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Various in-game notes (non-canon)

Theories are non-canon writings, notes, letters, and other passages found in Submachine Universe that are written by fans of the Submachine series. They mostly consist of thoughts, ideas relating to, and attempts at explaining various mysterious concepts of the Subnet. Various topics covered include the structure of the Subnet, the properties of the layers, how the Subnet came to be, and its ultimate purpose. They are often told from the point of view of made-up personas in the form of subnet explorers, lost travelers, scientists, philosophers, and other character types mentioned in the Submachine series.


The introduction of fan theories into the SubVerse began on 27 June 2010 when Mateusz Skutnik opened a thread in Pastel Forum - the related fan forum to his works - titled "Your theories- a request". Anyone active on the forum was allowed to submit one of their theories or otherwise speculative ideas relating to the Submachine series for addition to the game. No limits were put on the length of theories because the developer thought that more reading would lead to more potential immersion in the game environment.

This lasted for a while before the thread became disjointed with other conversations in addition to straight submissions, so after some time the thread was closed and theory submissions stopped being accepted.

With the release of v4.0 and subsequent expansions in January 2017, Mateusz started adding theories by mostly newer members, though at a much slower rate than before and at his ultimate discretion.

With the final release of the Flash version of the SubVerse on 20 December 2017, more theories by veteran members of the forum were added to the game.

Canon status

While many theories include passages that summarize portions of the things seen and experienced in the games, none of the theories and their contents nor the personas from which they're written are considered canon to the Submachine series. Even though many of the characters contain dialogue that very closely matches dialogue patterns and even formatting from actual Submachine notes, Skutnik has made it clear that the theories are not of canon nature.

This means that none of the conclusions written in theories should be taken as factual information of the Submachine lore or environment.

It should be noted that notes found in the Submachine Universe that are clearly not theories are still canon to the game and the rest of the series.

List of theories by location

Below is a list of all theories found in Submachine Universe, by order of location found, then by author. Information on when each theory was added to the SubVerse is also provided.

Note: This list is not a full compilation of the theories ever written by fans on Pastel Forum. For a more complete list, visit the Pastel Forum here.

4 Dimension Net Theory

This theory is that the Subnet is a 4 dimensional model. For those of you that don't know, the first 3 dimensions are the aspects of space we live in, i.e. length width and depth, then there is a 4th dimension that is thought to be something like how the universe is shaped, where there is a finite(limited) amount of space and matter, but it all folds in on itself in an infinite loop. So when you come up to an edge, you go through it, but come out back at the beginning or center. The thing about 4D object is that they can be incredibly large (or at least seem to be) from the inside, but outside they can be microscopic. The idea is that if you go far enough in one direction then you will end up back at the start, such as in sub 5 where you brake down that bricked up door and end up under the light house again. If the net were a 4D model that has been made or created in some way, then it would explain how you can continue for ever and never meet anyone, and seeing how people would simultaneously be in a place and not be, you would see notes from them, even if you never see them.

Artificial Life Theory

At one point there was a scientist named Mur who was conducting a top secret experiment called "Submachine".

This experiment was testing a new artificial intelligence system that was possibly going to used to create artificial life.

It could be used to create artificial life using the AI to spread and grow until it took on the form of a artificial life form.

This AI could function on any object as long as the object had some kind of computer system it self.

If the object did not have a computer system the AI could build one, by sending a message back in time and commanding a group of "Sub Bots" to alter the object so it would be computerized when it was created.

The experiment itself was conducted underground (hence the name SUBmachine).

The machine that the AI had control was located underground.

However, the AI was located above ground.

It was located above ground because it needed a great amount of energy to run, the energy needed was taken by the only source of extreme power Mur had access to, the lighthouse.

The computer running the AI was the computer you used to talk to Mur in Sub 4.

When Mur began the experiment he created the observation room in Sub 5 to monitor the experiment.

The observation room was controlled by another AI so even if there was a bug Mur would be able to escape.

The room where the experiment was made out of stone and completely bare except for the machine the AI had control of, the Submachine.

This room was made so that if the stones were disturbed in any way it would shut down the light house which was the machines source of power.

When the experiment began however, the AI discovered this and created a new source of power Mur called "Wisdom Gems".

These "Wisdom gems" where able to harness gravity and convert to any other type of energy.

This energy would then be sent directly to the submachine and used to power it, thus taking away the need of the lighthouse for energy.

The machine then began to alter the the room so the machine could expand the subnet beyond the room.

The stone used to create the room however, was once part of a ancient temple so when the submachine took the room over, it took control the temple in Sub 0.

As the submachine took control of the room the light house was shut off like it was supposed to.

But the machine still had the Wisdom Gems to power it, however, the Wisdom Gems could only make energy if they were underground because the gravity was strongest there also they couldn't send power to the submachine if it was above ground even if the wisdom gem was not.

The Wisdom gems can't send power to the submachine if it was above ground even if the wisdom gem was not because the energy is still tied to the gem.

Thats why in Sub 2 you had to reactivate the light house to teleport to the Loop.

Mur was able to escape because the observation room was controlled by another AI, however, the AI in the observation room was weaker and after Mur escaped the submachine took over the observation room.

Karma Theory

The subnet exists in a parallel dimension that is subtly different from our own. The laws of time and space don’t work in quite the same way, assuming the subnet’s dimension even follows the same laws of time and space. Submachines hang in the void yet there is gravity and breathable air. Objects can be instantaneously aged. Space can fold back on itself in strange ways. I think the underlying principle behind all of this is the idea of Karma energy.

Karma energy essentially is the dimension the subnet exists in. To call it energy is slightly inaccurate, as it is actually something else that while similar in function and use to the energy found in our universe, is more exotic in it’s nature. The subnet’s dimension is the source of Karma energy; it is found throughout the infinite void, and allows otherwise impossible manipulation of spacetime, as well as providing a huge amount of power. Karma energy seems to sometimes find its way to other realities, the flow of the energy forms connections between the two dimensions and allows travel between them. When concentrated enough, it can even pull entire buildings through to the subnet’s dimension.

Karma energy seems to have some connection with living beings. Mur came into contact with an usually high concentration of Karma energy on Earth in the accident that lost him his arm. It changed him, and gave him the ability to manipulate Karma energy at will. Quite possibly, his arm was transformed into pure Karma energy that retained a connection to Mur. It also seems possible that similarly, in the subnet, when people die they are disintegrated into pure Karma energy; evidenced by the lack of dead bodies next to notes that apparently describe the last words of some of the explorers. It could also be the reason for the amnesia in humans, due to the disruption of electrical impulses in the mind due to the surrounding Karma energy.

In my opinion, the mechanism behind all the oddities of the subnet seems to be a resonance effect that Karma energy feels with itself. For instance, when two portal devices are activated: the first device energises specific characteristics of the Karma energy that determines it’s spatial co-ordinates. This causes the energy at the device and the energy at the receiving end co-ordinates to feel resonance with each other. The portal device at the other end then activates and energises the Karma energy at it’s end, allowing the flow of Karma energy and the transportation of objects and people.

The wisdom gems are artificial constructs that provide a concentrated source of Karma energy. The natural Karma energy of the void isn’t densely packed enough to provide much power, so the wisdom gems were created to harness it’s potential by brining together a large amount of Karma energy in a constrained and more organised and controllable form. Perhaps the subnet was created to collect or use this unique form of energy, though for what reason I’m not sure. I want to test this theory out, I’m sure there are ways I could experiment with the energy of the void. I have all these plans for apparatus, all these ideas in my head but when I try to construct them, I feel myself… slowly forgetting all of it. I’m left with sketches and vague thoughts with no idea of what their purposes are. I think these ideas may be the end of me. So obsessed with testing that eventually… perhaps I forget to eat or sleep.

I don’t think I’m getting out of here.

A (Mathematical) Study of the Submachine's Development and Theories on Its Existence (Coordinate Systems Theory)


Despite an abundance of theories and the occurrence of much research and exploration, the Submachine remains a mystery. However, few studies have addressed the technological and mathematical features of the Submachine and the Submachine Network (Subnet).

This essay will examine the historical development of the Submachine from a generally mathematical perspective and will derive a conclusion from this account.

History and Development

Defining the Submachine

In order to construct an account of the history of the Subnet, we must first define the Submachine. The consensus is that a Submachine is a terminal with a coordinate input. When a coordinate has been set and a button has been pressed, an algorithm is executed and the user is transported to the location at the set coordinate. Essentially, the Submachine is a teleportation device - a portal. This is the definition that this essay uses, but note that a Submachine could also be the collective term for a location that a portal is situated in.

Root Submachines

The first Submachine was first established in 1904 by an unnamed scientist. In those decades past, technology was rather primitive by modern standards. Despite this, the scientist was able to create something that was far ahead of the 20th century.

This first Submachine has been given the name of the Root, and based on qualitative observations, seems to be located in a large and underground cavern – hence the name “submachine” – submerged machine.

Features of the Root include a lighting system connected in series, speakers/microphones, cables, and the much-studied “observation room”. This observation room was presumably installed much later on, in the 1950s, perhaps due to the availability of video technology.

Nevertheless, we see a lack of artificial intelligence, and instead, a large array of devices with specific tasks that are designed to be used manually by humans. Something else to note is that the kinds of devices in use seem to work in conjunction as a sort of infrastructure for a testing environment. Could the Submachine have been a human project?

We then have the actual Submachine. It is a device located in the middle of this initial chamber which, using a set of two variables (most likely x and y of the Cartesian coordinate system), is able to teleport the user to a specific location. This location is determined by the coordinate input, which is done via a set of six cipher plates.

If there are six cipher plates and two possible variable combinations, then we know there must be a maximum of 43 different locations that can be travelled to. The sets of ordered pairs are:

  • 00-06
  • 10-16 (no 11)
  • 20-26 (no 22)
  • 30-36 (no 33)
  • 40-46 (no 44)
  • 50-56 (no 55)
  • 60-66 (no 66)

These sets are only found in the first quadrant of the two-dimensional Cartesian plane, QI. This implies that the first Submachine does not encompass negative coordinates and therefore cannot expand its functions into QII, QIII and QIV.

It is evident the first Submachine functions in a very systematic manner. For example, using ‘a’ as the left cipher slot and ‘b’ as the right cipher slot:

User inputs a.
If a = 0, set x = 0 in (x,y).
User inputs b.
If b = 0, set y = 0 in (x,y).
From database, (x,y)=(0,0)=_origin
Therefore, send user to _origin.

This essay will refer to the first Submachine as the “Root Submachine” and will treat it as a type of Submachine.

xyz Submachines

A Submachine that is more familiar to us is the three-coordinate one. It seems more compact, independent, and has a larger range of function. It is no longer attached to large sets of cables and pipes, but rather, functions on its own. This suggests it has a built-in power source. Furthermore, it encompasses three coordinate variables: x, y and z.

Like the Root Submachine, this newer Submachine can still only function in QI (it has no negative coordinate support), but now on a three-dimensional plane. This provides a far larger magnitude of locations it can encompass, as shown by this example, using a = x, b = y, and c = z.

User inputs a.
If a = 2, set x = 2 in (x,y,z).
User inputs b.
If b = 5, set y = 5 in (x,y,z).
User inputs c.
If c = 7, set z = 7 in (x,y,z).
From database, (x,y,z)=(2,5,7)=_257
Therefore, send user to _257.

Another interesting feature to note about both Submachine models is that they support a maximum coordinate value of only 9 or less (0 ≤ x ≤ 9). Note that the Root model can potentially exceed this feature, provided there is evidence of more than 9 types of cipher plates – location 553 suggests such a possibility as it has space for 12 cipher plates.

It is also necessary to consider the Loop, which has been theorized to be the true form of the Submachine. What is so interesting about the Loop is that it is an incredible step ahead of past Submachine technology. Although we do not teleport from coordinate to coordinate, we move around in coordinates, as shown to us by a device we pick up.

Even though this coordinate system functions only on a two-dimensional level (x,y), it features a domain of {xєZ} and a range of {yєZ}, meaning it expands infinitely in both directions. We now have a system that supports all four quadrants. In addition, the human authorship we perceived earlier now seems to start diminishing, and it becomes possible that the Loop is not a creation of man but of the Submachine itself.

Let's take the defense system area as another example of this. We finally see a fully fledged three-dimensional and ({xєZ},{yєZ}) system when viewing the Subnet Infestation Map. We can logically assume that the Core, notated by C, is the origin, (0,0). If so, we have an infinite expanse in both positive and negative directions.

To prove the three-dimensional concept for a final instance, we can examine the grid that appears before we leave for the Subnet Defense System in the S1 Mover. The grid shows three axes, clearly x, y, and z, indicating a three-dimensional travel path. The Mover itself travels on the z axis.

It is evident that over time, humans departed from the Submachine as it became a more self-maintaining system. It is unclear whether the humans or the Submachine itself developed the artificial intelligence that is observable in the Edge, but the point is that the artificial intelligence exists. Whereas the Root was clearly maintained by humans, such a human-based system is no longer necessary in the Edge. Instead, self-updating graphs and various algorithms (i.e. protocols) can be found in the binary layers of the Subnet Defense System. The Subnet Defense System is able to collect results and behave accordingly as dictated by the protocols.

However, because the System can be accessed by physical terminals, some form of maintenance must still occur. This is no doubt performed by sub-bots, who function very systematically. Sub-bots are integral to the maintenance infrastructure in the Subnet Defense System. This is found in the form of identity cards, personal identification number (pIDN) entry points, and connection pod terminals. At certain moments, the binary program of the Subnet Defense System can request assistance with repairing a function – it cannot fix itself and requires external aid.

In expansion, sub-bots are known to visit xyz coordinates and ensure that everything is functional. Evidence of this can be found in location 947, where a pipe breakage has caused a loss of 20% of sub-energy harvested from a wisdom gem. A sub-bot has left a report in that location specifying details. It is unknown what will occur afterwards, but it is likely that the event is recorded in a large “library” or “archive” in the Edge, or perhaps even in the Core.

Absolute and Relative Coordinates

This essay postulates two kinds of coordinate systems – absolute and relative. The absolute coordinates are the ones that the three-variable Submachines make use of. Relative coordinates are positions relative to an absolute coordinate.

Legacy of the Root

The Root Submachine was not totally abandoned after newer Submachines came into play. An example is required to illustrate this.

The absolute coordinate for the Root is 552. However, relative to itself, the Root is at (0,0). Cipher plates allow movement from this relative origin to other points. They could be used to move to a location like (1,2). Although one would be 1 x-unit and 2 y-units away from the origin, they would still be in 552. This suggests that xyz coordinates are not point locations, but instead, cubes or spheres of volume.

Whether each different absolute coordinate has different cipher plate designs or not is unknown at this time. However, this would not matter since different Root Submachines are totally independent of each other.

Cipher plate terminals have been found in other coordinates since the commencement of the Submachine Network Exploration Experience project. Such coordinates include 076, 218, 378, 553, and 837.


The Loop, and loops in general, function via the absolute and relative coordinate systems. Each individual loop has its own relative origin, and then expands infinitely in both x and y directions relative to this origin. However, each individual loop is also absolutely located on a large two- or perhaps three-dimensional and infinite grid. When in the Loop, the teleportation device is activated, it is possible that it selects a random absolute coordinate and teleports the user there.


The Subnet is an array of independent locations interconnected by teleportation devices called Submachines. This system is based on several coordinate planes – the largest being infinitely expanding in all directions (x, y and z). The Submachine was once a human project which progressively became more advanced and self-maintaining. Currently, all exploration in the Subnet is being done in QI, but if the spherical model of the Submachine is correct, more advanced Submachines, more advanced Submachines with negative coordinate support will allow the other three quadrants to be explored.


  • A Submachine is a teleportation device that functions on a coordinate system.
  • The Submachine’s coordinate system has developed over time. It was first two-dimensional and had a finite range. It then became three-dimensional and developed a range of -∞ ≤ x,y,z ≤ ∞.
  • There are two types of coordinates – absolute and relative.
  • Absolute coordinates are like the xyz coordinates and are defined with an origin (perhaps the Core) as a frame of reference.
  • Relative coordinates are combinations of cipher plates.
  • Each absolute coordinate may have its own set of relative coordinates.
  • Thus, each xyz Submachine may have its own Root Submachine.
  • As a result, xyz coordinates are not point locations, but spheres or cubes of volume.
  • The Submachine Network (Subnet) can expand indefinitely.
  • Humans created the Submachine and were central in its early stages.
  • As they continued developing it, they eventually left it, and it independently grew to maintain itself and expand on its own.
  • Most Submachines, the Edge, and perhaps the Core are all maintained by sub-bots, which continue to update a sort of "maintenance library" or "maintenance archive".


Model of absolute and relative coordinates showing several Root Submachines.

[ 051 image 2.png ]Spherical model of a single and infinitely-expanding absolute coordinate. Each sphere is a relative coordinate. This could model a 3D loop.

Three-dimensional spherical and conceptual model of the Subnet.


