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Map sub2 walkthrough.png

  1. Gain access to the floors above the dungeon.
    • Release the lower ladder.
      1. Place the Wisdom Gem (found in your starting inventory) into the energy receiver at (-3,0).
      2. Pull on the small white sphere at the top of the telescoping rod that appears.
    • Release the upper ladder.
      1. Collect the Cog Wheel at (-4,1).
      2. Examine the gramophone at (-1,0).
      3. Place the Cog Wheel in the slot with the pin.
      4. Press the button on the gramophone.
  2. Unlock the sewers.
    1. Obtain the room key at (-5,2) (accessed via the lower sewer entrance at (-2,2)).
    2. Use it to unlock the bathroom door at (-4,7).
    3. Collect the sewer key hanging on the hook inside.
    4. Unlock the sewer entrance at (-2,3).
  3. Unlock the second floor and gain access to the lantern room.
    • Second floor:
      1. Collect the 2nd Floor Key at (-3,2) (accessed via the upper sewer entrance at (-2,3)).
      2. Use it on the door at (T,-2,9).
    • Lantern room:
      1. Spin the rotated ladder.
        1. Retrieve the Switch Handle.
          1. Examine the panel at (-8,0).
          2. Press the buttons:
            • Row 1, column 2
            • Row 2, column 4
            • Row 3, column 1
            • Row 4, column 3
          3. The Switch Handle can now be collected at (-7,0).
        2. Place the switch in the box at (0,5) and pull it.
      2. Lower the upper tower ladder.
        1. Collect the fork from inside the wall indent at (-1,3).
        2. Place it in the broken conduit at (T,-2,11).
        3. Pull the lever.
  4. Activate the five power sources to enable the portal. The status of each one is indicated on the light panel at (T,-2,16).
    • E=mc^2 puzzle:
      1. Find the values of m and c.
        • The value of c is found on the panel at (-1,1).
        • M is written on the Diary 2 page on the typewriter at (-3,9).
      2. Solve for e if e=mc^2.
      3. Enter this number at (T,-3,12).
    • Replace the fuse:
      1. Collect the Digout Key at (T,-1,16).
      2. Unlock and enter the digout at (-5,7).
      3. Collect the fuse at the end of the tunnel.
      4. Place the fuse in the receptacle at (T,-1,16).
    • Spinning knobs:
      1. Adjust the knobs on the panel at (T,-1,12) so that the four rods touch the contact in the center. (Relatively) easy solution:
        1. Use the two top left buttons to manipulate the two left knobs.
        2. Once those are in place, use the lower right two buttons to position the last two knobs.
    • ID Card:
      1. Collect the Movie Memory and Light Bulb.
        • The Movie Memory is found at (-4,9).
        • Light Bulb:
          1. Examine the drawing on the wall at (0,7).
          2. Zoom in on the markings by the second floor window. Make note of the symbols.
          3. Enter these symbols into the device at (-1,9).
          4. Collect the Light Bulb from the now open panel.
      2. Place them into the projector at (-4,4).
      3. Turn on the projector and look through the eyepiece.
      4. Attempt to collect the ID Card. It will fall out of the projector and onto the floor. Pick it up.
      5. Place it into the slot at (T,-3,16).
    • Two coils:
      1. Collect the two coils.
        • The Positive Coil is found at (-9,2).
        • The Negative Coil is found at (T,-2,7).
      2. Place them at (T,0,13).
  5. Pull the lever on the portal at (T,-2,16).


  • The Diary 1 is found in your starting inventory.
  • The Cat Note is found in the sitting room, accessed via the left door at (-4,7).
  • The Pamphlet is found at (0,7).
  • The Letter to Liz is found at (-5,1).
  • The Diary 2 page, found at (-3,9), contains some flavor text in addition to an important clue.
  • The Note to Myself is found under the folded bedsheets at (0,9).
  • The Portal Note is found at (T,-2,16).
  • 20 Secrets (small red spheres) can be found all around the map.
    • Accessible at the start of the game:
      • At (0,0), zoom in on the arcade cabinet. It is sitting in the rubble to the right.
      • (-4,1) On the fancy chair.
    • Once the dungeon ladders have been lowered:
      • (-1,3) Zoom in on the wall recess. The secret is sitting on the brick in the upper right.
      • (-3,4) Break open the cracked tile to reveal the secret. In the original version, this crack does not appear. Break the tile on the rear wall, 5th from the right wall, 4th from the floor.
      • (-4,4) Revisited version only: on the knob of the projector.
      • (-3,6) In the rubble.
      • (-5,7) Revisited version only: on the window frame.
      • (-1,7) On top of the light.
      • (1,7) In the rubble.
    • Once the sewer has been unlocked:
      • (-6,2)
      • (-5,1) In the original version, there are three secrets in this room. The revisited version has just one.
      • (-12,3)
    • Once the second floor is unlocked:
      • Examine the mechanical hand on the nightstand at (0,9). There are four secrets here.
    • Once the lower tower ladder is rotated:
      • (T,-1,12) On the conduit.
    • Once the lantern room can be accessed:
      • (T,-3,13)
      • (T,-2,16) Amongst the wires in the lower left.
    • Once the digout at (-5,7) is unlocked:
      • One can be found where the tunnel starts to slope.

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