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“bunny got lost and probably died.”
— Mateusz Skutnik

sunshine_bunnygirl_17 is a fictional player in the Submachine series who is featured in Submachine 4: The Lab.


It is known that Sunshine_bunnygirl_17 entered the subnet and presumably traveled from the rooftop to the bottom floor of the research base. From there she traveled to the ancient section and picked up a coil.

She then jumped to the brick room and left a note there, as she had seen others do the same. Her note paper is colored pink.

Sunshine_bunnygirl_17 stated that she was confused as to where to put the coil. She cried out for help as she began to tire in her journey.

Eventually, Murtaugh found her and rescued her, taking her outside of the Submachine. She now takes care of Einstein in the desert when Murtaugh is not around.


Stuck Note (@ brick room) left by sunshine_bunnygirl_17Edit

I'm stuck, please help!

I got all the way to portal room in the lab, then found the coil in the ancient section but I don't know what to do next. I saw that people are leaving notes here behind them, so if anyone can help me...

I'm so confused, every time I find some item I have to wander around submachines looking where to put it. I'm so tired right now. Pls help!


"Perpetual Maze theory" note (@Loop in Submachine Universe)Edit

The theory of sunshine_bunnygirl_17 was actually created by the PastelForum member dVanisAWESOME, who dared someone to post it under the username of sunshine_bunnygirl_17. As it happens, somebody actually did do that, and Mateusz Skutnik approved it to be put in the Submachine Universe.

Submachine As Perpetual Maze theory

"The submachine is an impossibility; a maze in which no one can escape. It is, in fact, a perpetual loop. the loop itself is the actual internal structure of the machine, however for the most part it is programmed to reflect a completely different surrounding, a Submachine. The whole collections of 'Submachine Layers' within the loop is known as the Subnet. Anyone who enters the submachine known as 'The Loop' hasn't entered a new submachine; they have managed to crack into the 'real' appearance of the subnet; a perpetual loop. There IS no way to beat the submachine; anyone who enters ends up dead. Like me if you read this note. So now, can anyone help me escape? I am so lost!"



  • Around 19th of June 2009 players in Pastel Forum started to talk whether sunshine_bunnygirl_17 is in fact sort of a username of Liz. Then the author came out and stated otherwise.[1]
  • When asked about the weird username kind of name of sunshine_bunnygirl_17 author said; "yep. just messin with you. allrighty, Im off to draw some more."[2]

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