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  1. Getting into the South Garden/left side of Winter Palace
    1. You begin in front of a strange machine with a coiled blue light bulb. Go left to find a blue barrier that you cannot go through. Notice the machine leaning against the square stone block appears to need a key card.
    2. Go right 4 times. Take the key card lying on the grass. Go left 4 times. Use the key card on the machine. Pull the lever and go left.
    3. Here you find another blue barrier. Click the rock on top of the right pillar. Notice that it can go through the barrier. This means that inorganic objects can breach the barrier. Go right 3 times. On the ground, to the left of the column, is a long steel tube. Pick it up.
    4. Go left 3 times. Use the tube on the lightbulb, which seems to be generating the barrier. The tube smashes the lightbulb, destroying the barrier. Go left 6 times.
    5. You find an ancient door, now in ruins. You need to activate it. Go right 3 times and take the gong stick. Go left 4 times and use the stick to ring the gong.
    6. Go right. The door is now reassembled, but now you need to turn on the portal. Go right twice. Take the key on the ground. Go right 9 times and use the key on the box with a keyhole. Click on the box and take the energy gem. Go left 11 times.
    7. Place the energy gem in the diamond-shaped notch in the door. Now the portal is activated, but you need to turn it on. You need to find 3 key stones, a valve, and a drawing that shows where to place each one.
      • Drawing
        • Go right all the way to the end. Take the paper on the ground. It shows where to place the key stones.
      • Valve
        • Go left 7 times and take the valve on the ground.
      • Square key stone
        • Go right 5 times. Click on the pieces of wood towards the left to move them. Take the square key stone.
      • Red key stone
        • Go left 9 times. Click on the right flower pot. Take the red key stone.
      • Spiral key stone
        • Go left 4 times. Take the spiral key stone from Buddha's hand.
      • Turning on the portal
        • Go right 3 times. Click the pedestal. Insert the valve into the hole in the middle. Look at the "winter palace south garden entry" note. Use it to figure out how to place each stone in each hole. (spiral in the top, red in the bottom left, and diamond in the bottom right) Click the valve, go back, and click on the portal.
  2. Getting to the right side of Winter Palace
    1. Go right and through the door. Go right, through the portal, and left twice. Remove the bar from the door. Open it. Go right twice.
    2. You will find a stone wall in your way. There are 27 holes in the wall, arranged in a 9x3 grid. You need to find three stone keys to place in three of the holes, and 4 notes describing which holes to put them in.
      • Triangle stone key
        • Go left 4 times, then right along the outside of the Winter Palace. Go down, then left. Take the triangle stone key.
      • Square stone key
        • Go right, up, left, through the door, and right twice. Go up the stairs to the top, left, and through the portal. Take the square stone key, then go back through the portal.
      • Circle stone key
        • Go right twice. The door is locked. Go left, down twice, and left 7 times. Click on the active portal. Go right and take the key. Go left and through the portal.
        • Go back, then right 3 times, through the door, right twice, up twice, right, and unlock the door with the key.
        • Go right and click on the machine. Pull all the switches down. Go back, left twice, down twice, left 7 times, and through the 4th from the left portal.
        • Go right and take the circle stone key from the roots. Go left and back through the portal.
      • Triangle stone key clue
        • Go back, right twice, and through the portal. Go right 11 times and take the paper on top of the other one. This is the triangle stone key clue.
      • Square stone key clue
        • Go left 11 times and through the portal. Go left 3 times and through the 2nd from the left portal.
        • Go left 3 times and take the paper. This is the square stone key clue.
      • Circle stone key clue
        • Go right 3 times, through the portal, back, right twice, through the portal, left. Click on the middle flower pot and take the paper. This is the circle stone key clue.
      • Main stone key clue
        • Go back, right, through the portal, left 3 times, through the 2nd from left portal, left twice, click on the valve, right, up the stairs, flip the switch to down, back down, upper left, up the ladder, through the portal, right, and take the paper from the floor (it's hidden well, so if you don't see it at first, keep looking.) This paper tells you in what order (from left to right) to place the stone keys in that wall back at the palace.
      • Unlocking the Wall
        • Go through the portal, right twice, put the gong stick in the box, click on it, go right twice, and through the portal. Go back, then right 3 times, through the door, right 4 times. Use the four drawings to solve the puzzle. Imagine the 9x3 grid as three 3x3 grids in a row. One drawing shows the three keys in a row. The position of each key matches which grid you should put it in. Each individual drawing for each key shows where in its own grid you should put it. Once you have put each key in the right place, the wall will lift.
  3. Getting to Liz's ship
    1. You now have access to the mechanisms that can call the capsule from Liz's ship. You need to figure out how to turn them on.
      • Setting up the signal sender
        • Go right twice and into the door. Take the transmitter. Go back, right, and through the door. Take the paper. This paper describes how to call the capsule. Once you input the correct symbols into the control mechanism and have set up the mechanism to send the signal, the capsule will descend to the outside of the palace.
        • Go back and right twice. Go through the door, up the ladder, through the portal in the ceiling, and grab the solenoid. Go back through the portal, down the ladder, and back into the atrium. Go right twice and take the key from the floating rock.
        • Go left 4 times, through the door, up the ladder, and use the key on the box. Take the solenoid. Go down, back, right 3 times, through the door, and up the ladder. Place the transmitter in the hole in the middle of the dish, and place the two solenoids in their places above and below the one there.
      • Sending the signal
        • To send the signal, you must input the right symbols into the control mechanism. The symbols are found on inscriptions throughout the South Garden, and the locations of the symbols are shown on the "you are here" signs found throughout the Garden.
        • Go down the ladder and take the paper. This paper shows the order in which you should input the symbols from each location in the Garden. Go left all the way back into the Garden to find all the symbols and maps.

          Order of the symbols for calling the capsule.

        • Once you have inputted the combination, then press the triangle on the bottom right. If you have the right combination, it moves to the right. If the combination is wrong, then it does nothing. If you put in the wrong combination, it's probably because you got one of the locations wrong or confused one symbol for another. Just keep trying until you get it right.
        • If you got the combination right and turned the triangle, the lights turn green. That means that the capsule has been called, and you have access to Liz's ship. Go left 9 times, then go right along the outside the palace, down, and right. Enter the yellow capsule and pull the lever. Wait until the other hatch opens.
  4. Finishing the game
    1. Once the capsule stops, the hatch on the right opens. Go through it.
    2. Flip the switch above the capsule (it's tiny). Go right and flip the switch on the wall there (also tiny). Go up the ladder, then right twice. Pull the lever, then go right, up, through the portal, and left twice.
    3. Go through the big green karma portal and watch the cutscene.

Congratulations! You have finished Submachine 7!


There are five tokens to collect. For their locations:

  • Start from the gem-activated portal. Go through it. Go left twice. Click on the bottom of the rightmost pot.
  • Start from the gem activated portal. Go right in, go right, up stairs, right until you pass the door, go up spiral staircase, right. Click on the top left of the crack.
  • Start from the gem activated portal. Go left three times. Go in the lefmost portal. Go left four times. Click on the left crack of the karma portal chunk.
  • Start at the control mechanism (the one with five symbols). Go right, go through arched doorway (the one with scattered papers). Click on the bottom left of the central stone.
  • Start near the green karma portal. Go right three times. Click the bottom of the leftmost table leg.

The tokens are to be used on a secret location.

  • First, an item is required to access the secret location, towards the ending areas.
  • Toggle a lever standing by a red chair towards the ending area. The lever has a grate symbol on the floor where it is located. It symbolizes that the lever controls a grate. With the grate opened, the secret location can be accessed.

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