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The Temple

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The temple is a location in Submachine 9: The Temple.

At least part of the temple seems to have been constructed in honor of Murtaugh and Elizabeth. It originally presented bilateral symmetry, each element of it on one side having a corresponding element on the other side. However, in Submachine 9, some parts of it have collapsed and overflowed with red resin-like substance, breaking the symmetry and cutting off access to Murtaugh's tomb. Also, a sewer is missing and filled with resin on the right side of the temple.

Upper part[]

The upper part of the temple is made of yellow tiles and decorated on the outside with statues of dragons. It is completely embedded in the center of the pyramid, breaking part of its base floors. It consists of four pinnacles: two in the center, where the player can create a karmic bridge to swap between the two sides; and two at the left and right, of a lower height, containing spiral staircases leading to the tombs.

Lower part[]

In the lower part, which is of Egyptian and Hindu architecture, are the tombs of Murtaugh and Elizabeth, one on each side. Their mummified bodies reside in these tombs, along with some other statues and mechanisms made of brass or stone. The background is completely black, with some candles providing illumination. Murtaugh's tomb cannot be accessed through a normal path due to resin blocking access, but there is an underground passage that connects it to the outside. Another passage joins the middle and lower parts. The center of the middle part contains two statues next to each other. They symbolize Murtaugh and Elizabeth and stand on their respective sides.

Submachine 10[]

The area is revisited in Submachine 10: The Exit. By this time, the red resin has shifted, allowing access to the bottom of the left stairwell and the tunnel behind the broken wall found within but completely covering everything else. The player arrives from a well-placed karma portal on the forehead of the statue symbolizing Murtaugh.



  • The deposits of a red substance found may be red amber, also known as baltic amber or cherry amber [1]. This type of amber is known for its use in carving statues of Buddha, thus suggesting possible religious connections with Buddhism and the Orient. In the real world, however, red amber is extremely rare.
  • Items of great value and proclaimed gods were typically placed in the innermost chamber of Egyptian pyramids. This was believed to preserve anything placed inside. It is natural to assume this is why a statue of Shiva was placed at the bottom of the pyramid, along with Murtaugh and Elizabeth. The resin we see may have even been valuable since a substantial amount of it was placed inside.

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