Submachine 5: The Root

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Release date
January 30th 2008

Submachine 5: The Root (or Sub5) is the fifth installment of the main Submachine series.


The player starts in a different part of the lab than in Submachine 4. Mur sends a message on a computer telling the player to gather 3 wisdom gems, and then to explore the outer reaches of the net. Then the player travels to the Root - the original submachine - which is reached via the code 552 on the same portal used in Submachine 4. Then, with a new teleporter system exclusive to the root using cipher plates, the player finds connections to the lighthouse and the ancient room to collect the 2 wisdom gems there and then finds the third gem in a different location in the Root.

After finding the gems the player leaves the root and teleports to the corridor (747) and uses the gems in a machine to travel to the edge.

List of locations


Left inventory sub5
  • In older versions of the game, when the right inventory was full, items would prop bar to the left inventory.

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