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General tips[]

  • The compass found on level 0 keeps track of your position in the loop. Refer to it if you get lost. Additionally, the lights at the top indicate your progress on the current level.
  • The passage-machine is always located at (0,0).
  • A map of the level is always located at (1,0). The "X" represents the location of the passage machine and each dot marks the rooms that are relevant to the level's puzzle.
  • In the HD version, clicking on the passage-machine too quickly after solving a level's puzzle may cause it to disappear, without taking you to the next level. This can be done on all the levels except for level 0, but the easiest level to preform the glitch on is level 1.
  • The game employs a password system to save your progress. Entering a password begins the game at that level. The password for each level appears in quotes in the section headers of this walkthrough.
    • The passwords are case-sensitive and are all lower-case. Oddly, the font used by the password system has lower-case letters that appear to be upper-case (and are in fact visually identical to the upper-case ones).
      • The HD version uses a different font with distinct upper- and lower-case characters.
    • In the HD version, the passwords for levels 7 and 8 have switched positions. This may be a bug.
    • The game said that there was nothing to collect at all. However, a green leaf can be collected at the end


Level 0[]

  1. Collect the compass.
  2. Use the passage machine.

Level 1 - “linkva”[]

  1. Pull all the levers. They are located at:
    • (-1,1)
    • (0,1)
    • (1,1)
    • (-1,0)
    • (0,-1)
    • (1,-1)
  2. Use the passage-machine at (0,0).

Level 2 - “bamita”[]

  1. Start by pressing any of the switches located between (1,1) and (5,5).
  2. Doing so will reveal two digits. These are the coordinates of the next switch.
  3. Go to those coordinates and press the switch.
  4. Perform steps 2-3 six consecutive times. You must start over if you press an incorrect switch.
  5. Use the passage-machine at (0,0).

Level 3 - “firoga”[]

  1. Set the correct numbers on the four panels located at (-1,1), (1,1), (-1,-1) and (-1,1).
    1. Each panel has one fixed digit and three digits that can be changed using the buttons below.
    2. For each panel, change the variable digits to match the fixed digits of the other three panels.
  2. Throw the switches at (0,1) and (0,-1).
  3. Use the passage-machine at (0,0).

Level 4 - “winda”[]

  1. Throw the six numbered switches in order. They are located at:
    1. (0,2)
    2. (-2,-1)
    3. (0,-1)
    4. (-1,1)
    5. (2,-1)
    6. (0,-2)
  2. Use the passage-machine at (0,0).

Level 5 - “banda”[]

  1. At each relevant location, input the letters that correspond to that room's coordinates: 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, 5=E. The rooms are at:
    • (1,2): AB
    • (2,4): BD
    • (3,1): CA
    • (4,3): DC
    • (4,5): DE
    • (5,1): EA
  2. Use the passage-machine at (0,0).

Level 6 - “mjolma”[]

  1. Enter the correct symbols into the device at (-1,0).
    • The symbols are located at:
      • 1: (-3,2)
      • 2: (1,2)
      • 3: (2,-1)
      • 4: (-3,-1)
      • 5: (-2,1)
      • 6: (-1,-2)
    • The number found below each one corresponds to its position on the device.
  2. Press the button on the box on the floor at (-1,0)
  3. Use the passage-machine at (0,0).

Level 7 - “flinta”[]

  1. Throw the switch at (0,-1).
  2. This turns on the light at (0,1). Note shadow it casts on the wall. It consists of six boxes with a diagonal line running through. Note the orientation of the diagonal.
  3. Rooms (1,-1) through (6,-1) each contain a panel with lights and sliding switches. The orientation of the shadow-symbols corresponds to which switches and lights should be activated. Turn on all the correct ones.
    • The diagonals look like this: \ / \ / / \.
  4. Throw the switch at (1,1).
  5. Use the passage-machine at (0,0).

Level 8 - “slitta”[]

  1. Throw the switches contained within each locked panel.
    1. The panels are located at:
      • (-2,1)
      • (1,1)
      • (1,-2)
    2. For each panel:
      1. Enter its coordinates into and pull the switch on the machine at (0,-1).
      2. Go to the panel and pull the two switches.
  2. Use the passage-machine at (0,0).

Level 9 - “anelka”[]

Note: the HD version of this puzzle uses roman and arabic numerals rather than letters and colors.

  1. The panel at (0,-1) displays six lights of various different colors. Three of them can be changed by pressing the button underneath. Make note of the fixed colors.
  2. The panel at (0,1) displays letters each corresponding to the first letter of a color (B=black, R=red, O=orange, P=purple, G=green, Y=yellow, W=white). Three of them can be changed by pressing the button underneath. Change these to match the fixed colors from the panel at (0,-1). Make note of the fixed letters.
  3. Change the variable colors at (0,-1) to match the fixed letters at (0,1).
  4. Press the button beneath the panel at (0,-1)
  5. Use the passage-machine at (0,0).

Level 10 - “botwinka”[]

  1. The map at (1,0) is not actually a map, but a clue for this level’s puzzle. Make note of the positions of all the dots.
  2. Place dots on the blank “map” at (-1,0) to match those at (1,0).
  3. Throw the switch at (0,-1).
  4. Use the passage-machine at (0,0).

Level 11 - “syntagma”[]

Solution 1: Death[]

  1. Make note of the two codes. They are found at:
    • (0,1)
    • (0,-1)
  2. The letters in the codes correspond to the colored bars found at (-1,1) and (1,1): R=red, G=green, W=white, B=blue, P=purple, Y=yellow. The numbers correspond to what level each bar needs to be at (0 through 6 inclusive).
    • HD version: The bars are all white. Markings on the wall at (-1,0) indicate which letter corresponds to which bar.
  3. Use the buttons to adjust each bar to the correct level.
  4. Throw the switches at:
    • (-1,-1)
    • (1,-1)
  5. Use the passage-machine at (0,0).

Solution 2: Escape?[]

  1. Follow the instructions on Murtaugh's note at (0,0):
    1. Collect the green leaf. It can be found in any of the eight rooms adjacent to the origin (0,0).
    2. Place it on the statue at (-12,9).


  • The HD version includes a password for level 0: "primerna".
  • HD version: Level 0 can be explored after collecting the compass. Notes can be found at:
    • (-1,1)
    • (1,1)
    • (-1,-1)
    • (1,-1)
  • It is not technically necessary to read the note from Murtaugh in order to reach the "escape" ending on level 11. However, it contains crucial instructions on how to do so (covered in #Solution 2: Escape?).