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The Core

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Center of the Subnet
304, 461, 462, 550, 551, 552 (2,0 on Root transporters), OXT, ZWO

The Core is the center of the subnet.


The Core is an area located on all the layers of reality[1][2]. However, the Core is most likely not the same on each layer[2].

The Core is composed of a kingdom of sorts. It has a palace and a garden area. There are lots of fluorescent flora. The Core seems to be more of a research area.


The Core at one point in history was home to a King, as referenced via several notes in Submachine 7. Henry o'Toole built the lighthouse and Winter Palace in the Core while the King built the garden area. Inscriptions in stone say that the area is a sanctuary for knowledge and solitude, so it being a place of research can also be taken into account.

Murtaugh had practiced opening karma portals with his karma arm as referenced in a note. However, his techniques were unrefined and unstable, which resulted in him shattering areas of the Core. Murtaugh left the Core via a teleporter in the lighthouse, and he was told by Liz that he could never return. Murtaugh did eventually return by force after the defense system allowed him to bypass the Edge.



“Be the witness of your thoughts.”
— Buddha statue

“possible entry points failed. check on 291. good feeling about this one.”
— Note from Murtaugh


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