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The Edge

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Perimeter of the Core

“... - the edge was the edge of outer rim. the end of sub as we know it. ”
— Response from Mateusz to Gemini over Facebook.

The Edge is the main location in Submachine 6: The Edge and is the edge of the Outer Rim.


The Edge consists of a vast and seemingly infinite wall made of cubes that surrounds the edge of the outer rim. Only a small portion of this wall was shown via a cutscene in Submachine 6.

The Edge is also home to various locations, some of which are visited in Submachine 6. The Edge also contains the Subnet defense system, which protects any unwanted entities from gaining access to/from outside the outer rim.

The cubes changing places.


See also: Defense system

The Edge's main purpose seems to be to house the defense system, a vast cybernetic system designed to eliminate threats to the subnet. This includes humans due to the system having a "human recognition pattern" which is a binary program loaded into its list of threats. Anything controlled, used, or created by a human is considered 'infected'[1][2].

The defense system consists primarily of two sub-systems: the secondary defense system and the primary defense system. The secondary defense system is in charge of a turret chain, which is a ring of deadly weapons around the Subnet. This was built most likely to keep the infestation from entering the structure.

The primary DS dealt with the recognition of humans[3], which further secured the Edge. There has also been some sort of system that protects the Core[4].

The destruction of the DS rendered the Edge powerless, and it no longer can defend itself properly.

Before its destruction, all actions of the DS and the Edge itself were controlled by the System - the computer and its programs. The system had control over movers, ventilation, portals and even sub-bots to some degree.


As mentioned above, The Edge consists of a wall of cubes. Inside each of the cubes there are clean, spotless metal walls, which reflect images of the other walls and various devices the room might hold.

Generic Edge room

All doors in the Edge are rectangular, without any arches. The doors are all sliding doors, which are operated by the computer. The sound effect indicates the doors utilize pressurized air.

Most devices, such as terminals for connection pods and all sorts of monitors and displays, have round frames, in contrast to the doors and the rooms themselves.


The Edge works as a container for the defense system that was created by the Subnet itself during its evolution[5].

Not much is known about the Edge, however it could be considered an area that prevents further expansion of the mutated and autonomous Submachines.

Murtaugh, who was in the outer rim, had sent numerous people out to the edge in hopes of disabling the defense system. Murtaugh could not travel to the edge himself as it was protected by the turret chain.

Eventually many of the people arrived at the cliffs, and it seems that most died there, some even by suicide[6]. The player was the next to be sent there; they also landed on the cliffs. However, instead of dying the player managed to escape, seemingly shut off the defense systems, and continued to the Core.


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