Theories by Subnoob.

Submachine 6 Theories (debunked)

Submachine 6 Theories
Theory history
Submitted 2009-03-14
Doubtful 2009-06-08
Debunked 2011-03-20

First off, you go to the outer defenses to store the wisdom gems. You see a sign that says: “Super wisdom gem stolen! Fugitives have been caught but they have placed the super wisdom gem so far out in the unknown submachine, it’ll be 5 years until we can go after it, because no one here is high enough in power to go.” So, you talk to Mur over the Subnet’s Internet- like communications system, who says that to get an exception to get promoted, you have to recover 5 more wisdom gems and the rest of the ciphers that were found in the root. Then, after you’re promoted, you’ll be sent into the unknown subnet, mapping it out and looking for the super wisdom gem. It seems like it would be easily found, because it is extremely large and a dark red.


Mur. is a machine leading you to the edge when in fact you are going deeper into the net to give Mur. the gems. The reason you never meet anyone or anything is because every time you use a portal you are creating a universe with the conditions that you left it in so there is human evidence, but no humans.

And about your third invisible hand, it isn't yours, that is in fact Mur. guiding you to the core even if you resist. Wisdom gems power the Mur. Machine.

And a machine that lives on wisdom gems is bound to want a big red one.

If you do something horrific you are called Sub-human, I guess It makes sense that Mur would be Sub-Machine.

Submachine Origin/Mur Theories (debunked)

Submachine Origin/Mur Theories
Theory history
Submitted 2009-03-14
Doubtful 2009-06-08
Debunked 2011-03-20

The Submachine is located in a different dimension. It was first discovered in 1776, when people first started learning about karma arms. Before 1950, it was just another planet. But in 1950, it was named the Submachine by explorers who decided to live there. Construction stared in 1906 in Kent, the place where the lighthouse created a lot of activity to one’s karma arm due to the old teleporters leading to the Loop. They then created a series of rooms, to make harder to barge into their settlement. But, the Submachine, through faulty wiring, gained a mind of its own. It then trapped the explorers in its heart, the Loop. This was where the faulty wiring was located, and created an infinite number of the explorer’s traps. Then, with nothing feeding its growth, it took anything that hit it, asteroids, meteors, and etc. Then, back on Earth, the Submachine found wisdom crystals, known as Plutonian crystals, being fought over in a huge war. Thus, in trade of the Plutonian crystals, it let the East side use its CPU as a Lab. Then, with imminent doom approaching from the East’s newly developed missile, the West bargained with the Submachine and had the Submachine send Plutonian crystals back in time, which had people create statues that sent them to the Loop, and the Submachine split the energy derived from the ‘wisdom’ the gems converted into power to itself and the West. This greatly changed events of the war, because the West then had enough power to destroy the missile. Then, one man, Mur, was created by the Submachine. Mur was an android. Using the crystals, he was sent back in time, to the 21st century. He then was sent to Kent, and discovered his powers. He created a rift back to the Submachine, and was intrigued by what he believed was an extraordinary thing. He then set out teams to explore the ever-expanding Submachine. This was the Submachine’s goal, as it was powered by the wisdom gems now, and its rooms were all puzzles of some sort, so this generated a lot of power. Too much. It had to get rid of some of the teams. So it made the character. The first submachine you were placed in was the first one Mur had seen. Mur considered having you join, and put you through tests. You passed. You then collected three wisdom gems, and wasted their power on a vehicle called the Mover. Submachine 0 was where the first gems were sent by the West. Submachine FLF was where Mur was first created.

THE LOOP - The West's source of energy and the Submachine’s main source of energy.. A mirror Submachine with puzzles inside, that the subject solves and uses brainpower. This power is picked up by the crystals and stored as energy.

THE ANCIENT SECTION - The original home of the tribe who created the first permanent rift to the Submachine. It still has a wisdom gem or two buried around there. It also has a few basic defense systems and large pan-dimensional teleporters, in the form of statues.

THE LIGHTHOUSE - Built on the ruins of the Ancient Section, this is where the rift between the 21st century and the Submachine is. A few Western scientists visit here to observe life in the 21st century.

