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The Submachine series (aka "Submerged Machine") is a series of point-and-click adventure games built in Adobe Flash, created by Mateusz Skutnik, and first released in September 2005.[1] There are ten installations in the main series as well as five side games, with two more side games planned in the future.

The original structure of the game series was speculated on as early as 2009, when in an interview with Igor Hardy, Mateusz Skutnik stated that "This series should go at least until Submachine 10. After that, I don't know."[2] This was also stated in the final secret in the super secret bonus section of Submachine 7: The Core[3], and the PastelStories FAQ-page in Facebook[4].

The side games Submachine: Ancient Adventure and Submachine: 32 Chambers were originally made to be submitted in contests for the website JayisGames.

Submachine: Future Loop Foundation was originally made to promote the band Future Loop Foundation by incorporating album imagery and music from the band. A newer version of the game - Submachine: FLF - later removed the band references and replaced it with more in-universe material.

Submachine Universe was long advertised as "not a game" with no real ending since its conception in 2009 - and over the course of its development - until 2017, when the final build of the game in Flash was released and the game mad a proper ending developed.

The series has been generally well reviewed.


In all the games you play as an unidentified protagonist who awakes, seemingly after having some sort of amnesia, in various unknown locations and have to solve different puzzles and examine the environment in order to escape. The sci-fi environment features diverse settings of multiple types of architecture that have often been twisted and broken as if time and space themselves have been warped or torn apart.

In the main series the player can pick up notes detailing the happenings of a scientist named Murtaugh and his communications with a woman named Elizabeth as they explored the world around them and performed experiments with exploration teams on concepts such as teleportation future technology and multiple realities.

The side games feature separate missions by possible other protagonists that do not directly affect the main storyline to the best of anyone's knowledge.


All the main series games plus Sub0, SubFLF, and Sub32 will be redone in Game Maker Studio 2 and released on Steam in the 2020s in a bundle called "Submachine: The Legacy". It is currently unclear whether they will function as separate games or as one large game with smaller parts.

Two new side games, "Submachine: The Engine" and "Submachine: The Explorers" also have plans to be made in GMS2 and released on Steam around that time. A third new side game that will most likely borrow heavily from Submachine Universe's environments and puzzles that is void of all non-canon content the game possesses will also be made in GMS2.

Main seriesEdit

Submachine 1:
The Basement


Submachine 2:
The Lighthouse


Submachine 3:
The Loop


Submachine 4:
The Lab


Submachine 5:
The Root


Submachine 6:
The Edge


Submachine 7:
The Core


Submachine 8:
The Plan


Submachine 9:
The Temple


Submachine 10:
The Exit


Side gamesEdit

Ancient Adventure


Future Loop Foundation




32 Chambers



Submachine Universe

The Engine


Placeholder sube

The Explorers

Placeholder subex

Non-canon gamesEdit

Submachine for iPhone


Sketch of
Submachine 2

Sub2 sketch


  • The number of screens on each Submachine goes as follows (Here ordered from biggest to smallest):
    • Submachine Universe (838)
    • Submachine 10: The Exit (474)
    • Submachine 9: The Temple (155)
    • Submachine 6: The Edge (143)
    • Submachine 7: The Core (125)
    • Submachine 5: The Root (122)
    • Submachine 3: The Loop HD (122)
    • Submachine 3: The Loop (116)
    • Submachine 2: The Lighthouse (107)
    • Submachine 4: The Lab HD (95)
    • Submachine 4: The Lab (94)
    • Submachine 8: The Plan (71)
    • Submachine: FLF HD (58)
    • Submachine: Future Loop Foundation (47)
    • Submachine: 32 Chambers (33)
    • iSubmachine (27)
    • Submachine 1: The Basement Extended (23)
    • Submachine: Ancient Adventure HD (19)
    • Submachine: Ancient Adventure (18)
    • Sketch of Submachine 2 (18)
    • Submachine 1: The Basement Original (11)

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