Submachine 6: The Edge

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Release date
v1 (SD) October 15th 2009[1]
v1 (HD) May 16th 2013
v5.0 (SD) November 2017

Submachine 6: The Edge (or Sub6) is the sixth installment of the main Submachine series.


The game takes place immediately after Submachine 5: The Root.

The S1 mover that the player left the corridor in Submachine 5 becomes intercepted by the subnet defense system under protocol 0-23-17. It transports them to an area in the DS structures. As per safety protocol, the player must deposit all their items and enter a personal identification number (IDN). After entering an incorrect IDN, they are deposited into the outskirts of the Edge. There are no known correct IDNs.

Via the outskirts, the player is able to enter a series of the tunnels, where they can find several notes and a key card. This key card is used to lower an elevator, which is used to access Area 4 and Area 5. In Area 4, one must disable security, which will allow the player to retrieve a metal cube in Area 5.

The player must take this cube back to the tunnels, in which there is an ancient area named the chronon. Using the area's time-manipulative devices, the player can retrieve a connection pod from the cube. This tool allows one to operate various systems in the defense system to progress.

The player then receives a message from Murtaugh, who asks them to disable a series of protocols.

After venturing around further and disabling the remaining protocols, Mur messages the player and informs them that his invasion of the Core will continue, but that their adventure is at an end. Because the mainframe is off, the section loses power. The player is then able to exit through a vent tunnel and use the connection pod in a previously unseen type of portal to escape.

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  • The game Submachine 6 almost leaked from Arcade Town before its initial release.
  • Submachine 6 was one of the many games nominated for the Best of 2009 awards on January 6, 2010. On January 20, Submachine 6 won the award for "Best Adventure Game of 2009".

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