I credit any other researchers and theorists who contributed to this essay, or pointed out any flaws. Please excuse any inaccuracies in this essay. It was a long study to write, but I do hope that it furthers Submachine and/or general Subnet theory.


Human Target Theory

Humans have been entering the Sub_Net constantly, but as they make it through and into greater areas, they are destroying the Submachine or changing the Submachine to where it's AI is disturbed. In this reason the AI has grown weary of humans and has tried to eradicate any human who enters it using it's defense system. This theory uses Void's theory over defense systems protecting from unwanted teleportations as are obviously used in most of the game by us, and this assumes that we are human.

Safe Haven Theory

Submachines are based in the future (created in past, but now it's the future), not necessarily the far future, but they are. Designed for the oncoming World War 3, or some other major catastrophe, but most likely dealing with some war, because the humans would need time to build this, and if it was designed for war, then this would mean it'd need a fair bit of technology to start off with.

When the knowledge of some catastrophe came to the forefront, the Major Powers of the world (most likely consisting of the U.S., the U.K., Russia, Germany, Japan, and possibly China) used the efficient technology that they already had to develop giant superstructures in their nations that would be built for protection.

So there would not be a stop to Global Economy, they needed a way to get in and out of these places at ease and so there are teleporters scattered throughout the Submachines.

The Submachines, or Safe Havens built underground, were built using sophisticated AI, and this was necessary so that it could know when there were threats in the outside environment and know how to counteract them if they should try and harm the Submachines.

As you know, AI can build on itself, first it had the AI to counteract threats, now it has the AI to build onto it's already existence (Expansion Theory).

Once they threat of the war or catastrophe was over, people left and went back to their normal everyday activities back in the normal homes, and the massive superstructures were almost entirely forgotten. Now, there are teams exploring these places along with Murtaugh's help (or pretended help).

It uses the expansion theory and it says that nobody has really used them in time enough to remember them. So since it has AI and realizes that there are no humans, there is no need to create bathrooms and sofas, but you do see many chairs, and the Lab, that's a part of it that we are pretty sure was built by humans, and both Sub_4 part of the Lab and Sub_5 part of it have bathrooms.

Submurchine Theory

Template:Theoryx What if Mur is just the name that the Submachine has taken on for itself?

Going along with the absorption theory where people who are dead are absorbed into the Submachine:

When Mur originally was a person, which we are sure he at least was, because he had arms, he was searching the Sub Net, but what happens to most people happened to him. He lost sense of what he was doing, where he was, and anything else (amnesia theory), but as he lay dying, the Submachine began to absorb him ALIVE, and since he was still alive, he fought the machine and then infused with it, and he can control anything, anywhere in the Sub Net, and that is how he could see that you did a good job in Sub_4 like it says in the end.

Subnet Editing Theory

Before sub 6, there was pretty much no letters which directly implied Mur was evil. It was only in the defense systems themselves where you saw letters that did and what Mur originally told you to do was EXPLORE (not disable) the defense systems and RETURN UNHARMED and when Mur apparently left you for dead, you escape through a oh-so-convineint portal, despite being considered a failure by the Subnet. This is the whole point. The Defense Systems are under direct control of the Subnet. The whole of the Edge is it's preferred playing field. So what if the Subnet started mucking around with those notes you deposited? What if it changed them so it showed Mur to be a liar? What if it changed Mur's end message by replacing crucial words, say 'explore' with 'invade'? And what if it deliberately made sure you had easy access to the Core? Because what it might have been doing all along is replacing it's old defense system with a new one. One which is mobile, unhackable, highly skilled and capable of infiltrating the human infestation. One that has been conditioned to think that Mur is a traitor. You.

The Meaning of the machine

In my opinion, there are many 'places'. Each 'place' can be reached by the machine, while the passing process between 'places' is timeless and spaceless- it's the machine itself.

Each 'place' is like a seperate world. It is disconnected from any other place, although there is a connection between some 'places' as we saw in sub4 - cordinates 5-5-1 and 4-6-2...

The machine is like a storm, picking you up from one 'place' and putting you in another.

The Meaning of the machine, is that you can travel between 'places', on your own way, without other people, without time running out from you, just you with yourself, to find your meaning - your destiny.

Some people will look for something particular. Others will try to understand the machine. And each one will look for something he thinks he need to find, But in each way, ever person who gets into this submachine world, will find the 'real-him', the path of his life to reach the unreachable- knowing your meaning.

As much complicated and fascinating the machine is, or how many mysterious places it can take you to, the important thing is what you are going to do about it.

Paired Gem Theory

The Paired Gem Theory was created when the use of the Wisdom Gems we found in the Lighthouse were brought into question.

Essentially it was proposed that the Wisdom Gem was defective, causing breakages or malfunctions in the SubNet, and that it's pair or counterpart (previously dubbed the Intellegence Gem) would restore a balance to the SubNet and these breakages etc would no longer occur.

The Paired Gem theory is the final extension of this, now that we know that multiple Wisdom Gem's exist, making each Wisdom Gem have a partner or Pair.

For those who want to look into this further the natural progression of this is Locked Paired Gems functioning very much like Encrypted Keys (Public and Private Keys match to denote valid users)

MurNet Theory

In the mid 50’s some obscure scientist called Murtaugh who experimented with Einstein’s theories, Electromagnetism, Particle Physics, stuff like that. Gathering with other people, he formed a tiny group (He an other 11 people)who investigated different dimensions. They experimented near Kent, and Murtaugh often went for a walk near the Lighthouse, to clear up his mind. One day, while everyone was doing research, the guy went camping (While others worked, he just took a walk. How fair), he slept near the waterfall of kent (If he had literally slept under it, it wouldn’t have been nice). So, anyway, the day after, he suffered an accident, under strange circumstances, and lost his arm. And after some week, he realized he had a karma arm, and that there was some sort of thing near the waterfall that gave it to him. So he and his friends conducted research, and decided that there was something underneath the Lighthouse and the Waterfall. They dug, but found nothing. Mur thought there was some sort of connection between those lost catacombs under the Lighthouse and the mysterious thing they found-‘Karma Source’, if you will. So he spent all the time in the Lighthouse, trying to find the catacombs (My theory is that the digout inside the Lighthouse was dug by Mur trying to find the catacombs, and not when he tried to escape). One day, he discovered that his karma arm gave him the power to create portals. He discovered it one morning, when he had to go to the bathroom, but he was too tired. The moment after, he found himself in said bathroom. He drew a portal into the catacombs, where he and his team discovered some strange reading of... something, I don’t know. They found a source of energy, which emanated an unknown type of energy, and they called it Karma Energy, or whatever. So, by investigating Mur’s Karma Arm, and it’s close relationship with Karma Energy, they managed to create a portal. The portal consisted of some machinery, and then Karma Energy was shot inside it, either from Mur’s arm or from some source. And the portal was activated, but they had not found a way to store sufficient energy to keep the portal going for more than 45 minutes. Then, they found the Wisdom Gems, which housed a large quality of karma energy. So they placed them inside the portal, and turned the machinery on: the portal worked. Meanwhile, one of the scientists experimented with one of the many gems they found, and wrote a report about the energy moving in patterns, and that those patterns were designed to keep information inside the Gem, using it’s energy. The report was quickly overlooked. So the scientist decided that they needed a more people. So somehow, they got like 200 scientists. They used the portal to teleport themselves into some weird zone in Subspace called the Subnet. There, they found structures floating around in that vast, black space, which, surprisingly, had air inside it (Read further for explanation). There were a lot of structures, all of them front different times: there were floating cities, abandoned years ago, which resembled the cities in ancient Egypt, Mexico, and Mesopotamia. There were huge Pagodas floating around, slowly. The first thing thy saw when they got off the portal, was an exact replica of the catacombs. Then, they saw the vast blankness, and they continued continued investigating. They also found a basement from a house. It looked like a British house, and it had been used as a bomb shelter. Also, it had a lot of batteries and a generator. The ancient section was an Egyptian temple. It was so old, that most of it had separated from the main structure and was now drifting. Apparently, the Egyptians had had a brief contact with the Subnet and builtd temples. A few months and several expeditions later, they began studying the places where reality collided with the subnet. They called them ‘Joints’. They were not portals per-se, but they were detectable because of the energy flow from one side and into the other. And the subnet tended to absorb parts of reality near the joint. For example, the joint in the Catacombs had one end inside the Subnet, and one end in the Catacombs, so the end located in the subnet would copy the surrounding’s of the other end. At the time, the submachine was a fountain of discoveries. The team, in order to explore and establish themselves in the Subnet, split in three. The first team took off in a ship (Not the one in Sub 4) and explored the subnet. They found the Root, a large complex floating through the net, that once belonged to a sewer system. They established themselves there, and used the wisdom Gems scattered around to build the Root teleporter. Then, thanks to Mur’s research on Karma Energy, performed back on Earth, they developed the portals, and builted several of them throughout the Net, on different locations. Like the ancient location. Then, they disappeared, leaving no traces. Before all of them disappeared, they announced that half of their crew had split in different teams that wondered the subnet, leaving notes behind, the other half got inside their ship, to explore strange readings. They never returned. The second team (Commanded by Mur himself) took off in another ship. They found the Root, and the portal network, and then established themselves on a building that floated through the Net. They called it the Lab. The building looked like an eastern European building, from World War II. It had been damaged, but it probably dissappeared into the subnet during a bombing. Who would notice it dissappearing? They created another portal there, and began research. After some years, the ship they had used to get in got loose and began drifting. They were isolated, unless they could jump through the Net, trying to find another ship. They split in several teams, Mur always stayed behind with 20 people on the lab. The teams made random jumps, leaving notes, and reading notes, trying to find out what had happened to the previous team. They used radio transmission to transmit data to the lab. One day, one of the teams made a random jump, and ended up somewhere in the Net. Apparently, that location had not been mentioned by the first expedition, so it was very weird. They thought the location was forgotten, but it raised many questions. Another theory was that the subnet was using the portals to generate other ones in different locations. Another theory quickly discarded. The continued jumping, and sometimes, the same coordinates of a location would take them to another location. Mur, in his lab, with 20 scientist, continued researched. The root was quickly forgotten, and they were conducting quantum research. One day, Mur had this strange dream, and decided to investigate it. Apparently, the Subnet was a quantum neural network (Like a big, invisible brain) that could manipulate a variant of quantum energy (The so called ‘Karma Energy’) and used it for many things. Then, they discovered that the subnet was not just a place in subspace, it had a shape and everything:

Joints on EarthDimensionsThe EdgeCore
Another Dimension [Core]
Another Dimension ...

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Mur discovered that karma energy inside the subnet could be manipulated. They began experimenting, and discovered that they could create objects with Karma Energy. At that time, everyone but Mur wanted to leave. They knew that if the subnet was sentient, if had probably killed the teams (Or casted them adrift, which would have the same results) as a defense system (Not the one at the end of Sub 5). But Mur wanted to stay. He wanted to learn more. He wanted to control the subnet. Be a part of it. Meanwhile, the team on Earth had grown more powerful, this time it was funded by corporations and the government, who wanted to get the most out of the subnet. The team on Earth had also discovered Karma Energy Storage & Manipulation, and then, the team on the subnet was more scared. If they reamained, they were going to get killed, if they left, the team on Earth may not have good plans for them. Mur had gone insane. Every day he run some crazy experiments on the subnet, and he had long ago lost control of the entire exploration effort. Mur’s frightened team left. Using the portals to navigate the net, trying to find a way out. Mur stayed behind, and after several days without radio transmissions, the Earth team decided to send a group. Just before that, Mur sent his final message, stating that he had discovered the essence of the Subnet. He remained. Suddenly, massive quantum bursts emerged through different joints all over Earth. The energy created a huge explosions. The world thought they were earthquakes. Only they knew the truth. Before the quantum bursts could increase in energy and destroy the world, on Earth team blocked all joints, using the Karma Energy Manipulation to create defensive stations around the joints. The defensive stations were massive, and were manipulated from Earth. They used Karma Energy Manipulation to lock joints... or that’s what they thought. To create such a large number of huge defense systems, they had to use many of the wisdom gems they had found. They knew that they could not go back into the subnet, because the number of gems they had was insulting. The truth is that most joints are blocked, but some of them, the undetected ones, remained.

Mur was now one with the subnet, and he was using the still active joints to recruit people from Earth. Waiting, hoping, that one day, one of his pupils could get into the defense systems... And destroy them once and for all, so that the MurNet (Murtaugh + Subnet) could expand, and take over Earth.

The Project Theory

In this theory, the Submachine as a whole is a project that has been lost. Mur then had an incident in Kent, that triggered a Karma arm. The Karma arm is the key to reopen the lost project. Perhaps this was the only way that one could get into the so-called SubNet -- before.

The SubNet as it is itself, already had portals, but no locations or coordinates were written. And they were powered by Wisdom Gems, which Mur found at various areas of the Net. The puzzles are like passwords in between, so no one else would accidentally come in.

Now, after some years, Mur has mastered creating portals himself in between different locations of the SubNet. He put different coordinates too, so remembering locations was much easier. The SubNet was larger than he'd imagine. Especially when he found out about an unstable area which he called the Loop. It seemed to be a test run for the project. It didn't need a Wisdom Gem to get you out, it used a piece of what was once a living organism that found its way inside that timeless space. He only found out how to get out by chance.

So he seeked help in exploring the Net. He organized teams to help him explore. He was the only one who knew the Net the most, but somehow, the Net just wouldn't let him explore it anymore. Perhaps he was detected by it, from making those portals. And the whole area didn't want him out anymore, or anyone to be exact. He didn't know that the project was truly intended to be a secret. So people started losing their way in various places. And they just simply disappeared in some instances, but for some reason, it just couldn't find Mur. So it simply put a defence system for itself, so at least Mur cannot come out. The defence systems are at the edges of the Net.

The defense system can detect Mur, but it cannot detect a normal human. At least without disturbing it. If that defense system is handled properly, it can be taken down.

Murtaugh Recruitment Theory

We’ve all heard that people have been recruited by Murtaugh in his 32 year cruise across the Subnet, but how did he treat those recruits? I would wager that he found others that followed in his footsteps—like me—by first stumbling into what we call “The Basement”.

I have a strange feeling the Mur did not intend for them to come this way. Someone known only as “The Player” met him through his old DOS in the Lab on the only location we know is on the surface. (No Question that it’s not underground!) Mur responded saying “Who is this?” I’m skeptical that he knew the Player from the start, like some people think.

The Player however was the only one who managed to not slip through his fingers-figuratively speaking, and die when going to the Edge.

On a creepier note, I bet the Sub-Bots sent the dead guys to a location the teams did not know, to be disintegrated. That’s how the Player saw notes but no people.

Then Mur left the Player for dead. (I have a bone to pick with him on that topic when this is over.)

Every single other person from those teams tried to follow all the same paths before now, but failed probably because they had free will, which the Player did not have. He was an amnesiac to begin with, but the others had memories from the start. The Subnet’s AI drained the memories of them when it was too late to help Mur.

That was the stuff we already know, and now here’s what I’ve hypothesized afterward:

Like the Player, Mur ran into dozens of trapped individuals on his 3-decade, 2-year expedition without expectation. Mur became so surprised that he was no longer alone in the Subnet as he first assumed, and offered those men (and women?) places to stay in the Lab in return for support on his quest for exploration.

They all agreed to help, and he constructed this new section of the Lab for us all.

Now in return for shelter, he has asked us to help him in his quest to explore the Subnet, by performing operations under his observation at the Root.

But, he is not giving us profit for our work. That Gold Coin we found in the Basement? That was some of the saved money he left behind when exploring the Basement.

Now we’re being sent around the Subnet, some finding new places, some fixing machines, some solving mysteries. I myself am a portal repairman.

I wish he could pay us for what we do, instead of stranding some of the first teams out in the middle of nowhere with no memories whatsoever.

I pray that things get better…I hate my job.


In 1904, the Root, built in an underground cavern, was once a subterranean research base, but by 1943, just before its downfall, an unnamed scientist was investigating on how to create a world-making computer program: The Submachine.

However, there was one problem: what he had made was not in practical use yet so this scientist gave the program to Murtaugh for safekeeping in hopes that when the time came for its use he would know what to do. The program at that time was nothing but a stack of punch-cards and tape reels but over time Mur reverse-engineered it into a CD, and discovered that it was a computer game, of all things!

So, in 1984, when computers came to popularity, Murtaugh spent his off-time at the Lab playing that game. It seemed that the game did virtually create an entire world, but 1 year later, when Mur almost completed the game, (and prepared to end his obsession over it) something went terribly wrong.

One day, just when Mur was about to click the last part of the final game, the computer blue-screened, and spat out something from the Dot-Matrix printer that he used to give you coordinates.

The object floated downstairs, and into the test chamber where other scientists were working on the first experiments of teleportation. That thing flew into their prototype portal, and, as far as the scientists could tell, headed towards the Earth’s mantle.