THE DEFENSE SYSTEMS - Reached using the corridors, these defense systems are the edge of the Submachine. It is where battleships and planes are sent across the Submachine to fight with the Enemy. Both superpowers have defense systems.

Character Theories (debunked)

Character Theories
Theory history
Submitted 2009-03-22
Doubtful 2009-06-08
Debunked 2011-03-20

The character is an older version of Mur, Einstien. Einstien the cat was the Submachine’s first design for Mur. Mur was then changed into a human, because he was to lead teams into the Submachine. But, the Submachine sent Einstien to the lighthouse at the exact same time Mur, which they created later, was sent there when he discovered his powers.

Saving the World Theory (debunked)

Saving the World Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-03-22
Still alive 2009-06-08
Doubtful 2010-01-09
Debunked 2011-03-20

Debunked on March 20th, 2011 Maybe the Submachine is trying to save the world, not destroy it, and maybe only Mur knows what's going on, and is trying all he can to stop it, and maybe the defense systems are keeping him from doing this because the real villans on Earth made the defense system to keep the Submachine from helping the Earth by keeping the Seekers( what I think run the Submachine) from exiting the Submachine.

And Mur needs someone, you, who is intelligent and creative enough to disable the defense systems and save Earth and get rid of all evil!!

Convergence Theory (doubtful)

Convergence Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2011-03-31
Doubtful 2013-01-27

There are many unrelated areas in the SubNet, however many of them seem to have parts of them in common, one example being the Bell System. How is this? If all of the areas are unrelated and unconnected, how can they have so many things in common? The answer is that they can collide, and in some cases eventually converge.

How do we know that they can move?

Simple, we use a chain of logic. Using the laws of physics, we know that a body in motion stays in motion if unobstructed, and that if things move inside it, it will move too if the ends collide. Objects are continuously moving in the areas of the SubNet, and that, since we can breathe, there is air filling them. Since when objects move, it moves the air, the air must eventually hit the edge of the area, causing it to move. And as shown in SNEE in the coordinates 051, there is nothing keeeping these areas from moving. Thus, they move and can collide. We know that they can collide since there is an edge to the SubNet, signifying that all of the aras are contained within it, giving them a finite space in which to move. Since they can move, they can change coordinates. However, this will happen slowly, as the areas in the SubNet are obviously large, and so changing a single coordinate could take millenia.

What happens after the Collisions?

Every so often the areas in the SubNet collide, causing either subtle or radical changes in their structure, depending on how they connect. There are three possible aftereffects of collisions: a secant connection, an internally tangent connection, or an externally tangent connection. Eventually, this can lead to convergence, or a complete absorption of both areas into one, containing qualities of both.

Secant Connections

These can be found when the first area radically shifts into the second one, as can be found in Submachine 5:The Root when looking for the Wisdom Gem in the Ancient section. Although radical, it is not completely sudden, and can be noticed.

Internally Tangent Connections

This is when two areas share the same coordinates, and the access point to one can be found only in the other. If there is a portal in both areas, then the most recently visited area is the one which is accessed by the portal. Other wise it is the area in which the other area is contained and connected to. A prime example of this is in SNEE, coordinates 628, also known as The Study. It contains a "red device" which takes you to the other area.

Externally Tangent Connections

This is when two areas retain their original coordinates, but also connect, and from one you can see the other. These are rare, as this only occurs when the two areas share a common direction and speed. No profound examples are known.

Converged Areas

It is hard to figure out whether a single area is actually two converged area, or even more. This is because, as stated earlier, that when two areas converge, there are no traces of them ever being apart.

Previously Connected Areas

It is possible for areas to collide and then fly apart, rather than converging. However, they leaves traces of each other after they seperate. A large example of this is the Bell System, which can be found through many of the areas, implying that one area may have collided with a large amount of areas. Another example is found in both Submachine 5:The Root and SNEE, with hanging pipes. Next to a tub of acid, where you melt the metal box containing a gem, you can see several hanging pipe. These are also found in SNEE, coordinates 666, also known as Hell, showing that the Root and Hell have collided in the past.

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