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The Submachine official website is located at It is popularly known as Submachine World. It contains links to all of the Submachine games, as well as being the only site where you can play the exploration project named Submachine Universe.


The design consists of squares with white borders. Inside each square is a picture from one of the Submachine games. Clicking a picture will take you to that game. After Submachine 10 was released in December, 2015, a banner was added at the top of the page with a link to purchase the "Submachine complete collection".

The current design was implemented as part of a site-wide design update of in June, 2015.

Past designsEdit

In previous versions of the webpage, the Submachine game select page had its own distinct look. The games were shown as dots connected in a network, shifting slightly over a black background that used to contain symbols, and were superimposed on three circles. Each of the circles were trisected by three lines. The main series formed a chain stretching between two circles. Each dot showed a label containing its corresponding game number from 1 to 9 followed by the title when you hovered the mouse over it. The three side games were in another line around the third circle, partially surrounding the Submachine Universe dot, labeled "Subnet Exploration". There was also a link to the author's store, where Submachine games could be bought in HD.

Clicking on each dot took you directly to the corresponding game. For Submachine Universe, it took you to an initial screen that describes the project; each location of the SubVerse is hosted on this website as a separate file with swf extension, making it easier to upload new areas and game updates (not having to upload a new version every time), while making it nearly impossible to link the complete SubVerse to another website for it to be played there.

It has been theorized that the dots represented the subnet, although it is likely to represent some kind of timeline (this idea is supported with an update showing Submachine 8's layers, as we know there can be a different history for each layer), or perhaps it means nothing. In light of the March 2014 update, new theories abounded as to how the circles related to layers or Submachine's overall structure. 


During the autumn of 2009, Mateusz Skutnik changed the site so that it did not have any of the Submachine games, but a message. This was preceding the release of the SubVerse. Later it was changed back to the old mode, along with the additional SubVerse, Sub32, and Sub7 dots.

When Submachine 9 was added in March 2014, the design was also updated, showing a black-greyish colored dirty plate as the background (with the characteristic Submachine symbol removed from it), which now is independent from the flash file. Clicking in any of the dots takes you to a page where you can opt to buy the HD downloadable game (if released) or play the online version. You can also buy the HD games directly by clicking on "play Submachine in HD" at the bottom.

In June 2014 the design was modified slightly: the Sub4 dot was moved from in between circles to the first grey circle.

Later in 2014 the design was modified slightly; the game now showed the titles of the games alongside the black dots for Subs 0 through 9. The Submachine: 32 Chambers dot now reads "32 Chambers" (from simply "32" before) and the Submachine Universe dot now reads "Subnet Exploration" (from "explore").

In June 2015 the unique dot-and-chain design was wiped and replaced with the current site-wide scheme that appears on each of Mateusz Skutnik's game series pages.


Some time ago, before the 2009 update, there was a possible bug affecting some users of Google Chrome that prevented them from accessing the site's home page, showing instead the message "Missing Plugin". This was probably because Chrome was unable to recognize the required plugin (Adobe Flash) to display the SWF file between "embed" tags. This was later fixed.


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