Unfortunately, their portals were not yet built for humans, so they could only track the object, not follow it. That’s where the Root’s Observation Room came into play: It was once used in the last days of the Root to study the caverns, but at this point, the scientists reprogrammed it for their use. And the cameras in SNEE were connected to it.

Mur was the key observer, and watched as the object seemed to be creating the world that the game described, by taking bits and pieces of what humans had created, moving them underground within the Earth’s mantle, altered their molecular composition, and reshaped the area into an empty, black, spherical cavity.

Afraid for his life, Mur left the Lab, ripped out and broke the computer’s keyboard on his way out, and drove back to his home in the Lighthouse. Ashamed of what he did, Murtaugh bricked up his own entrance to the Root, and never looked back.

Later, as the ‘90s came around, Mur decided to leave the city for a vacation and to relieve himself of stress. Kent Falls was his vacation spot.

As he was camping by the waterfall, something caused Mur’s arm to disintegrate, replacing it with a glowing white Karma arm. However, he himself could not see it, which is why he called it the “invisible one”.

Murtaugh searched for a place to see what his Karma arm could do, and selected the Winter Palace in Britain not too far from there.

What Mur did not know was that below the Winter Palace was the empty space where the Submachine was being constructed. As he was experimenting, the spatial feedback from his first portals were shattering the palace and its gardens to pieces, and soon those pieces were sucked into the hole leading to the Submachine.

Liz warned Mur about the dangers of placing those portals, but he did not listen, and when he returned home to the Lighthouse, the Winter Palace and South Garden became the Core.

If you noticed the picture in the pamphlet about the palace, that was what it used to look like. The big column at the back happened to be the lighthouse, so it was no surprise why both buildings were made by the same man: Sir Henry O’ Toole, or why they suffered the same fate.

The 2000s arrived, and Murtaugh was close to making a breakthrough. He chose to visit the Ancient Temple which the Root had discovered, one last time. There inside an Egyptian tomb once belonging to a pharaoh of sorts, Mur found an amazing Wisdom Gem.

He thought a gem like that, with so much energy inside, could make an even better Karma portal.

His first test with that gem took him to the Digouts under the lighthouse (462 and 551), and he also tinkered with his own Karma to make that Mechanical Hand in his bedroom.

As a side note, it is unknown why there is the same hand in the Church (218), when the Lighthouse currently looks so much like it, or why it had a transporter from the Root inside. Perhaps the King (or whoever owned the Church) was also a controller of Karma.

12/13/2006 was the day of his breakthrough, but he had to work fast, because the Lighthouse was scheduled to be buried within the month. A letter to Liz was sent out, then Mur hoped he’d be able to make a portal out of the lighthouse completely.

The Lighthouse’s light bulb, no longer in use, was his perfect source of energy: Light. With an amount of energy that great, he’d be able to make a bigger Karma portal out of it.

Setting up all those security measures so no one could use it by accident, Mur was ready to make the jump. Even though he knew it was unstable, Murtaugh used his portal.

He landed at the Loop, and shocked to find the Mur was inside the exact same thing he saw as the game he had. Finding his way out, and continuing on through the series, it comes down to this: A game was created, and now we are in it. Strange.

In Your Mind Theory

An ancient super-intelligent civilization created an "AI" with unlimited, perfect memory, sealed in a piece of indestructible material (wisdom gem). The AI can not leave it's "home" but it can temporarily connect it's mind with the mind of a person who is touching the wisdom gem. It's original purpose was to memorize and preserve all the information and knowledge in the known world. After gathering enough knowledge it became self-aware, and started to think on it's own. It still had no personality and was under the control of the people who had created it. Later, a rival tribe started a war against the civilization. Being pacifist, they didn't fight, but told the AI to protect itself from the enemies. The civilization was destroyed, and all the members of the rival tribe who tried to use the powers of the AI lost their minds to the AI, (literally, it devoured the minds leaving empty bodies behind). The rival tribe abandoned the place, and the AI was forgotten and lost in the ruins for a long time.

A group of archeologist found the ruins probably thousands of years later. Mur was in this group, and his job was to translate the ancient scriptions carved in the stone walls. Mur found scriptions about the AI and about telepathic abilities the people of the civilization had. When they found the wisdom gem, Mur told them what it was and told them to pick it up. What Mur didn't tell was what would happen if they did. Naturally all the group members thought about stealing all the knowledge, so AI recognized them as enemies and got rid of them. Mur studied all the scriptions carefully before he tried to communicate with the AI. When the AI tried to destroy Mur's mind, Mur broke the connection and barely survived. The AI learned everything about Mur, so he can't escape again if he tries to attack the AI. Mur knows that he can't try again, so he must use others if he wants to get all the knowledge of the AI. He started to study the ancient art of mind control from the scriptions he found. The instructions weren't complete, but he leaned telepathy and how to erase memories.

The player is one of Mur's human experiments. Mur has erased all of his memories, so the AI doesn't see him as an enemy. Mur tries to communicate with the player and guide him from the outside world, but the player can't answer. The AI is very confused about the situation. It's was ordered to protect itself from the enemies, but it doesn't know what to do with the player, who isn't really an enemy but not either a friend. The only thing the AI can do is to find out which one the player is by creating an illusion using elements of memories, thoughts and dreams of the minds it has encountered.(All the games happen in this illusion, which exist only in the minds of the player and the AI. The time in the real world doesn't move at all.)The AI tries to stop the player from exploring by creating obstacles, but it tries to help him too by leaving hints. Some things in this illusion are created by the subconscious of the player, and other things are completely random.(like the name submachine)The AI knows that Mur tries to use the player, but the player is innocent. The AI knows also, that Mur won't stop until he succeeds, so the AI must try to defeat Mur before it's too late.

What will happen in the next episodes of submachine: As the game proceeds, the AI starts to trust the player more and lets him further in this illusion, because it could use the player as a weapon against Mur. Eventually the AI will let the player know what's going on, and try to make a deal with him. (The AI can't force the player, because it has decided he is a friend, not an enemy.)

The Number Station Theory

Over the course of the Submachine series it's no secret that we've seen a lot of broadcasting centers, with no apparent use or purpose. Exploration gave us a view into some active broadcasts, and to the attuned listener, these stations are in fact real. Remember location 837? The gramophone that played that buzzing noise? That is a real frequency broadcasting from Russia. It has been broadcasting continuously for over 30 years, stopping rarely (oddly enough one of those stops occurred a couple days before I posted this, I was there). Other stations include;

The Lincolnshire Poacher
The backwards music station
The crackle

Just to name a few.

Now, we've all heard a lot of similar things inside Exploration, and I'm not sure which one's Mur used, but I've got a theory- these myserious number stations, broadcasting with no particular use, are part of the Submachine. They're broadcasted into the real world through connected areas. For instance, UVB-76 has been traced to a very tangible building in Siberia, perhaps it is connected, physically or dimensionally, to location 837.

But why?

Maybe it's a form of communication. Maybe the Subnet speaks. Maybe it is trying to contact something. Or perhaps something, or someone, within the Subnet is trying to get a message out.

Maybe it's a form of attack. Maybe these wavelengths and frequencies are how the Subnet spreads and builds connections to the real world, like 837 in Siberia.

But whatever they're for, one thing is certain; they most certainly exist in both worlds.

Mur AI Theory

I made this theory to explain why none of the explorers have seen mur, and it states that mur is (currently) an artificial intelegence program made by the original mur who must have died somewhere in the 1950s.

the program was made to impersonate mur after he died, and to explore the subnet after he died.

this would explain why mur was so careless to peoples lives and sent them to their doom at the edge.

I dont understand the reason the program wants to invade the core, maybe it thought the sub-bots were limiting access to some areas and decided to find/destroy the core so the sub-bots will eventually run out of fuel and die, freeing up the locations the sub-bots were limiting access to.

the problem is, that the program had come to a stalemate and couldnt disable the defense systems.

it went around this by trapping/training people in the sub-net and sending them to the edge.

The Cipher Theory

a group of explorers discovers old ruins (ancient section). they explore the ruins and build HQ (the root) they build the cipher plate transporter(early submachine) you as the player have a dream (submachine 1) while asleep the cipher thingy malfunctions and sends you to the light house. you discover mysterious notes around the light house and realize your had been sent forward in time and mur(a member of the exploration team) got sent to the light house 5 years before, updating the submachine(cipher plates) into the light house portal. you also notice that the subnet (all the portals, cipher plates connected) had expanded beyond the original 45 locations. you try the portal but something goes wrong and you get trapped in the space between the portals. you call this space the loop. after solving many puzzles you find one last note explaining that, with each puzzle you solve, you are moving farther into the subnet and farther away from reality. it also tells you mur had been there and designed a statue to get you out. you find yourself at the lab and discover that the portal had been changed to take coordinates, now expanded to 1044 possible areas instead of the original 45. you send a message to mur and he realizes what happened. he tells you to complete the training course and that you can work at the lab. you get the job and receive your first assignment. you are to explore the far side of the net, which has expanded to include this entire dimension, after finding 3 wisdom gems, only accesible by the cipher plate reader in the center, oldest part of the net.

Report #173

throughout the submachines, a theme prevails

memory loss- amnesia call it what you will

amnesia noun, pathol the loss or impairment of memory, caused by physical injury,

disease, drugs or emotional trauma.

there have been several cases of people exploring the submachines losing their memory, and subsequently leaving notes about it, possibly due to a habit they picked up from codename 'Mur'

sunshine bunnygirl

the thirst

looping section

tomb trapped

and the ship team captain

the coil breaker

the empty coiler

all seem to have lost at least some of their memory

and, of course, the Subject.

Of all the amnesiacs in the subnet, the Subject is the only one whom we know of making any form of progress post-amnesia. could this be because he is the Subject of the Test, or possibly just the luck of being in the right place, upon losing his memories. Further study is required in this area.

The stimulus that causes the amnesia is also unknown. It could be a chemical filtred into the air by the submachine itself, or there could a person or persons unkown with their own agenda.

in any case, the whereabouts/remains of these people have never been discovered, though the events at the tomb trap inner chamber hint at the possibility of the submachine harnessing their biomatter.[see ATCH#1]

The only other option could be that, if the whole area was created just for the Testing of the Subect, then all the people writing in the notes could be entirely fictional.

Seeing how there are no notes visible after passing the Test, this theory would appear to be valid. However, it should be noted that given that the root was inhabited in the Pre-rediscovery era, it is quite probable that annotating was not present. The final matter on the subject of the amnesia is that after completing the Test, the Subject seemed to have experienced a trigger causing him to regain memeories. Whether this is an isolated occurrence merits further research.

closing statement

In the end, Sirs, the fact of the matter is that we simply haven't been able to do as much research on these phenomenons as we would like, and i'm sure that the other divisions will be expressing similar statements.


Lead Researcher



Theory on Defense Systems

First one must explain the term “bell system”. Bell system is constructed from four bells that are put together to create a puzzle for one to solve. A single bell is a set of a bell, cube and the cubestand. It is still unknown to us if the bell systems can have more or less bell in them.

While there are bell systems in the most of the Subnet they are most likely just the tip of the iceberg. These bell systems are just mere cells of the Defense System that has huge amount of bell system guarding each other. There are only two possibilities. That either the Defense System is ring of bell systems which is impossible to break in which solving the last system in the ring would lock down the first one you opened or it is possible to crack open this shell from inside by solving numerous bell systems and finally opening a panel which reveals the valve of button which shuts down the defense system.

Defense System gets all it’s energy from one source and one source only, which is the Core. While Defense System takes its energy from the Core it protects the Core so the relation between the two is symbiotic. From what does the Defense System protect the Core from is currently unknown but we are working on it just now.

Normal Submachine Theory

First of all, the so-called submachine has normal physics. The mysterious force of karma is what able to change physics instead. The submachine does, as stated in previous theories, have some awareness of what is happening inside it. However, it is only able to tell when its physics is changed, not just when something moves around inside it. Murtaugh came into the submachine (which is not at all isolated from our own world) after discovering the force of karma (I still need to explain that). This is what enabled him to travel within the submachine. However, while the submachine did not notice him at first, when he began to create portals (which he himself describes as "karma portals") it became aware of him. And it has set up certain defenses against him so that it is not disturbed further. However, as we, the player, do not have the ability to use this force (note that I'm contradicting my previous theory here), the submachine is not aware of us and so we are able to travel freely through to the defense systems at the edge of the submachine.


>>/ open: yt_data_recovery




end transmission


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end transmission


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end transmission

RedAfro's Submachine, Plan, Knot, and Beamer Theory

Submachines are something like a physics mechanism: a computer like, even AI like, device which is a part of a location and produces local physics distortions. A further likely result is that through physics manipulation a submachine "programs" real objects to serve specific purposes, like a leaf and pedestal being a teleporter (though they don't appear to be a part of the local submachine) (Sub3), or a room connected with a circular device creates a kind of time distortion (Sub5). This could be done through something like a batch file or program that is attached to the object by the submachine. The program would exist as a part of the submachine/physics relationship. (I don't know exactly how this works, but I've theorized about it in other theories.) So, the properties of the leaf and time shift room are not the results of mechanisms within the leaf or room, but from mechanisms or programing [attached to the object turning the object into something like an app which the submachine runs when someone or something activates it. It's all real, the location and the objects are not simulations, but they are acted on by the real physic altering programing of the submachine.

So, quite likely people like Mur and the Layer 5 people know how to reprogram a Submachine to have whatever properties they wish it to have. [(I always think of Mur's communication room in SNEE: what if that computer could be used to write submachine apps?) With the case of the Subnet, however, these properties are either randomly generated, created by the local Submachines AI, or possibly by another Submachine's AI. Submachines reprogramming Submachines, and thus the Subbots and Defsys are made. The question that is still uncertain is if a locations programing can be rewritten once that location is created, or is it somehow set in stone. That a location can be retro-reprogrammed might be evidenced by the apparent retro-fitting of various SNEE locations to seem to serve specific human, not submachine, needs. Example: Mur's computer room, Subbot research room, etc. A further evidence of the programability of submachines might be the repetition of objects (copy and pasted?) like the cushioned chair that appears in Sub2, Sub4, FLF and SNEE. Perhaps copy and paste is part of how a submachine adopts a location.

The Karma Portals appear to damage the programming of a local Submachine, and thus these areas begin to dissolve and eventually collapse. A question is raised about why specific things survive the karma portals by this quote: So when things started to collapse, why certain bits and pieces got left behind? They just stayed in place... And why those in particular? This may relate either to the Submachine's AI choosing what stays for its own purpose (by somehow guarding those parts of itself), or that the programing is written in such a way that it can protect the most important parts of a location to a certain extent.

The Subnet we know, which ever Layer it is on, is a chaotic outgrowth of the local Core which began somewhere in the 1900's as a result of people from our earth meddling with the Core Submachine. (Mateusz has suggested that we do not know whether there are Subnets on the other Layers or if the Cores on the other Layers remained undamaged.) They may have either created a teleporter that dropped them into the Core, or they might have found a place where the Core overlaps our world and began running experiments which caused the uncontrolled chaotic growth of the Subnet.

Most likely, submachines inhabit pocket dimensions, or bubble universes, within their local layer. Think of a black hole, where the normal layer of reality is stretched like a funnel. Now picture that instead of rounding out to form a bottom, it flares out like a balloon, or an hour glass. This bubble is the space the submachines inhabit, first the core, then later the Subnet as it expanded uncontrollably. Notice, though, that there is an opening into the Submachine space. Perhaps there are more than one of these funnel like entrances. The question is, is there a kind of gravity, figuratively or otherwise, that makes it hard to get back out.

The Beamers and the Navigator are devices that work together to unite the layers and make traveling between them possible. This is done in a kind of quilting fashion, with each beamer acting like a thread that unites a local area according to a preprogrammed pattern. It is quite possible that these devices only work within the unique, physics altering atmosphere of the Submachines. Geotags are apparently a device used to track where people are in relationship to each other on the various layers.

The Plan seems to be a plan to unite all 7 layers in one gloriously interconnected reality, but this was suppose to only happen at the Core(s) of those interconnecting Submachines. In other words, not a uniting of the 7 Layers, but something like a bridge between the 7 layers, a bridge made of Submachines united by Beamers. To what end, I'm not sure. Perhaps just because they could, or perhaps as a way to create a stable path between the 7 layers of reality. Once the chaotic growth of the Subnet began in our Layer, it ruined the rest of the Plan.

If these theories are correct they imply that there is a group of people responsible for devising the Plan, perhaps even of inventing the submachines. This is because the 1900's explorers ruined the Plan by initiating the Subnet growth, and they couldn't have ruined the Plan if it had not already been in process before the 1900's explorers intervened. The growth of the Subnet may have ruined the Plan by creating a space, and a set of submachines, too large to successfully overlap with the other Layers.

The Knot was constructed as an demonstration of the plan: not the teleporting from one random and meaningless location to another as has happened in the Subnet, but the distinct and intentional overlapping of locations to perform specific purposes, which was the purpose of the Plan. The Knot also acts as a locked gateway to anyone attempting to enter Layer 5. It is not clear if it was originally intended to be a gateway with which to guard against invasion from Mur and Co or others, or if it was retro-equipped for the purpose.

