Submachine 3: The Loop

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Release date
v1 (SD) August 27th 2006
v1 (HD) August 27th 2014
“I believe that each Submachine is within specific machine that is similar to the structure or function of machine.”
— Soullock
“But didn't sub3 destroy that nice image of the structure? I mean, timeless, space-less and stuff?”
— Mateusz Skutnik,
Thu Mar 22, 2007 7:42 am

Submachine 3: The Loop (or Sub3) is the third installment of the main Submachine series.


The player begins in a room - the origin, (0,0) - in each of the 11 puzzles and by moving up, down, right and left can move to exact replicas of the starting room. The only difference is that some feature maps, levers or other puzzle-related devices. It is soon evident that the Loop, the structure the game takes place in, is actually an infinite coordinate plane with each room representing a point. For example, the room two rooms to the right and one up from the origin (0,0) is called (2,1). To navigate the Loop, at the beginning the player finds a compass which shows the coordinate pair of their current location.

The two endings

The puzzles are of varying difficulty. Unique among the Submachine series, two endings are possible: the first, in which the player collects a leaf and "breaks the Loop," escaping; and the second, in which the player solves the final puzzle and starts falling down the Loop, eventually dying of dehydration from the long (endless) fall.

List of locations


  • Several of the level codes are based on the Polish language:
WINDA - lift
BANDA - gang/crew (also means this in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian)
ANELKA - Polish female name
BOTWINKA - beetroot leaves
Also, SYNTAGMA is used as the title of a comic book by the same author (Mateusz Skutnik).


On July 21, 2014[1], an HD version of the game was released. This version runs on the Float engine and features minor updates to the content and graphics. It is also the first HD to introduce some new additions to the plot, in the form of four notes at level 0, one in each of the four rooms diagonally adjacent to (0,0), accessible after collecting the coordinate device.

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