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The Thumpmonks is a pair of two music artists who mainly produce electronic breakbeat music for cinema films and computer games, including Submachine. Brian Gocher, the founder, was born in 1971 in New York City.

Music for SubmachineEdit

The Thumpmonks have produced all of the music for the soundtracks of the following Submachine games:

Music from these games also plays with their respective locations from these games in Submachine Universe.

The only two Submachine games that the Thumpmonks did not make any music for were Submachine 1: The Basement (music by Marcus Gutierrez) and Submachine: Future Loop Foundation (music by Future Loop Foundation). Most of the music found in Submachine Universe consists of free stock sound effects or tracks made by fans of the games.

The Thumpmonks will be producing the soundtrack for the upcoming standalone Submachine game Submachine: The Engine.

Extended Submachine mixesEdit

In tandem with the release of Submachine 9, the Thumpmonks released the album Noir Selections, which contains extended mixes of Submachine songs in 6 of its 8 tracks. The track listing and correlation are as follows:

1. "Amplitude Sixteen" - unrelated track

2. "Blind Chasm" - from "Ruins"/Pyramid (lower level) (Submachine 9)

3. "Detour" - from "Shiva"/Shiva section and "Outro" (both Submachine 9)

4. "Ex Machina" - from "Transient"/Meditation temple (Submachine 10)

5. "In The Black Stream" - from "Pyramid/Pyramid (Submachine 9)

6. "Regulus Above Us" - from "Temple"/Temple (Sbmachine 9)

7. "Stray Neurons" - from "Garden"/Garden (Submachine 9)

8. "Underpinning" - unrelated track

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