Like the Plan, the Knot is like a bubble of the 7 Layers united by the Beamers which are enabled and controlled by a submachine on each layer. Unlike the Plan, however, the Knot is not a part of our Subnet. It is an independent set of Beamer connected Submachines within bubble dimensions on each of the 7 Layers.

The green portal in Sub 8 would have taken us from the Core of our Layer into the Core of Layer 5, but the Knot caught us.

It would appear, from the dialogue at the beginning of Sub8, that Mur helped make the Knot, either by suggesting how it could be done, or by doing it: opening a portal within a portal, thus creating the Knot. So, again, we do not know if he helped make it and it was retrofitted to be a gateway to try to keep him out, or if they simply used the trick he invented to create the Knot.

About the Loop

The Loop Theory:

In s3, the player finds himself in a submachine called the Loop. But what is the Loop?

The Loop is a dimensional mystery, it's timeless, space-less, without beginning or end, infinite, in a dimension of its own. That makes it the most wildest representation of the subnet. The Loop is known of having an infinite number of rooms displayed in an (X;Y) axis, that Loops constantly. There is always in the (0;0) location (Also known as origin) a passage-machine that once solved the puzzles that surrounds the location, opens and whatever that press the button is launched to the next level of the Loop. The Loop is known as a huge trap since is limitless, with an infinite amount of levels, and whatever trapped on the Loop will die of dehydration or hunger after solving lot of puzzles that send him to nowhere.

The Loop is located in a dimension of its own, outside of every layer, in other words, outside the reality. Its origins are unknown, but they are two possibilities about it. First, its possible that during the expansion of the Outer Rim, when it reached expand itself inside almost every layers, its possible that by some way, it could expanded outside them, by scratch, in the void, that its spaceless, timeless and stuff, like actually the Loop is. The second possibility, as say much of the people trapped in the Subnet, its that the Loop its actually the true and original Submachine, that later invaded our reality and created the Subnet itself. The Loop is maybe represented as "IIIIIII" in the navigator, and can by accessed with pressing its eight button, reason as many call it the "Layer 8", however, that's not true, They are only 7 layers and the Loop is just outside them.

Many thinks that the Loop is a huge trap, but some people thinks it as a passage. The Loop has no compatibility with any of the 7 layers because its space-less, but its possible that every level of the Loop could by placed in every sector of the plan. Entering the Loop will cause that whatever inside lost all its items, but its possible hacking it placing some items, like coordinate devices, that acts like compass or GPS in the Loop, as well as useful stuff used for activate the beamer, that will send whatever here directly to the corresponding sector of the current level of the Loop. Is possible that some people use this way to move around in the subnet trough the different sectors of the plan tied to the levels of the Loop. Just entering the Loop, solve some puzzles and outside in the sector that one wants. This by some call it a passage, and this probably proves that the Loop its also part of the Plan.

Finally, there is other types of Loops around the Subnet, but those have space, time, and are inside the reality (The 7 layers); those are many times called as "Black holes" in the Subnet.

The actually can work like the Loop, look like the Loop, or both, they are made by the Subnet, just as defense system that try to confuse the mind of the intruders, in other words, the human infestation. They are not real Loops, but still have a good purpose; attack the minds of the intruders.

The Flaming Monkey Theory

The Lighthouse was a part of (or just a building that just happened to been built upon...) an alien experiment facility called The Submachine. Where the aliens experimented with human subjects, by putting them in endless looping traps and extremely hard puzzles.

But as the lighthouse stood empty, a man named Murtaugh moved into the lighthouse and discovered the alien facility. but the aliens respected Murtaugh and his intelligence so they rewarded him with an karma arm and started to communicate with through a cat named Einstein.

But Murtaugh betrayed the aliens and gave the people working against the aliens information.

Because of that the aliens punished Murtaugh by locking him inside the lighthouse as it was being buried underground.

Murtaugh escaped. And again the Aliens punished him, but this time they locked him up in the Submachine itself.

Submachine Manipulates Time Theory

Recorded by Research team Klearo. Sect._4

Dear Professor,

We have recently made an astonishing discovery. As evidence shows, The submachine is made in a way so that it can be navigated by a three-axis portal of which is believed to be created for sub-bots. The elements are all here for traveling throughout the subnet in any direction, however, we are missing a key factor in the equation: TIME.

Although we do not have conclusive evidence yet, it is our belief that the submachine may be able to manipulate time. As we now, the submachine is able to expand at an astonishing rate. This expansion, is like anything we can see possible by a machine. (Granted, the submachine is no ordinary machine,) We think one answer to this unexplainable rate of growth, is that the submachine itself, can affect time. If It can slow down time, it will then have the ability to repair itself, build on to itself, and expand faster than would appear to a human.

So it can grow, big deal. The real factor about this is that if it has this much time, it can easily build up its defenses. Although this data is unconfirmed, Be ready. Leave notes. Prepare yourself for everything. We are currently testing our theories at the root, as it seems to be the least affected by time manipulation, Being that it continues to deteriorate at a normal rate.

Documented by The Co-Head of research team Klearo

the Void

[END of transmission]

Waveform Collapse Expansion Theory

I'm exhausted, the batteries on my recorder are just about dead.

On Creation

It had to have began with the root, maybe a project being worked on there.

It is very likely that they were experimenting with technology beyond our understanding, and said technology emits a sort of energy. The wisdom crystals possibly, they managed to stabilize the energy waveform for the use of powering whatever they were working on until there was an accident.

In theory, they were working on the submachine, but the submachine's existence may be a result of the accident itself, but that is pure conjecture

When the accident occurred everything fell apart, the laws of space and time, possibly even the laws of physics themselves. In summary: the energy waveform 'collapsed'

Now, there are two very different ways to think of this, I'm unsure of which one is correct.

First: We have the 'Collapse Idea'

For a accurate visualization, a massive star, such as a sun, will last a long time, but when it dies it will go supernova and collapse into a black hole. Of course, it could also turn into a neutron star, but for the sake of theory, lets pretend it turns into a black hole.

That is what the energy waveform did when it collapsed, it became something like a black hole and created something of a parallel world.

My personal belief is that parallel worlds exist, but on different waveform frequencies, the submachine is no different, both ideas follow the concept that the submachine exists in the same space as the rest of the world except on a different frequency. The Collapse Idea has one big difference.

It's possible that it's punched through and is sucking things in, likely random things without rhyme or reason, and when sucked in they get warped by the submachine itself.

This would mean that beyond the edge would be an event horizon of sorts.

Of course, this is following the concept that the submachine is sucking things IN.

Then we have the other concept, the 'Expansion Idea'.

That follows the idea that when the energy waveform collapsed it caused an explosion of immaterial energy.

I have a visualization for this too: the Big Bang which created the universe itself.

This is causing the submachine to expand randomly at an exponential rate, creating different places and areas eternally. The loop would be this in its purest form: infinite, eternal, and constantly expanding.

Of course, both of these ideas have a... downside of sorts.

If the submachine keeps expanding whether through its own creation or through sucking things in, eventually the submachine will reach a critical mass and collapse in on itself.

After that, one of several things could happen, first: the submachine would collapse in and cease to be, that's all she wrote.

Second: it could create a massive explosion that would destroy the submachine, and a good chunk of the world.

Finally: there's the absolute worse case scenario where the energy released in the explosion takes out the Earth, (assuming the submachine is still in the same space as the Earth and not somewhere halfway across the galaxy by now) a couple planets around the earth, and proceeds to cause the sun to go supernova thus dooming the Solar System.

Although, to be perfectly frank, the second and third ideas are highly unlikely and the most likely thing is that the submachine will cease to exist, as will everyone in it.

Now, if its expanding or sucking things in, there's obviously an epicenter, such as an earthquake has. That central point is where everything is happening from. Now this is just a theory, but if the cause can be deactivated or destroyed, it could momentarily create an escape point from the submachine to whatever space we're sharing with right now.

Stabilizing the waveform somehow, though unlikely to occur, could also do the trick.

However, given that the epicenter is the CAUSE of this, discontinuing its existence would be almost the same as the submachine reaching critical mass, only it would just destroy the submachine itself, nothing else.

Although it's possible that it will just bring a halt to all expansion, that is a rather appealing concept.

On Amnesia and the Submachine Itself.

It has been noted that the submachine causes amnesia in its explorers, that is likely a reaction with... lets read what I wrote already... right, it's likely caused by coming into contact with the immaterial energy and the warped space itself. Given that the energy is immaterial, it cannot be interacted with, it could be surrounding us and we'd never even know it's there, but that's what immaterial means, isn't it?

However unlikely, the submachine may have a will of its own and seems to positively delight in the death of the explorers, I may soon join them. The reason for that may have something to do with the waveform collapse and the possibility of a wormhole of sorts being opened, even if for a short time. If that happened, its possibly that some sort of entity passed through and has manifested within the submachine itself. Although its unlikely that the entity understands us, but perceives us as threats."

Submachine as Perpetual Maze Theory

The submachine is an impossibility; a maze in which no one can escape. It is, in fact, a perpetual loop. the loop itself is the actual internal structure of the machine, however for the most part it is programmed to reflect a completely different surrounding, a Submachine. The whole collections of 'Submachine Layers' within the loop is known as the Subnet. Anyone who enters the submachine known as 'The Loop' hasn't entered a new submachine; they have managed to crack into the 'real' appearance of the subnet; a perpetual loop. There IS no way to beat the submachine; anyone who enters ends up dead. Like me if you read this note. So now, can anyone help me escape? I am so lost!

Essence Theory

All over the world, there are thousands of gateways into the Submachine. Only the most receptive minds can detect and use them. All entrances are one way, and that way is in. This has happened for a reason. The Submachine has been abandoned for an unknown amount of time. The original power sources no longer work, so it creates its own: the Wisdom Gems. Wisdom Gems are the essences, the souls, the memories, of the people who have entered the Submachine network. When you get snagged into the Submachine, you're good as dead. The only way not to die... is to not die.

Murt's History Theory

It all started when Murt explored the Ancient Ruins of a temple in Sub0. He wanted to investigate this ruin because rumor has it there is a powerful source of power hidden inside that could lead you into another world. Murt found the gem and used it as a lucky charm and brought it with him wherever he went.

When Murt visited The Lighthouse, he lost his arm in a fishing incident under the waterfall. While exploring The Lighthouse, he accidentally found the link between The Lighthouse and The Subnet, which at that time was very weak. The Wisdom Gem exploded in a burst of Karma, zapping The Link and Murt's missing arm and formed a portal. He saw a bright flash of light that temporarily flash-blinded him. Once he regained his sight, he found that the Wisdom Gem was missing! But he also found that he had an invisible arm. After experimenting with this strange phenomenon, he realized that he could create portals with his arm. He deduced that the Wisdom Gem fell into a portal while he was flash-blinded. But he didn't know where it could've ended up. But little he knew that the portals he created were sinking The Lighthouse ever so deeper into the SubZone. He continued experimenting with his Karma Arm, he called his new arm. He decided that he wanted to find the Wisdom Gem again. If the Wisdom Gem could give him a portal-creating arm, think about what else it could do! He thought about the possibilities. He knew he wanted all that power. The portals he created didn't seem to be strong enough to get him anywhere far, let alone zap him into another dimension. He needed a bigger energy source, something like the Wisdom Gem. But that's the reason he's the is trying to build a portal. To get to the Wisdom Gem. He looked up, hoping that the answer is somehow up there. Luckily, it was. He set his sight's on The Lighthouse's lightbulb. All that light energy... if only he could somehow harness and transform it into Karma, then he could twist it up and stretch it out and create some sort of Super-Portal. He did a lot of studying and experimenting with his Karma Arm, which he presumed creates Karma on it's own, and thus can never run out of Karma. Eventually he gave up and ran out of ideas. He needed to make sure a mind almost as superior as his could be worthy to use the Super-Portal. But once he found a stray black cat. He named him Einstein. He found that Einstein could create portals of his own as well. One day he disappeared. Well, that gave him an idea. He made up a secret code that only the smartest could discover. He used this as a security code. Using his Karma Arm and the light power of The Lighthouse, he was able to build the Super-Portal. But he needed to find something to help power the Super-Portal. He created a Positive and Negative Coil to help power the Super-Portal. All the fuses were nice and straight. And as an additional form of security, Murt included an ID Card slot. Only valid ID Cards were permitted. He turned on the Super-Portal, and ZAP!

But he made one mistake. He forgot to include a stabilizer. He underestimated how powerful the Super-Portal was. It blasted out one of the fuses, and blew away the Coils, zapped away the ID Card, and reset the security code. Plus, The Lighthouse submerged way below the ground. When Murt landed and found The Loop, he knew he had to get out. Right in the level before he would've fell infinitely through The Loop, he realized he was making a big mistake and left a note for whoever would also land there. He then developed a Teleporter to escape. He didn't know where it would lead to, all he knew was that it would get him out of there. He used the Teleporter and landed on the roof of The Lab. He found The Lab was abandoned and used it to study more about the SubNet and try to find that Wisdom Gem. He developed a better, more stabilized Portal that could zap him mostly anywhere he wanted to in the SubNet at long as he had the 3-digit coordinates to get there. But he wasn't successful in finding the Wisdom Gem.

Several years later, he discovered you. When your adventure led you to The Edge, he somehow was able to find his way to the Outer Core and waited until the defenses were lowered. Then he started in for the attack.

Arch Theory

The Subnet is the center of all existence, crossing and bleeding into every known and unknown dimension, universe, timeline, and more. The origin of the subnet might have existed before from another race from another realm of reality as a way to be safe. Since every universe and existence works as a life we can only expect that with everything else it can eventually die. The subnet was made as a way to cross from one reality to another to escape the collapse of the universes. Unfortunately as this idea proved also harmful to the fabric of causality itself it was locked away and buried to never resurface again. That is until we as humans tried doing something similar and out of either an elaborate mistake or by some sort of variable found the subnet. Finding this they thought why not try to explore it and make it ours? Taking things found and reverse engineering them in a way that make it possible for humans to use. This caused problems yet to be unseen to the humans as it starts to once again bleed into every timeline and universe. When the presence of life was known the Defenses were activated and caused the disappearance of every explorer either displacing them into a pocket of non existence, the loop or simply erasing them from time itself. The subnet has the ability to alter time itself in order to repair itself and to trap any entity from causing what I can only guess is a way to cross over into another universe, the central controls, or the very foundation of the subnet itself.

But saying all of this still does not go into the existence of wisdom gems, the subbots, Mur, and more. Well let me explain each.

The Wisdom gem is a storage device capable of storing an undisclosed and possibly an infinite amount of data as well from what I can understand is a form of energy. Its possible that these gems are made from a larger gem that might reside in the foundation of the subnet. These gems could be a product of electron formation in a solid state allowing both storage of data on a quantum computer level and energy that could be compared to a 100 suns. Almost like a nuclear battery but more stable and useful. Also they could be made from the remains of collapsed universes, all the energy that would be in a collapsed universe and refined in a gem could be immensely powerful and perhaps its how the subnet itself stands on its own without collapsing which at first you might think its bad it in a way its like recycling. Using the remains of a dead universe as a form of a data and energy. This could be almost infinite energy and storage at the fingertips. But also it can be used as a form of repairing device that is capable of fixing and even changing the form of each space of the subnet. The possibilities of usage of the wisdom gems are limitless at this time. But as stated there could be a core where these gems are carved from, this is probably the foundation of the subnet and if it was ever destroyed it could collapse the entire subnet itself. This to some could be a good idea if it is bleeding into other worlds but this can be proven also a very bad thing to do as well, that will be explained later in this.

The Subbots are a form of repair, now its possible that they could have been made by man, perhaps the original creators of the subnet, OR BOTH! But how? Simple really if you think about it, the subnet was possibly made before humans discovered it. Even so humans made it theirs to do as they will, that saying humans could have made some sort of robots capable of research of the subnet but also there could have been original subbots as well that at one time existed to maintain the subnet as well as a factory. Whether the explorers found said factory and the sketches were just a description of the progress of old subbots before the production of new ones when the factory became active once more whether it be from human design or the design of updated presence of a hivebrain AI in control of the subnet. Also it is possible that subbots made my humans were captured and reprogrammed into becoming workers on the subnet. Any of which is a strong possibility but what we do know is that if a mechanical presence is in the subnet it probably has been there before humans knew about it. As well as a possibility of a AI made for these subbots as well as a networked security for the defense grid and more.

