at (2,-2) for a while, making the drawer open out to music playing. In version 2 ("Submachine Extended"), simply click the right-side button, causing the drawer to begin opening.
          2. Collect the spoon inside the now open drawer.
        2. In version 2 ("Submachine Extended"), Tile C must be collected before proceeding, or else the it becomes impossible to finish the game. This is no longer true in later versions.
        3. Place the spoon on the sparking insulators at (2,0). The panel on the transformer will break open.
      4. Collect Tile A from inside the broken transformer panel.
    • Tile B:
      1. Break the leaking pipe at (2,-3).
        1. Make note of the positions of the screws at (0,-3).
        2. Adjust the pistons at (-1,-1) so that positions of the knobs match the screws.
        3. Place the valve (found at (-2,1)) on the pipe at (-1,0) and give it a spin.
        4. If done correctly, you should hear the pipe burst.
      2. Collect the Old Pearl at (2,-3) from amongst the remains of the now broken pipe.
      3. Place it on the empty chain in the faceless longcase clock at (-2,0). This will open the panel to reveal Tile B.
    • Tile C:
      1. Throw the three switches. They are located at:
        • (-2,1)
        • (0,-2)
        • (1,1)
      2. In version 2 ("Submachine Extended"), you must activate the transformer (detailed in steps 1-2 for Tile A), but have not yet shorted it out. This is no longer true in later versions.
      3. Tile C can now be obtained from inside the glass sphere at (2,-1).
    • Tile D:
      1. Unlock the bell device at (1,-3).
        1. From the starting position (all cubes down), ring the first, second and fourth bells. This will reveal a panel in the device behind which Tile D can be found.
  2. Place the four tile pieces in the wheel at (0,0) to reveal the elevator.
  3. Open the doors and enter.
  4. Press the top button to travel up.
  5. Press the lower button to open the rear door and walk out.

Non-Essentials (You don't need these)[]

Once the four tile pieces are placed into the wheel, the rest of the map becomes inaccessible. You must obtain these before then.

  • The picture on the wall at (0,-1) serves as a teaser for Submachine 2.
  • The "single page from a diary..." can be found at (0,-2).
  • Wisdom Gem:
    1. Follow the steps for Tile A to blow out the transformer.
    2. In version 2 ("Submachine Extended"), you must collect all four tile pieces or else the next step does nothing, rendering the gem impossible to obtain. This may be a bug.
    3. Doing so will reveal a lever at (-1,-2). Pull it.
    4. A ladder will be released at (1,1). Climb it to find the Ancient Crystal of Wisdom.