Super Secret Bonus Section

Super secret bonus section


The super secret bonus section is a location in Submachine 7: The Core.


The area has four sections, set on row. Although only accessible through Liz's ship, the bonus section is set on the South Garden by its architecture. The area consists of a pathway, made of grey bricks. The hallway ends with a small fence, with decorative spheres on the tops of the poles.

In the background, a rock column can be seen and in the middle of this area, a piece of rock is floating. This is due to the effect of Murtaugh's karma portal found in this area the portal is surrounded by a piece of a cracked wall. In this area, there are five viewers that each show various commentaries of the game, from creator Mateusz Skutnik. These viewers are familiar with Submachine Universe but differ from them slightly, as these ones you have to pay for. The method of payment is simple: one token (secret) is needed to activate each of the 5 machines.


Super secret bonus section map


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