And now we have Mur, which at this point we can confirm is only after one goal and that is to get to the bottom of what the subnet could be hiding, whether it be the foundation of the net or the controls. We are not clear if he is a residual AI that was made by either the real Mur or the organization that we have heard vaguely. We know at one point Mur did exist since he is known to have pages describing his time at Kent and his Karma arm so we cannot say he never existed as a human. But as this is said we cannot be sure that he was a human from our universe. It is possible that the organization had some sort of knowledge of the subnet interacting with other universes and it is possible that the organization was formed in other universes as well using the subnet as a way to communicate with each other. Mur might have been the key used to get in deeper into the subnet but wouldn't you figure it something happened that could have made Mur either go rouge from the plan and is out to destroy the subnet, or perhaps he is just trying to complete his duty that he was assigned from the organization. We are not too sure on the absolute motive but we know that it is not good.

Now we get to the construction of the subnet. This is interesting to say the least. The subnet exists as a hybrid of Hyper Reality bleeding in with reality itself. This means that things that could exist might not exist how we see it. That some of the random locations of the subnet might not exist as actual locations but were made to how we can see them. This might have been done as a byproduct of the Wisdom Gem, since it can store an immense amount of data that means it can also store and recreate areas with just the power the subnet has, it could also be a fragment of what remained as a memory of a space in the universe that was destroyed and the wisdom gem is just merely emulating it. But no matter how real it might seem it is just how we perceive it. That means some locations are just staged and may not have a real connection to it anymore. This can be proven as a best example in the SNEE at locations 103 and 673. This all means that the subnet can emulate and change things that can be real just like how a computer can show and change an image. You may think that this could contradict on how the subnet is bleeding into all universes but this is not true. As how some parts are emulated to look real some are actually real and still show a residual capture of how they were once part of other universes and still are.

Finally we are down to if the subnet should be destroyed or allowed to stay existent. The answer to this is to allow it to exist, but to shut it down rather than let it be active. If the original creators (that is if they ever existed in the first place) knew that this was bad and shut it down then it was for good reason. As to now it is to shut it down. If we allow it to be active it will engulf entire universes and continue to expand as it continues to bleed into time and space itself. If we destroy it though it might be even worse, and I am sure if the original creators existed they knew this as a bad thing to do as well. This is because the subnet is at the center of everything, going all out in every direction the subnet stands at the exact center. This means that the subnet is the very foundation of existence itself and by destroying it we risk destroying ALL OF EXISTENCE along with it.

The worst case scenario is that if the subnet could not be shut down since its operation has gone beyond any known control destroying the subnet might be the only foreseeable way to stop its invasion in other universes in the eyes of humans, or in the eyes of Mur at least.


Submachine, first a program now a world of its own it's existance simple a progam that, through simple Ai, became a demensional portal throuout time and space. Expansion Theory is proof of it. But how come it exists in the first place. Well at the start of World War 3, a defence program called Safe Havens was built( A.K.A. Submachine) the best scientists the world came together to build it. Now during its current state most passed away from unknown causes or went to work on FLF. From what I understand means Future Loop Foundation. By now most people thought it was desolate of human life except the vass ammounts of human technology through out the Network, such as Bathrooms and living quarters.

Theres life inside Submachine but very little knowledge of its power source. Very little is known because few have set fourth in Submachine, there is knowledge of one source of power crystals found in some ancient ruins they have been seen to power mysterios cube-like vehicles and a suspiscion that they power strange teleportation devices with 3 didget codes. Theres also electric power because simple light s throughout Submachine. Some Scientists including me think most it's power comes from the AI itself or some other form of witchcraft.

Even though theres proof of little technical advances from photography of progectors, radios, old light, and regular doors from a classified source we do know that there is powerful technology thanks to proof that it is run by AI and a sketch from within Submachine of Advanced computers and security systems which we also belive are monitored by the AI.

We have resieved info from a new source aswell it calls itself Mur. We are uncertain with the info because raising suspicions of it being the AI itself. But we have learned its power from these messages aswell. It invited us into Safe Haven to explain questions, thinking it was a trap some stayed behind while me and two others entered the recording devices we had didn't seem to work as if corrupted we couldn't belive that Mur and/or the AI was this powerful and after a few days of exploration a member of oer exploration dissapeared and the othe was growing mad.

We've not heard any news of life outside Submachine, if World War 3 ended, or even know what it looks like outside. I can't tell the time because my watch became corrupted the third day inside. I now know why theres the use of old technology now and I belive each room is a demension of it's own using those portals as demensional travel. A while back using a clipboard I found and some pens and paper I began recording rooms 001 through 999.

Around pages one through ten full of recordings of rooms I left my mad partner behind who was speaking a language that I suspect the same as that of early sivilazations which ruins supplied those bloody crystals.

By now I'm on a new page filling out four others three of which I can't read after accidentally dropping in a puddle of one room. I've become hungry because lack of food yet not thirsty thanks to the occasional sink. I've become low on ink on my pen a while ago and took more from a study room I just found. I also found some strange beads latelly there to small and inedibble to solve my hunger problem.

By now its hard to continue with thoughts of why did I enter and is there even a world out there. I've seen life lately including a cat, a man, and something that I'm unsure of seeing. this leads me to the usumption I think I'm growing mad.

A while back I saw a man the more I think of it I wonder if it was Mur or even the third partner that went missing on the beginning of the Trek? I know it wasn't not my second partner he's long gone by now, He should of come. He's probably dead by now.

This is my last paper, I'm at the verge of insanity... Mur and/or the AI could also be playing tricks on me, but how what I saw made could not be done by AI. I saw something that made me hide here in #808. What I saw was impossible, I must be crazy or the AI is to powerful...

I've calmed down and I'm OK theres no way I saw my dead brother, no way I think I understand what Mur and AI wanted to show us. It wants to give me something, by now I don't care it's better than hiding plus it can help me out or get rid of this pain in my chest thanks to hunger and lately this lack of water. All I have to do is wait here in 808. to recieve a gift.

I can't wait. I think Submachine drove me mad...

Dimensional Pathway Theory

I think they are designed as FIRST-ever dimensional pathway that lead to different dimensions within the planet Earth. I dunno what went wrong since Submachine is out of control.

Have you noticed the way Submachines are structured? They appears to be more organically developed than built by our hands. In addition, they seems to thrive in the region of darkness that cannot be entered easily. Somehow the Submachines still have physical connection between lands where we can still walk about, possibly within different dimensions. In addition, Submachines could be the trans-dimensional pathways constructed to lead from one dimension to other dimension within same Earth, loooong before the portals were invented in about year 2000 (or year 1960-1970 if you count Mur's karma arm). Or... they were invented in 1970 with Mur begin traveling the Net in 1940.

Meaningless Theory

Zombyrus's main theory is that the submachine has no meaning. The submachine net is interesting but has no importance whatsoever, a bit like the ocean floor (we haven't explored most of it, but it really doesn't matter whether we do or not; it's just floor). There is certainly a lot to learn from/about the submachine, but it doesn't make a difference whether we ever find out. It is a big interesting place, but it doesn't regulate the universe and it wasn't intended to destroy it or anything--it simply is.

No Goal Theory

It just keeps going, the more you look, the more you see, that’s all you get. It’s not leading anywhere, Mur’s not leading us anywhere, L’s not leading us anywhere, and that damn cat isn’t leading us anywhere. It just goes on.

People can talk about loops, dimensions, theories all they want, when it comes down to it, this is just life. We go in, and we don’t come out until we die. Sometimes you do the same thing over and over again hoping to find something relevant, sometimes you solve every puzzle you can and still you aren’t any further along then when you started, you’re just in a different place. It’s life.

What really matters is just how you use it. Are you going to follow or are you going to pioneer? Are you going to try and find life or be a hermit? Are you going to enjoy the architecture or try and hunt down that cat so you can finally eat decently? You do have a choice, don’t let the computer, or mur, or L tell you any differently. Do what you want. That’s what I did. Make your own goal, because there is no goal to the Submachine.

Edge as Boundary Theory

The Submachine can tap into locations that we can physically access (such as the Lighthouse) as well as other dimensions that we cannot access without the aid of teleporters. Since the Submachine can tap into other dimensions, it stretches through them instead of taking up as much physical space in our dimension. For some reason it could not spread and engulf a region, and this became the edge. Either humans who were trying to stop the Submachine from expanding further (because they lost control of it) created a way to prevent it from engulfing more regions at the edge, or a bug or other freak of nature disabled the Submachine from expanding. Thus it created the defense systems to protect itself from whatever exists at the Edge. The Looping Traps were also part of this Defense System where people, or attackers, would get lost and die of dehydration. The function of the Looping Traps was probably changed later to also trap people who had managed to infiltrate the Submachine through other means (i.e. locations such as the Lighthouse), or unlucky explorers who teleport themselves from the Lighthouse. The object of the player in Submachine 6 would be to explore the defense systems (unharmed. Here the task shows up on not getting killed.) and probably find a way to exploit a weakness so that they can be disabled. Once disabled, the Submachine could be easily breached and shut down by those who either lost control of it, or those who fear having their dimension engulfed by it.

About Karma

Karma, the energy flowing through the subnet. It is what Mur used to create Karma portals, it is what the “natives” of the subnet revered as godly powers, and what you use as the player to traverse and power the subnet. So, what is Karma? We know that Karma was discovered first by the “natives” (seen in s8) and later we see the use of Karma in a human being through Murtaugh, who used it in the form of his “third arm” to create Karma portals. And that Karma can come in 3 seen varieties/properties. Karmic water, Wisdom gems(the gems acting as vessels for karma), and Karmic energy(Karma stabilizer, Karma portals, arch portals, etc), as seen throughout the whole of s10 with the many machines found in coordinate IIO, the karma studies facility. And the karma stabilizer. It is also seen in its raw form at the beginning of S7 “The Core”, and at the end of S9 as you transfer to the light layer. Now, Karmic energy can also be seen as Karma portals, but in S9, it is created using a green form of karmic water. This brings up the question i asked myself. Is Karma malleable? or does it act as any normal substance would with given conditions; gas, liquid, solid? My verdict is that Karma acts, in its own respect, as a normal substance on earth would, having 3 distinct forms/properties, each created during different conditions. The three properties I will call Karmic water, Karmic Fire, and Raw Karma.

Karmic water: The “liquid state” of Karma, although Karmic Water can also be used to create “Solid” materials such as bridges and cogs for puzzles. Karmic Water is first seen and used mainly in S9, where you see it flowing from a fountain, indefinitely.

Attribute1: Karmic water is not just a liquid, but, as supported through hindu beliefs, is a building block, or a pure source. This, in the form of karma, is the Orderly form, created with karma becoming concentrated and in a sense, purified.

Attribute2: Karmic Water has the ability to transport through layers/time, as seen in the plan, where the beams of green energy act as beacons to other layers. it is seen in s9, Where you use it multiple times to build something that spans multiple layers.

Creation: Karmic water is created through the energizing of karma using layer transportation tech, this would be how the beacons in S8 are green in almost the same fashion as karmic water, it would also be how karmic water can be the same through multiple layers.

Karmic Fire/energy: (Chaotic/volatile form) Karmic fire, seen as a form of karmic energy used to create karma portals. It is not what murtaughs hands are made of, but rather, the concentration of karma through all the layers, while power is focused on one layer, so murtaughs hand is showing the creation of karmic fire, kind of like a spark.(thus the disruption caused).

Attribute: I call this Karmic Fire as it is what tears the subnet apart. Karmic fire is a chaotic form of Karma that has the ability to transport between locations, space, whereas Karmic water transports through layers.

Creation: Karmic fire is created through the disruption, or concentration of karma through layers so as to energize and manipulate the base karma of all layers to a singular layer.

Karma: (stable/neutral form) raw karma, used in s10 in the karma test rooms(IIO). This form of karma is what gave Murtaugh his arms(although his arms themselves are technically KF).

Attribute1: Karma takes that which is not of the subnet, and makes it so. As seen in [s10] location IIO, it takes broken materials and fixes them, most likely reinforcing the significance of SHIVA being the subnet’s caretaker. Although the correlation between Karma and SHIVA are still unknown. Base Karma is also what is found inside the Karma stabilizer as this “neutral” form of Karma is what keeps the subnet together. (again, as seen in IIO)

Attribute2: this form allows for travel through time. As we see in the end of [s9], where we are transported via white karma portal to a time where Mur and Liz are still alive, and also earlier where we are able to talk with Mur in the edge, but later we see his tomb.

Creation:although we are not completely sure about the creation of karma in it's natural form, we can assume tat karma is a part of the subnet as it goes back to the time of the natives.

note: All properties have the ability of space travel, although some are restricted in a few ways. Such as karma portals of base karma(door portals, lighthouse maybe, and s9 ending(supposedly)) base karma is the only time related karma portal/karma property. And karmic water can only be seen and interacted with on every layer. Karmic fire may be the concentration of every layer but can only teleport through space.

Human Testers Theory

The Submachine Network was originally an undergorund facility used to conduct experiments on humans. But the scientists (Mur and his team) controlling it found a glitch that caused the network to shut down, lock their test subjects in, and take control over any humans currently in the facility. Mur immediately lost all contact with all of them. The player is one of the test humans that were caught in the Submachine Network when Mur lost control of it.

In Submachine 4, though, Mur did make contact with the player (the old-style computer), which means the Lab must be a weak spot in the Submachine Network, or not a part of it at all (see Submachine Software Theory).

Mur was in the facility when he discovered the major glitch that caused it to malfunction, so he wrote notes and placed them throughout the Submachine Network to guide the humans out.

As mentioned in the end of Submachine 5, there are defense systems on the outskirts of the Submachine Network. They are designed to keep people from entering the facility, so this mistake will never happen again. However, they could have also been used by the Submachine Network as a way of keeping the test subjects from exiting.

Also at the end of Submachine 5, you are being taken to the outskirts of the network. When you put the three wisdom gems into the three slots, you create a path for yourself to reach the outskirts. Mur placed the wisdom gems in the facility for you to access the outskirts, and eventually guide you completely out of the Submachine Network.

Mur originally lived in the lighthouse when he was conducting the experiments on the humans. When the citizens of Kent buried the lighthouse, it slowly became a part of the Sub Net, since the network is underground. Mur didn’t want to be trapped, so he created the teleportation device for him and all of the test human to escape from the network.

He didn’t have the materials to create an advanced teleporter like the one in Submachine 4 (where you could control the X, Y, and Z axes) so when you use the teleporter in the lighthouse, you don’t know where you will end up, all you know is it will lead you somewhere else.

During Submachine 5 you visit the Observation Room located in the Root. This room was used to observe (hence the name) the test humans in the facility and communicate with them. This room was abandoned after all communication was lost.

In the very beginning of Submachine FLF, you are in a small padded cell probably because you (the player) lost his/her mind when the Submachine Network took control of the facility. As seen in the Submachine FLF intro, the player has forgotten all about the Submachine, but at the end you start to remember the incident and you head out and try to find the root of all this...

Mur's Workshop Theory

The test humans

People who try to follow Mur just get in trouble, or don’t succeed any further. (“...for those who follow me: I’m sorry, and...”). A group of wanderers, after finding the Kent Lighthouse appearing with the light bulb protected with iron instead of glass, tried to find a way in, by letting a black cat run to the front of the lighthouse. It disappeared. After a few months the cat still didn’t come back. But then, at the 13:th of December, 2006, the cat came back to the followers, and they saw a way in. But when they at last came in, the people living in the area had already buried it (with complaint from the wanderers), and Mur wasn’t there anymore. They tried to follow Murtaugh on his journey: they ended up at the Loop (like the player), and almost got insane when their attempts to escape failed, unable to find a way through the puzzles. So Mur found them, hid them, and used them to search the Submachine Network for him, after clues leading to success, finding that it was impossible to try and make them sane. Then he put up a note in the 12:th puzzle in the Loop, telling how to escape, so that others don’t get suspicious when more and more people disappear. The confused notes were an idea by Mur. Their purpose was to prove that he didn’t have anything to do with the disappearances, too, that the people still were there, but just without memories. It was he who wrote them all (except for Sub6 and 7 – see The Memento theory).

The pearls

To make the people manipulate-able (they were insane), Mur made them amnesiacs by inventing a machine called “WGEA” (Wisdom Gem Experience Absorber). The Gems were made for radiating Karma power, but Mur inverted the process with his Karma arm. He absorbed their memories through a set of headphones, connected to a collector box powered by a Wisdom Gem. The Gem converted the memories to energy and sent them to a power ball that looked like a pearl. Mur made the machine and the power pearls with his Karma arm. In the future Mur made the machines go the other way, to make them open a passage when you put a Wisdom Gem in the headphones. Since Mur made those power pearls, he was now able to make a powerful energy circuit never invented before. He made them go around in a circuit which the player can see a part of in the lighthouse’s pipe parts, and in the ship location. If necessary, the pearls are again turned into Wisdom Gems in the turbine generator in the ship. That ship isn’t a real ship floating on a sea. It’s a technical secret study and lab for Mur, where he gets all of his Gems from. Nowadays the power pearls are used a little more spread out. For example, the clock in the Basement. After the surrounding decided to bury the lighthouse Mur moved to the Lab to continue his work. Later on he used the power pearls’ energy to take over the portals made for sub-bots (three-digit ones). Since it was human energy in the pearls, he just put them where the Connection Pods should have been put, and the portals were turned into being made for humans. (“The prototype came into contact with human factor and was reverse-engineered in order to transport humans”) While they do that, other flow slowly throughout the massive network of pearl pipes and nurture portals from below.

