Submachine 2: The Lighthouse

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June 28th 2006

Submachine 2: The Lighthouse (or Sub2) is the second installment of the main Submachine series.


Submachine 2 begins where Submachine 1: The Basement left off after the player appears to escape the submachine into an open plain. It is later revealed that the player did not escape and was instead led, in one way or another, to the lighthouse.

The goal is to escape the lighthouse, this time by solving several puzzles in order to activate a portal. Along the way, the player learns more about the lighthouse keeper and his experiments with karma portals.

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Early sketch

Main article: Sketch of Submachine 2

On October 23, 2009, Mateusz Skutnik released a sketch of Submachine 2, showing what the game was originally going to be like. The game played like most room escape games would, containing just a few rooms where you could view multiple angles of the same room, seeing both the front and back of the same room. The sketch contains seven secrets to collect, as well as a few keys. One of the main things that was found in the sketch, but not found in the final version was the "Blood Door", which was a locked door with a large blood spill underneath the door. When you zoom in on the blood and zoomed back out, a message would appear next to the door, in blood, randomly saying "2 = e" or "3 = e".

Revisited version

On October 4, 2013, Mateusz Skutnik released a revisited version of the game. This version removes the custom cursors and includes a graphical rework of some of the areas. Notably, the brick walls of the dungeon area were changed to a darker red to better match the style of similar areas in later games (such as the Root). Additionally, the sewer area was lightened to aid visibility, like in its Submachine Universe counterpart. Some secrets were also relocated: two were removed from the room in which you find the letter to Liz, one added to the handle of the movie memory projector in the basement, and one added to the leftmost window on the first floor.

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