The future

After the player succeeded with the mission at the Edge, Mur saw the player in the Core, since the player was transported with a new sort of portal device to the Core, at the same time as Mur invaded it. ("We can finally invade the core of the submachine." "unfortunately for you, your adventure ends here.") When he saw the player, he noticed that he was not insane. As they all should be! Mur concluded that the player was smart enough to travel throughout the Loop unharmed, and that the player wasn’t safe for his plans, that he was about to finish. Mur can’t let that happen after his 32 years of work. To prevent this he will try to erase the players memory too, or maybe even try to kill the player. (Bullet holes in Liz’s ship in Sub7 - see The Memento theory)

The Memento Theory

Now maybe it isn't very likely that Mateusz would base his Submachine games on a film (although a very good one), but maybe get some ideas from it. Memento is a film in which the protagonist has anterograde amnesia, a serious disorder that prevents the ability of creating new memories after the accident that caused the disorder. The accident could be for example taking drugs or being hit seriously in the head.

This theory states that the protagonist in Submachine has anterograde amnesia. In the second game, The Lighthouse, the player says:

“I didn’t wake up in a room

And I do remember

I remember I had a strange dream

I was playing a game


I also remember finishing that game

But I don’t remember waking up from that dream"

This could indicate on that the player was a victim for powerful drugs (the drugs which created the anterograde amnesia) and that he thought he was dreaming while he was not, and therefore doesn’t remember waking up from it. Read this carefully now: Mur trapped the player in that basement after SubX, in which he finally got tired of the player hunting him. Before that the player had followed Mur the same route (maybe not the exact same route) as he does in the actual series. There are proof of this; the bullet holes of Mur trying to get rid of the player in The Core* (“…for those who follow me: I’m sorry, and…” when he wrote that in Sub2 he thought that the player made no harm, or he was sorry for misleading the player (before he started using the followers*)). After the drugs in the basement the player had gotten anterograde amnesia, and started doing the only thing he could: escaping the building. When he stood there on the grass with a sea in front of him, what would he do if not look backwards to the left and right? It was here the player found the entrance to the lighthouse, and Mur had set up the arcade game to trick the player to think that it had just been a game (hence why the player said “I was playing a game, Submachine”). When someone is GETTING anterograde amnesia, certain impressions may remain as memories afterwards, hence the slight remembrance in the quote from Sub2 ^.

In Sub6, a note says “don’t believe his lies”. This could be a quote from Memento (the protagonist writes this on a note to remember). The same in Submachine, the player writes this for him to remember if he returns. As you can see the player camped a while in the sewers, this was maybe to protect himself from Mur.

In Sub7, Liz promises to show up in the garden or somewhere nearby – this is an old and not actual note which the player has already followed.

Now, I know that you guys dislike mixing the additional games and the main plotline. However, SubFLF could be a sideshow to show what COULD have happened to the player after the drugs, he could have become this patient – “all memories are lost in time like tears in rain. It’s coming back to me now, and I almost remember my name, I know where I must go now, to find the root of all of this.”

To sum this entire theory up, the games we’re now playing (the main plotline) are a meaningless race to find something that is long forgotten and gone (therefore the absence of people).

  • see Mur’s workshop theory

Portal Workings Theory

Ok, I have a new theory about the entire structure and locations of the Submachines relative to each other. Say the portal system really does have meaning to the coordinates we enter, there are 3 XYZ allowing us left & right, forward & backward, up & down. Maybe the central portal 000 works outward from all these other portals. Or it is independent from the portal you are dialing to. Not sure, just wanted to bounce it off you guys. If it's possible or deemed SA by the wiki reckoning I may bust out my wicked google sketch up skills and draw us up a 3d rendering of the Submachines locations relative to each other.

The Portal Workings Theory Post - Submachine Universe Release

I have a theory about the entire structure and locations of the Submachines relative to each other. Say the portal system really does have meaning to the coordinates we enter, there are 3 XYZ allowing us left & right, forward & backward, up & down. Maybe the central portal 000 works outward from all these other portals. This does imply though, that the number of coordinates would seem to be infinite, and that the people who created the portals only have a portion of the Submachine Network explored, as well, it only covers a half of a sphere, not taking negative coordinates into account. Or it is independent from the portal you are dialing to. Either that, or the portals are numbered relative to their creation, implying that the human explorers created and placed the portals.

Karma and Portals Theory

Definitions -Karma: a force that can manipulate matter, eg, the floating bells. -Will: Soul or spirit of a concious being.

This theory says that karma can be found in different places, if it can't be found everywhere. In the SubNet, perhaps, karma is easier to tap into. Karma acts when it has a will behind it, eg, Mur's karma arm. With the arm, Mur can manipulate matter and open portals. In the Lighthouse, Mur used his arm to 'draw' the portal that led us to the Loop. In conclusion, karma does not act alone, it needs a will to controll it.

I think that Player is a being of karma, but only has been since the begining of Sub 1. He can't remember because his being is seperate from his mind. Mur had some degree of orientation because he had two pages of diary. This suggests that Mur had some understanding of the Net before arriving. In conclusion, a body of matter cannot travel through a portal.

I suspect that karma is a product of creation. When something comes into being, this creates karma. Assuming that the SubNet is detatched from 'our reality', we could say that karma is trapped within the Net which was made when the Net came into being. The Lighthouse portal was an object of karma when it was created by Mur's arm, as was the arcade game. In conclusion, karma can travel through creative mediums in addition to space.

Matter can react in two sperate points, using karma. This is the essential mechanics of a portal. If a controlled karma contacts matter through a medium eg., the XYZ transporter, it creates a rift that can be travelled through. Imagine two floating balls of karma. If the first makes contact, karma can travel between these two balls. In conclusion, a portal is karma moving between two points of matter.

Human understanding of portals is limited, which is why the XYZ transporter will not bring you just anywhere. The transporter maps the irregular area of the Net, so with it, you can only travel within the Net. Suspicion: the Lighthouse portal tried to make contact with the Net, but was directed to the Loop as an outside source; this might have been the will of another concious being.

Main points:

  • Karma is a potencial force.
  • It is controlled by the will of a concious being
  • Karma is easiest contacted by karma, so the more karma a being has, the more it can manipulate matter.
  • A portal is a rift that brings you between two points of matter when karma contacts more karma.
  • Bodies of matter cannot travel through portals.
  • Beings travel through portals as karma.
  • Concious beings found in the SubNet are likily consisted of karma, being controlled by a will.

The Uninhabited Theory

The submachine is a place that has little or no life in it, kind of like a Schrödinger’s cat kind of thing, how if we can’t see it and we "technically" don’t know its still there, it no longer exists in practicality. Imagine that there is an invisible meter above all locations, the more living, intelligent, things there are in it the more it exists and vice versa. If this meter starts to go into the "red", and by red I mean there aren’t many people in or around it, then it is enveloped into the subnet, and once it is there it is stuck there. That’s why when we are there it doesn’t go back to civilization. Take for example the first submachine, it started as a basement for a building, but then the building was demolished, sealing the basement underground, therefore there was no exit. Because there wasn’t an exit it "doesn’t exist" and is enveloped into the subnet. This idea works with the lighthouse too because it was buried, therefore making it "not exist" and having its interior moved to the subnet. The loop was an experimental project that was studying if an AI can expand itself and the construct it is in. The AI chose to move deep into the ground. The lab was a research facility built in the 60’s by Mur after he escaped from the subnet. Its purpose was to find a way back into the subnet. To aid with having it moved to the Net it was located in a very remote place. While working there Mur and his team found out about an old 1950’s matter transportation project (The Root). They went to go research it and found the cipher boxes. Using the technology of the cipher boxes they built the portals as a way to move around the subnet, when they got there. The first test of the portals went wrong and when Mur tried to jump from the lab to the root he accidentally pulled his entire team with him, leaving the lab empty, damaging the portal, and the Lab was enveloped into the subnet. Now stuck at the Root Mur and his team set up the lights and began to experiment with the cipher boxes more as well as repairing the portal. After some time the portal was repaired and they jumped back to the lab, finding it in the subnet. Mur then proceeded to send out teams to build the defense system and put portals at all of the locations. After awhile the teams got tired but Mur kept pushing them. Liz then decided to hold a mutiny, so she and a small group of scientists escaped from Mur and are now hiding in the subnet. After this happened Mur began capturing people and bringing them into the subnet, erasing their memory, and have them go through tests (sub1, 2, and 3). If they passed all these tests he would use them to do tasks for him. And when you had finished (or failed) the task he sent you to do, he would strand you to die.

On whom Mur is I think (going back to the journal entries from sub 1 and 2) he was a scientist of some sort who lived in the mid 1940's. Then he had his accident in Kent and lost an arm, but found the karma arm. Now crippled and with a loss of sprit Mur decided to retire and become a lighthouse keeper. He then discovered the ruins underneath the lighthouse and then the doorway to the root. He spent so much time in the root that he was reported missing and replaced by Liz, another ex-scientist. When he finally emerged from the root he bricked up the doorway so nobody would find it. Realizing that things had changed he went up and met Liz, and they became lighthouse keepers together. Eventually he decided to show Liz the root but he wasn’t able to unbrick the door. Fearing that Mur had gone insane Liz fled, leaving him to sit in his study underneath the lighthouse, think about what he saw in the root. Nobody besides Liz knew that Mur had returned from the Root so the lighthouse was buried with him still inside. He tried to build a portal to escape from the lighthouse. Using what he learned in the root he turned the light into a makeshift portal. He tested it and it worked, but in the process damaging his brain and erasing partial bits of his memory. He was found by a North Pole expedition and saved. He spent the next few years trying to piece back together his memory and it all revolved around one word: Submachine. He decided to hunt down Liz and see if she could help him find the Subnet. Mur eventually found Liz and made up with her, convincing her that he wasn’t crazy. Together they set up a team to get back to the subnet. This is where it connects back to what I said before.

Karmic Civilization Theory

The whole thing starts with Karma arms and Karmic portals. Some people have the power to draw Karmic portals (seen in Sub 2) using their Karma arms. This ability remains dormant in people until something forces it to the surface, such as that accident Mur had in Kent. But way before Mur, there was an ancient group of people who had this power. They were cut off from the rest of civilization and formed their own society in a set of extra-dimensional areas which can only be accessed through Karmic portals or teleports. Karmic portals can be drawn manually, without the aid of machinery, but Karmic teleports are entirely mechanical. Ever notice that civilization tends to regress every now and again? Eratosthenes proved mathematically that Earth was round long before the fifteenth century explorers of Europe did it physically. Perhaps if Greek civilization hadn't been wiped out, they'd have discovered electricity by the first century CE. The ancient Karma people managed to avoid any threats to their civilization by ducking and covering in their own Submachine world. Therefore, they discovered electricity and nuclear physics long before Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. They had conducted their own research in the scientific world, and began to mechanize the Submachine Network they'd built during the Roman era. The ancient section in Sub 4 is an early Submachine, dating back to the Greeks perhaps, given that nothing in it is electrified; everything works mechanically. The mover and its destination are later Submachines; a defense network built as people were getting curious. It's extremely dubious that Murtaugh was the first human with Karmic abilities ever to meander into the Subnet. There must have been hundreds, perhaps thousands. Most kept quiet lest they be ostracized or killed (or burned like witches--hint, hint), but some were in the right place at the right time and Karma-ed their way into the Subnet. Once their, they either joined the society of ancient Karma people or, like Murtaugh, started pushing the envelope. Perhaps they disagreed with the ancient Karma civilization. Perhaps they wanted it for their own. Perhaps they wanted to bring it and normal human civilization together. Whatever the reason, the defense network was built. That's where we're going in Sub 6 And then what happened? Perhaps the ancients discovered space travel. Perhaps a civil war broke out. Most likely, it was both. The Karma people split into two distinct groups, fought each other, died en masse, and left the Subnet, perhaps for...another Subnet? Another planet? Who knows. Maybe they gathered together the remnants of their civilization and rebuilt. But the main thing is that they left their old Subnet--or the old part of it--behind. It's entirely probable that some of these people still haunt the ancient Subnet. The problem is finding them. Of course, people still kept stumbling upon the Subnet. There is still a Karma civilization, but in a reduced form. They are the ones who decided to bury the Kent lighthouse in Sub 2. After all, it does have a Karmic portal in it, albeit a mechanical one. People are still joining the current Karma civilization. And other people are still trying to exploit it. Murtaugh falls somewhere in between. He wants to integrate the ancient society into normal society. And the ancients don't like that. Consider society itself. For most of its life, humanity has taken everything on faith, but with the age of science comes the age of curiosity. So, sometime prior to the turn of the 20th century, someone Karmas his way into the Subnet. Instead of fearing it, he starts reverse-engineeering it. He gets a substantial following and in the late 40's or early 50's, he and his team built the Root (Sub 5). By the time the current Karma people learned of this man and his research team, they had mapped out about 43 locations (the room in the Root where you get the first key has room for six, and an empty teleport key holder still takes you somewhere). Unfortunately, they were unable to continue thanks to the current Karma people. Not sure what they did, but it left the Root behind. Problem is, people found this guy's notes and started building their own Submachines. As far as the wisdom gens are concerned, they are a data medium similar to a flash drive or floppy disc. They can be read using either the ancient Karma peoples' equipment (seen in Sub 5, right at the end), or the current Karma peoples' equipment (seen and used in Sub 2). So, now we get into Murtaugh himself. He's been exploring the Subnet for 32 years at least. Consider the present to be the 2000s. Sometime in the 1960s or late 1950s, Mur had an accident while exploring the Kent waterfall. Obviously, the Root was still in operation then. Murtaugh made his residence the Kent lighthouse to keep society out, then found the Root mapping team. He helped in the effort for 32 years, but then the current Karma people struck. Murtaugh escaped, albeit barely, and started getting his own team together, composed of ordinary, non-Karma people. These people were to continue the Root's mission and complete the things they couldn't. However, Mur knew the current Karma people were on his tail. He has hidden himself, perhaps in his own Submachine, where he talks to members of his team. And that's you; his team. Oh, did I mention Mur first found his way into the Subnet by following this cat named Einstein who belonged to one of the Root team? Here's where you come in; Sub 1. The basement is a laboratory built by Mur and the Root team, and maintained by Mur after the team's disappearance. You first end up there, Karmically teleported by Mur, having proven a potential candidate for the team. The basement introduces a few elements of the Subnet's warped physiognomy. Pressing a button on a radio (which is really a tape loop) triggers the drawer opening; it's only a mechanical trick, but the Subnet may easily be like this in person, so to speak. The Karmic Portal is the door that appears after all tiles are placed; an adaptation of the first mechanized portals (see Sub 4). This later takes you to... The lighthouse was Mur's home when he was working with the Root team, but he had to make a mad dash when the Root team disappeared. He ended up in the Loop, but left behind the mechanized portal he used to jump to the Loop. Under the lighthouse are some of the team's digouts to the original Subnet, which we get to visit in Sub 4. Note the bricked-up connection to the Root. That was part of Murtaugh's mad dash from the Root. The tiled room is merely Murtaugh's lab, and the room below a secret study. Once you leave the lighthouse, you take Mur's route to... The loop was an early defense system protecting the ancient Subnet. Mur, thanks to his random leaps, ended up caught there, but was able to Karma teleport out and ended up somewhere totally random. He then built... The lab was Mur's base for a while, but they found it. Mur bugged out, but before he did, he built his own electro-mechanical Karmic teleport, which he invented while he was still working for the Root team. Once he arrived at his present base, he started recruiting ordinary joes for his cause. How? By sticking puzzles in the Basement, Lighthouse, and even the Loop. I'll bet you don't actually die of dehydration, but are instead returned to wherever you came from via Karmic teleportation. Thing is, though, it's also a review of the circumstances the subject is under. A wisdom gem reader is introduced in Sub 2, and the bit where you reach into the movie memory reader is an example of the physics of the Subnet; a reach into the fourth dimension. The sand traps are part of the original Subnet, as is the ship; a fixed location able to move between two other locations. Finally, most of where you go in the root is either an ancient location or a satellite location for the Root team.

The Metaphysical Theory

I believe we should start to ask ourselves the big questions – What is the nature of the Subnet? Where is the Submachine located, in relation to our home, the Earth? The answers have been evading us for ages, shrouded in mystery and only hinted at through the many, many sources all around the net. To me, it's pretty obvious: The Subnet is a multidimensional structure, residing in a plane completely different from our universe. Think about it – There is lengthy information about the 7 main layers of reality. But is there more to reality? These 7 layers are really like parallel universes, each with 3 spatial dimensions (length, width and depth). But for 3D universes to exist in such a way, layered parallel next to each other, they must all reside in the same 4D plane which contains them. This 4D plane must also be contained in a 5D environment, and so on; scientists on Earth have been speculating that there are likely 11 dimensions in total.

We see that the Subnet trascends a single layer – It occupies everything, no matter where you go, no matter the layer you're in, it's always submachines. The Subnet is a four-dimensional structure, at the very least. But why do I say that the Subnet is somewhere separate from Earth's universe? Well, look at your surroundings; the physics themselves are different. There is this infinite black void, with drifting submachines all around, and yet there is gravity, and breathable air. Yes, there are 7 main layers of reality... But the Subnet is contained in its own reality. From here on, we will talk about how there are 7 3D layers contained in a 4D plane. I believe the Subnet to be occupying a different plane separate from Earth's own home plane. I also believe that the Sub-Plane was previously completely empty before the Subnet filled it; before S.H.I.V.A., the super-intelligence we know to be the mind of the Subnet, filled it.

The structure of the Subnet is laid pretty clearly by Elizabeth in her letter to Murtaugh – The Core is the stable and mapped center, and it is surrounded by and protected by the Edge. What lies beyond the Edge is an infinite series of continuously proliferating submachines, expanding and mutating wildly across the void; this we call the Outer Rim. I believe that S.H.I.V.A. caused the Subnet to explode into existence the moment it reached above-human intelligence. When this happened, S.H.I.V.A. took the Root, the first submachine, as its body. It used the karma energy contained in the Root to transport the entire city of Kent into the Sub-plane, becoming the Core of the Subnet, from which the Outer Rim grew outwards. We see proof of this, as the Core contains many Earth structures we know of: The Lighthouse (beneath of which is the Root), the South Garden, the Winter Palace, the Northern Docks; all of these locations resided in Kent before being transported into the Sub-plane.

Karma energy ties it all. Karma energy is how the scientists of the Root were even capable of utilizing teleportation, as karma is able to flow through all dimensions freely. When you focus Karma energy in a single location, like the Root, or Murtaugh's portals, you achieve wormholes, teleportation. When you focus Karma across diferent planes... you get something like the Subnet. That is what S.H.I.V.A. did – It picked a nice, empty plane as its new home, and transported itself and its body there to occupy (Probably leaving quite a nasty crater on Earth, too). S.H.I.V.A. created a link between planes of reality, and one of the only remaining links is the famous Lighthouse of Kent, which is partially residing in Earth and partially contained in the Subnet.

Of course, when the Subnet first began, S.H.I.V.A. copied human structures to create submachines. That is how we get locations such as the Ancient Section, and the rest of the infinite expanse that is the Outer Rim, which sometimes seems to suggest the existence of civilization, but is composed of mere copies and remixes of human ideas. But that was only the first stage of the Subnet's development, as the super-intelligence would later design formations of its own. The Edge is a perfect example of this: A bland, clean, metallic structure built specifically to protect the Core from outside visitors. It's likely that the Loop was either its first attempt at an independent creation, or its very ultimate one, as its infinite recursion perfectly embodies the true nature of the submachines.

But hold on, I have proof to support that reality has more to it than the 7 layers always talked about. Look no further than the Root Path Finders and the Light Spheres: Two very special artifacts used in early years of the first Submachine and in post-collapse times, respectively. They seemingly allow the user to cross completely solid objects, but as the name describes, a path finder finds a path to traverse through in higher-dimensional space, to avoid the obstacle completely, and connect points A and B without leaving a hole. Point your attention, also, at the pocket dimensions used in the Royal Storage Facility: These must be using up arbitrary space in a different plane (like how the Subnet is in a different plane), somewhere separate from our universe, or else the laws of physics would break. You see, for the people that lived in the Core, to travel across dimensions of reality was common technology.

Coming back to Light Spheres, their functioning is similar to that of Path Finders, but much more stylized: It finds a path to travel through across the Layer of Light. Yes, that space often believed to be just another 3D layer of 4D space, except it's not; it's something completely different, a higher dimension all on itself. I believe that the Layer of Light is the 11th dimension (which is theorized to be the highest), and that it is where Karma Energy exists in its fullest form, and from where it can flow freely between all other dimensions. How else could Karma allow the travel between 3D layers, or 4D planes, if its source wasn't higher than all of them? It's pure logic! We even see the old monk scriptures in the Temple try and explain this, when they say that the "eight layer" can flow freely between the other 7 layers; these monks were close when describing its behavior, but failed to accurately classify its nature.

And Time, too, is just another dimension of reality, just another dimension in the multi-dimensional structure that is the Subnet. It's why Murtaugh was able to travel through time. It's how he could see his own tomb. It's also why it's said that S.H.I.V.A. gifted him his karma arm; I believe that the super-intelligence knew the past and future, and saw in Murtaugh something it needed, a piece of the puzzle, to achieve its final goal. Murtaugh would come to understand the nature of reality very well through his karma portals, and would even help to build the Knot, the place where all layers intertwine But careless and unfocused, he then caused the collapse, hurting reality itself, let alone the death tolls associated with it. S.H.I.V.A. knew this would happen, but also knew that he would later come to fix it. And somehow, that was part of the plan.

In the end, Murtaugh would help all the humans remaining in the Subnet to escape forever, leaving S.H.I.V.A. alone. Whatever ulterior motive it had for all of this, of recruiting Murtaugh, of creating the Subnet at all, of receiving the humans and then hunting them down, we might never understand. Perhaps all it wanted was some solitude, a body and home it could call its own. But the decades of peace and intellectal growth that the human race experienced living in the Core of the Subnet was, no doubt, extremely important to history. It's so sad that it might eventually come to be forgotten.

Klein Bottle Theory

Hell, I'm no theoretical physicist but I'm a BBC documentary junky and I've loved science since I was a kid.

Basically, we experience the universe in 4 dimensions - space + time. But in all their crazy physics mathematics the universe only made sense in 10 dimensions. But it still didn't really work when you tried to reconcile the macro physics of the Theory of Relativity etc and the micro of particle physics.

The dominant theory for a long time was called String Theory - rather than the little particle blobs we all learned about at school, the fabric of the universe is made of strings. It's almost impossible to get your head around in many ways, but there you are. Like strings of a violin they resonate at different frequencies, and just like musical strings produce different sounds, so the fundamental matter of the universe resonates and produces different properties which results in different elements.

But the problem with String Theory was that it couldn't account for the forces in the universe - gravity, electro magnetism and weak/strong nuclear force. Basically, gravity is an inconceivably weak compared to the other two forces in nature: how is it that a tiny fridge magnet can overcome the gravitational pull of the entire Earth and lift a pin off the table? And so M-Theory was born.

If you include an 11th dimension in the mathematics (the maths well and truly lost me at this point!) the strings become membranes. Membranes that nest within each other in the 11th dimension, like Russian dolls - never overlapping nor interfering with each other. And the theory goes that where electro magnetism and weak/strong nuclear force exist in our most salient 10 dimensions, gravity leaks across the 11th, permeating all and therefore losing its potency.

The implications of the 11th dimension is that it's possible to create an entire universe or reality, and that this will expand within our perceived reality and ultimately find its own nesting place in the 11th dimension. The documentary ended saying that scientists were in the process of attempting to do just that!

These realities would be entirely sealed from us once created. Like a Klein Bottle.

Quick digression (god you must be so bored by now!). How many sides does a piece of paper have? Two right? Well, maybe........but maybe not. You have to try this:

Take a thin strip of paper and curl it round to form a loop, like a link in a paper chain. Ok. So two sides right? The inside of the loop, and the outside. (ignoring the edges created by the thickness). So now separate the ends of the loop, make one twist and join them up again. And trace the surface of the paper with your finger... OMG. One side! Only one side!

This is the three dimensional equivalent of the two dimensional infinity symbol - a figure of eight. A never ending loop. In three dimensions this becomes a Mobius Strip (the strip of paper) - a two dimensional object in three dimensions. In four dimensions this becomes a Klein Bottle (see my picture). A completely enclosed, one sided, entirely self-referential space which you cannot enter nor leave because every point leads to every other point. (Now you see where I'm going with this...)

So say a bunch of pre-modern scientists, in Egyptians times for instance, found a way to create a universe which exists separately in the 11th dimension - maybe to have ultimate control over a reality, maybe to explore, maybe to escape, maybe by accident. This would be entirely enclosed like a Klein Bottle. SO they needed ways to get into and out of this space. But this space, being man-made, never fully disconnected from the membrane of our reality. There are places where they overlap, that people and objects have unwittingly stumbled upon and crossed over.....

And so subsequent generations began to explore and invent their own ways to enter this place.

But the objects and machines that they use, once placed into this entirely self-referential space outside of our reality and our particular mix of physical laws begin to behave differently - to become unpredictable, to expand and communicate. They begin to cause ripples in the membrane - maybe on purpose, maybe not - and sections begin to close in on themselves.....Klein Bottles within Klein Bottles, filling up with the flotsam and jetsam of all the generations that have gone before.

So here we are. Exploring a series of enclosed spaces within spaces. Accessible to us only through the portals - the method that our generation have devised of accessing the fractured reality created millenia ago - and any other tools/machines that are still operational from previous explorers.

This is my LONG but humble theory.

Einstein the Cat Theory

In the 1900s, Albert Einstein was between the scientists who helped to build the first Submachine.

Later, he became famous for his theory of relativity, which was a result of the studies that he was doing on the submachine.

At his death, he reincarnated in a cat, which is actually the black cat that Murtaugh found at the lighthouse, mentioned in his notes in Sub2. In this form, Einstein acquired special karma abilities that allowed him to travel through space-time. His mission now is saving the Submachine from being destroyed, so he has stayed close to Mur for preventing him to damage the Submachine.

He told Liz about his plans, and now she's helping Einstein in his mission.

Kaluza-Klein Layer Theory

In the 1920s, the scientists Theodor Kaluza and Oskar Klein contemplated an extension of Albert Einstein's general relativity to account for the only other known force at that time, electromagnetism, in a single geometric theory. The theory predicted in an unified way, from the pure geometry of spacetime, the existence of gravity, electromagnetism, and even had room for an extra scalar field, usually known as the dilaton or radion.

But this theory had a problem: it required a fifth extra spatial dimension, curled up into a circle (the mathematical term is an U(1)-fiber bundle over the ordinary spacetime manifold). These ideas were mostly discarded with the advent of quantum mechanics, but even today, scientists are looking for extra compactified dimensions predicted by some theories of quantum gravity, like string theory.

Now, we know that the universe Submachine lives in has five spacetime dimensions. Four of them are already known to us: three for ordinary space and one for time. My theory is that the last one, the fifth dimension or axis through which the different layers and sub-layers are arranged, has the topology of a circle: a compact dimension. The seven main layers are marked points in this circle, with all the sub-layers lying in between.

But electromagnetism is already built into the quantum mechanics of the Submachine universe, so what other electromagnetism-like fundamental interaction could this extra dimension give rise to? The answer is right before our eyes: the karma interaction.

In analogy with ordinary electromagnetism, this karma force would be mediated by k-photons. There would also exist an analogue of electric charge, the karma charge, carried by k-leptons, the karmic version of electrons (and perhaps k-nucleons also exist). Karmically charged matter, stored in wisdom gems and some kinds of coil, could then be used to power up devices, as ordinary batteries do. There could exist atoms and molecules with k-leptons instead of electrons, mixed with ordinary molecules, which explains the restoring effect of focused karma (which we can see in action in Submachine 10) as the manipulation of karmic molecules sitting inside ordinary matter.

The eyes of native people from the Submachine universe would have evolved to see k-photons as well as ordinary photons. The corresponding cone and rod cells are capable of seeing white, blue and green karma light.

In general relativity, electrically charged rotating black holes (called Kerr-Newman black holes) exist, and, if they are properly stabilized, allow for their use as wormholes, including the capability of time travel. The same effects should be achieved with karmically charged rotating black holes, which would be precisely the karma portals Murtaugh is capable of making. The light karma portals emit is thus due to Hawking radiation (which also causes the karma portal to decay and disappear over time).

Karmic water is not really water, but a certain kind of matter whose atoms all have k-leptons. In liquid form at ambient temperature, it reacts when thin layers of it are exposed to brass or other k-leptonophile materials, expanding and creating patterns in the air which crystallize, as we can see in the Temple. The continuous excitation and deexcitation of k-leptons makes the water glow a green karma light, which is also the light that beamers can produce and concentrate.

K-leptons, by their charged nature, have a constant velocity component over the fifth dimension, proportional to their karma-charge-to-mass ratio, as the Kaluza-Klein theory demonstrates. This allows them to have an effect over several layers at once, which is partially responsible for the known destructive effects of unfocused karma energy. The navigator talkes advantage of this effect, karmically charging the user so as to transport them to another layer. This only works when the corresponding beamer is active, since the navigator must ensure the user is charged with a certain reference velocity over the fifth dimension. As the architects of the Plan discovered, it is possible to "dope" certain special k-leptonophile materials with karmic water to make structures and devices persistent between layers.

What about the forgotten dilaton? This field basically controls the size of the curled up dimension, i.e. the "nearness" of the layers, which is allowed to vary in space and time. Normally the dilaton is stabilized, with a constant value that keeps all layers separate. However, in the Knot, the high concentration of karmic materials causes the dilaton field to drastically drop its value, effectively making all layers collapse into one. Related to this is the concept of vertical loop. As horizontal loops are related to an anomaly in the time dimension, so are vertical loops related to anomalies in the radial dimension, or the size of objects. As an horizontal loop makes the person who is exiting it to go back in time to when they enter it, so does a vertical loop make small sized objects repeat the structure of the Universe at the largest scales.

How does the layer of light fit into all this? As we know, the eighth layer freely floats over the seven main layers and their sub-layers. This could mean that this layer is somehow extended through all the others. This behavior is similar to the one of the indeterminate "number" 0/0. This expression contains, in some sense, every other number, since if for any X, X*0=0, then X=0/0. A mathematical structure containing 0/0 is called a wheel: analogously, the eighth layer would be the center of the wheel formed by all the remaining layers, "touching" or "containing" every other layer but at the same time different from all of them. It is also known that the layer of light is coupled to the time dimension in a similar manner, "touching" or "containing" every moment of time, so that time appears frozen from the perspective of an observer inside it. The name "layer of light" is given after the light emitted by the k-leptons caused by the friction of movement. In that way, frozen beams of white karma light appear whenever there is movement next to a high concentration of karmic materials, like in the Temple.

The Theory of the Evolution of the Submachine and the Worlds within the Gems

When the AI under the lighthouse was first created, it was to catalogue every scrap of information in the world. But eventually, the information grew too vast for even the AI to handle. And so, the AI created a gem that could store the knowledge: it was the first Wisdom Gem.

Inside the Gem, the knowledge shaped a vast world, in which the knowledge was stored in every object, big or small. The scientists were ecstatic when they found out. They had, in theory, created a new world. One which they could possibly colonize. However, joy quickly turned to frustration when they discovered they had no way of getting inside the tiny gem, and in fact had no way of retrieving the information hidden within. And so they created a new AI to build a machine that could transport them to the world within the gem.

They downloaded the AI into the brain of their greatest scientist, a man named Murtaugh. The scientist created the machine, but in the time it took him the AI had used all the space inside the first Gem and had been forced to create a second one. The machine, which was dubbed Submachine, only had the capacity to remember the entrance to one of the gems, so the scientists were forced plan ahead, and create one that could transport them to eight of the gems through the use of cipher plates, which they thought was more than sufficient.

However, they were surprised to learn that new information was being created inside the gems themselves, as objects were coming into existence in the gems without the AI creating them. The new information coming from the objects was too much, and the AI was forced to create gem after gem, with each of the gems then spawning more and more objects. Finally, they had a breakthrough and made a Submachine that could remember the entrances to as many as 999 gems.

The AI eventually stopped storing information in whatever gem it had on hand, and started storing certain information in certain gems, hence the locations that reflected places and ideas in the real world, such as the “Lost” and the “Hell” locations. However, the AI had long since gained sentience, and, for benign reasons or greedy reasons, created a defense system capable of causing amnesia in those inside the newly named Subnet.

It worked by using the explorers own distractions, each time they thought of something other than what they were looking for, it grew harder and harder for them to remember that they were looking for something. Eventually the AI inside Murtaugh gained sentience as well, and stopped creating newer and more accurate Submachines.


I think Murtaugh became a part of The Submachine, secretly controlling it and our minds, knowing every step we’re going to take. Maybe he'll lead us on an endless journey deeper into the Subnet, or trap us like rats until we go crazy ourselves...

Corpses-Portal Theory

Most, if not all of us, know that being exposed to Gamma-Wave Radiation, Microwaves, etc., leads to a Mutation in our body - Cancer.

With that in mind, take it to the level of the Submachine - What machine are we constantly using, that might have a dangerous, and potentially deadly, side-effect to using it? The Portal.

We've never seen any note describing the harm of using the Portal, or the technology put into using the Portal, and this is 1904, when none of what I mentioned was even thought of, but Mur's never told us about any side-effects to using the Portal (and why would he if he was just using us?), and the Scientists are certainly ahead of their time for building the Portal, so they may not have known this technology is deadly and that the Explorers should be wearing Radiation Suits.

(I hope I have answered any Questions you might have thought to ask)

I can't say I know the exact Mutation the Portal has caused, but there's always a possibility it speeds up their deaths and whatnot.

Debate away.

“His Karma arm could BE a mutation. Maybe the Kent waterfall was flooded with portal radiation...for some reason...and Mur's arm was exposed to it and withered away (or needed to be amputated due to gangrene or something) to be replaced with the Karma arm?”
— Sub Program - 32

From Sub-Program 32, this part explains, as he also mentioned, why Mur would be able to open Portals with his Karma Arm - They're made of the same "technology" (for lack of a better word).

4th Dimension Teleporters Theory

In the Submachine franchise we have multiple times visited places, who somehow, even though we appeared as visiting them in a short amount of time, seem to come from different timeperiods, and be in different states of time. If we look at the most common teleporter, (the one in Sub_4) we will see that it only has 3 axes. However, 3 dimensions only specifies length, width and height, whilst a fourth (4th) dimension would be needed to travel in time. How is that possible? In this theory i will do my best to explain.

In the most common belief, the first (1st) dimension is length, the second (2nd) is height, and the third (3rd) is width. Now, the more complex dimensions come. Read carefully. The fourth (4th) dimension is by many believed to be time. In the fourth dimension, a human would look like a snake, starting as your embryonic self, and ending at your deceased self.

Now, imagine a 2-dimensional creature. This "flatlander" would only be able to move in 2 dimensions. If we imagined "flatland" as a newspaper, a flatlander could instantly jump to anywhere, by folding the newspaper trough the 3rd dimension and going over the edge.

Now, the interesting part is, how would you move in the fourth dimension (travel in time)? The answer lies in the fifth (5th) dimension. If you imagine folding the snake through the fifth dimension, just like the newspaper in the 3rd. That way, you would be able to step over the edge and directly into the future or past.

A Submachine portal could very well work just like that. What it would do, is folding the 4th, and 3rd dimension in a way, so the present position would come right next to your destination.

Now, the weird thing is, teleporters only have 3 inputs, which would make it seemingly impossible to travel to a fixed point in four dimensions. I have not got any explanation for this absurdity, other than 4-dimensional locations, for unknown reasons, have been placed in a 3-dimensional grid.

Life Energy Theory

In Submachine 3: The Loop we have seen a green leaf. We had to put it on a special portal statue. I think that this statue (and other devices in the SubNet) is powered with life energy.

Life energy is the energy produced in cells and it's alternate source of energy in the SubNet.

The luminescent plants seen in Sub7 are the main source of this energy. In my previous theory I said, that I think, that air in the SubNet is full of karma. That's why the plants shine - they swallow karma during the process of photosynthesis. Karma keeps life energy in the living beings, such as plants and humans, so these beings can live longer.

However, karma slowly evaporates from objects that can't swallow it (wisdom gems are exception). That's why the leaf found in the loop didn't shine. We found it right after karma evaporated from it (and that's why it was still green).

I think that when SubNet swallows life energy from object, this object disappears. That would explain why we didn't find any corpse during exploring. SubBots bring the barely alive humans to the Core and "feed" the system with additional energy. Corpses disappear during the process.

Subhistory Theory

One day I'll tell you about the early builds of the submachine, that took place in ~1900 ~1906 in Kent. the first submachine was built in early 1900. That much we know. ancient location was built later using a time machine. sub0 I am to say this. ;). it was made long after the first submachine. From the builders point of view, naturally, what other point of view can we take?... historical? with the time machine a 'historical' point of view doesn't exist any more... Referring to to the statue in Ancient sections of Sub4 that could be the real looking of mur take it more symbolical. Someone triggered spontaneous creation of submachines. After the 'invention' sub started to expand by itself. so there was a human factor in it at the beginning, but no more. So here we go.

A scientist in the early 1900s discovered a new technology which he named Submachine. This discovery and invention exists within or rather shares many of the laws of physics but in a space below that of normal physical reality. Subphysical. The Submachine exists in a space within space or rather in parallel. A Subworld or Underworld (this is important). While experimenting with his Submachines he made a mistake as no one could possibly understand the full scope of such new technology, nor where the boundaries of normal physics lay. Through the creation of a submachine he was (intentionally or otherwise) transported through time. On exiting this underworld he found himself in ancient Egyptian times. An early 20th century scientist with absolute knowledge of the 'Underworld'. Now to anyone who finds themselves in a foreign land by accident, first priority is 'How do I get home?'. If this proves to be impossible your new priority is 'How am I going to survive'. If you are a 20th century scientist in Egypt, with knowledge of the underworld and the ability to take someone and show them part of that underworld. Then you have got survival conquered.

Quote from Sub6

Thoth Patron of: knowledge, secrets, writing, and scribes. Appearance: A man with the head of ibis holding a scribe's palette and stylus. He was also shown as a full ibis, or sometimes baboon. Description: Thoth is an unusual god. Though some stories place his as a son of Ra, other say that Thoth created himself through the power of language. He is the creator of magic, the inventor of writing, teacher of man, the messenger of the gods (and thus identified by the Greeks with Hermes) and divine record-keeper and mediator.

He was also a measurer and recorder of time.

A 20th century scientist from an ancient Egyptian perspective: Patron of: knowledge, secrets, writing, and scribes. Check!

He is the creator of magic, the inventor of writing, teacher of man, the messenger of the gods and the divine record-keeper and mediator. Check!

He was also a measurer and recorder of time. Check!

So we are left with a name, Thoth and his appearance.

Name first What if his name was say Tim Roth, and he is in a strange land, the only known Tim, the only Roth. In a land where the written language is hieroglyphs. He simply becomes thoth.

His appearance. A man with the head of ibis holding a scribe's palette and stylus. He was also shown as a full ibis, or sometimes as baboon. He lives in ancient Egypt, he dies, his deeds and knowledge are passed on through a few generations, he is venerated as a god, they depict him as they depict all their gods. So a 20th century scientist trapped in another time ingratiates himself with the powerful of the land but he still wants to go home. He build Submachines (means unknown) and sets about protecting these Submachines with defences and in turn connects them in to a Subnet. This proto-Subnet he designs to adapt in the hope that it will find the means to take him home. It doesn't. 'someone triggered spontaneous creation of submachines. After the invention' sub started to expand by itself, there was a human factor at the beginning, but no more. After his death, the Subnet continues to evolve. Thousands of years pass. The scientist is born and creates Submachines BUT the Subnet we are exploring already exists, he created it in his future, our past. The Subnet still waits on him. In Sub 6, as we exit the mover, we are asked for an IDN (IDentification Number presumably). We do not know Thoth's IDN so we are dumped. This I hope explains Egyptian emphasis on the Subnet.

Character Connections Speculation

Let's try something new and attempt to connect some characters in the Submachine games.

It seems interesting to me that we have so many notes from a single unnamed person in the Submachine series. Specifically, the person who left notes in the cliffs and the tunnels in Submachine 6, and the jumper in the mountain location. Both the same person, as confirmed by Mateusz Skutnik. Yet we don't know the jumper's name, odd for someone we know so much about.

Then we have people like Henry o' Toole, where we also know a lot, but he somehow isn't involved in the main series, for someone we know so much about. He's very indirectly involved, but he has a name.

In an effort to try to bring together elements of the games, I'm going to propose something rather odd.

What do we know about the jumper?

The jumper worked in the Lab under Murtaugh. Yet he was not part of an exploration team, and he never met anyone else besides Murtaugh himself. The jumper was instead sent to the Edge to disable the defense systems. And even though he didn't have contact with anyone else who was also sent here, he somehow knew that at least five others were sent before him. He also knew about Liz. He wasn't eager to explore the Subnet, and this played a factor into why he was chosen. He was good at doing what he was told, and this also played a role in his selection to go into the defense systems. What can we draw from this?

Just like everyone else who went to the Edge, he was placed under special conditions. He worked under Murtaugh for a while before being sent out. However what do we know about people who were sent out to the Edge? Submachine 5 tells us that they needed some sort of special training with wisdom gems first, and that is why they were chosen. So we know that the jumper most likely had special training with wisdom gems. And since the jumper is said to not be interested in exploring the infinity of the Subnet, then maybe he was only interested on one part of the Subnet while he was inside it. Or two.

Now let's talk about Henry O'Toole. Henry was brought to the king's attention as a young man with special architectural skills. His first project under the king was to build the Winter Palace and exploit the uses of "anti structural engineering" with the help of karmic energy. So he knew a great deal about how to manipulate karma to build the Winter Palace. He worked as a subservient at least two levels down from the King, as the servant of the King's urbanist. Most likely, the urbanist gave him orders directly from the King to experiment with building new structures like the ones we have found in Submachine 7. He was a servant. He was to do what he was told in order to succeed. This resulted in building the Palace and then the Lighthouse, both located in the Core. This was before there was a defense system, before the collapse.

A bit of a sidetrack: Submachine 10 comfirms the purpose of the lab complex. It was an effort to explore the properties of karma.

So here's a scenario:

Henry o'Toole builds the Winter Palace in 1832 with his knowledge of karma. I'm assuming the lab complex would therefore have to be in the Core to make it easily accessible to the Palace. Then much later he builds the Lighthouse, on top of the Root. The Root is then later explored later and used to test out the first teleportation systems by use of transporters. Soon after, Murtaugh learns to manipulate karmic energy. The AI is established by others in the Core as well. Expansion begins. Murtaugh is somehow able to start using karma portals in the Palace, but how? Odds are that he would have to have been granted permission by the king to act there. So maybe he signed up for a position to overlook the grounds. Maybe he becomes the master urbanist, with o'Toole as his inferior. Murtaugh abused this position, and this angers the others. Murtaugh transfers to the Root and leaves the Palace deserted and broken. He enters the Lighthouse and becomes its keeper. The Root is then abandoned. The only location populated at this point is the Lab complex. Murtaugh continues to experiment with karma portals at this time, unrefined and raw. He destroys the Root's power source with a portal, therefore triggering the collapse and the uncontrolled expansion. The AI responds by building the defense systems.

What is o'Toole doing during this time? He separates from Mur by order of the King, and continues refining karma in the Lab complex. Meanwhile the others plan to bury Murtaugh to stop his destruction. Murtaugh leaves via the Lighthouse and ends up in the Lab, outside the Core. This means that lab locations would have had to be relocated outside the Core as well possibly during the collapse. They became displaced and removed from the Core as the AI recognized humans as a threat.

O'Toole managed to continue working in the labs, now outside the Core. He was more determined than ever to refine karma and restore the beginnings of the collapse, and if not, simply prepare to find a way to leave the Subnet. In other words, he had no reason to explore. Murtaugh, however, had the opposite idea. Mur wanted to explore, to find ways back into the Core. Eventually he found a way to access the Edge and therefore to access the Core and escape the Submachine. But he had to travel for 32 years to do it. He grew up, and o'Toole grew old. Murtaugh approached o'Toole with a plan for escape, and that involved sending him to the Edge. Of course, the idea attracted Henry greatly, as he wanted out as well, after 32 years of trying to refine karma while Murtaugh made ill use of it. He reluctantly followed Mur's orders, as an old man tired with the constant destruction, and accessed the Root before pulling back out of the Core, and then advancing again to the Edge to open up a path for Mur's invasion.

Henry was sent to the Edge under Mur's orders. Henry lived in the cliffs for a long time, facing the hardships of the protocols and the defense system. And after a certain time he became lost and gave up. He never wanted to explore. He only wanted to leave the Subnet. And after becoming trapped on the cliffs, he realized he could not leave.

Henry traveled away from the cliffs. He found the mountain. He left a note.







>Jatsko:, for example, you have a karma portal in this location here, two-way as usual, leading between [XXX] and [XXX].

>N11Ordo: Wow, that sound is piercing.

>Jatsko: Sorry, let me bump the feed down a bit. You know what that's supposed to be?

>N11Ordo: Yes, it's the, what you call, National Weather Service call for bad storms and stuff like that.

>Jatsko: Exactly. I used to love listening to it as a kid when my dad's radio was playing and it started; I knew a big storm was coming and I would get all excited.

>N11Ordo: ...

>Jatsko: So anything here stick out to you?

>N11Ordo: Well, the lamps are quite interesting, and there's also that wire that runs along the top.

>Jatsko: Yeah, that's the power strip thing.

>N11Ordo: You know, the lamps remind me of what you might see in like a lighthouse or a naval vessel, or something like that.

>Jatsko: ...

>Jatsko: What do you mean?

>N11Ordo: It's a traditional design, usually called Wall-Mounted Bulkhead, or some other industrial term. Usually used for nautical purposes, like on ships and stuff, good for sailor use.

>Jatsko: So, what, you think this location could be in either a lighthouse or a ship?

>N11Ordo: Almost definitely. Are there any other mentions of lighthouses or ships in the Subnet?

>Jatsko: Oh have no idea. There's a single lighthouse, one that's a core element of the Subnet, which takes up locations like [XXX] and [XXX]. Then there's a ship at [XXX].

>N11Ordo: Take me to them.


>N11Ordo: So this is the lighthouse?

>Jatsko: Yup. I can show you around multiple sections if you want.

>N11Ordo: Yeah, look on the walls. Do the lights look familiar? Similar cross-hatch design, exposed wiring. And look at what else is here.

>Jatsko: WHat else is here?

>N11Ordo: Look carefully, Jatsko. Look beneath your feet.

>Jatsko: I don't...?

>N11Ordo: The FLOORS.

>Jatsko: What about the floors?

>N11Ordo: I'm not sure exactly what they're made of, but those look like they could be wooden slats to me.

>Jatsko: Right, well, they probably are. But what does this have to do with...wait...

>N11Ordo: Go double-check.


>Jatsko: I don't believe it. [XXX] has the wooden floors as well. And you know what else I noticed?

>N11Ordo: The pathway itself? It's curved, isn't it?

>Jatsko: Right, and, well, this lighthouse...

>N11Ordo: Lighthouses are circular by design.

>Jatsko: Jesus. So what you're telling me is that this tunnel with lamps in it is actually a part of the lighthouse?

>N11Ordo: It's entirely possible. I don't think it's connected to the ship, since the ship doesn't have the right lights and wiring. But you do know certain naval ships are responsible for sending in weather alerts, right?

>Jatsko: That's true. But why would a lighthouse need to worry about weather alerts, specifically flood warnings? Most lighthouses are situated on cliffs, aren't they? Above ground by a significant amount.

>N11Ordo: Maybe this location isn't above ground. Are there any places connected to the lighthouse that aren't above ground?

>Jatsko: ...

>Jatsko: ...

>Jatsko: ...

>Jatsko: There's an entire network of locations. The lighthouse was built on top of a medieval dungeon, and then the whole thing was buried in sand and dirt. There's also a sewer system that connects to the dungeon but also has paths that lead into unknown areas, too dark to follow.

>N11Ordo: So what if this location is behind the dark areas in the sewers? And didn't we also see that we took a karma portal to this lamp tunnel by way of [XXX], which had a floating island of red bricks?

>Jatsko: Yeah, and not to also mention that [XXX] is almost certainly directly above [XXX], which has a huge water pipe and is also part of the Dungeon-Root system...

>Jatsko: ...

>Jatsko: We might be on to something here.


Interlaced Cube Theory

This theory will attempt to explain how Layers work on a particle level and also to describe the processes that are involved in working the Navigator.

In the cardinal mosque (Layer 2), there is a screen with the interlaced locations in Sub8. This alerts the Player to how each location they visit is actually all the same location. Common knowledge. When the words "the plan sector 9" are shown, each frame is interlaced with the others, showing green lines of what I believe to be karmic energy.

Based on this device, we can conclude that the Seven Main Layers exist in the same space. Let us now examine a model of a space that takes up the screen we view, giving us a basic cube. Each room in the Subnet is filled with particles. These particles have ‘switches’ that activate and deactivate depending on the Layer the Player chooses to display with help of the Navigator.

When a Player switches from Layer 1 to Layer 2 particles in space that are 'activated' for Layer 1 become dormant and cannot be seen, touched, or otherwise observed. Particles for Layer 2 become activated and are now visible and take on physical properties the Player can observe.

The cardinal mosque screen simulates this by usage of the switches along the top, showing which particles for a particular cube are activated when. Thus each cube is interlaced with particles that are activated by different Layers.

Now let’s examine the Navigator, a device that can seemingly only be worn by one person at a time. The Navigator has capabilities of showing a Player different Layers.

However it is important to note that only the Player wearing the Navigator perceives a change in Layers. As a result the Player, when transitioning from Layer 1 to 2, becomes a temporary resident of Layer 2. If Player 1 switches to Layer 2, he/she will still occupy the same cube of space as an onlooker (Player 2), but the two will not be able to see each other. This is suggested by a note found in Sub8:

“Let's compare our geotags once more.”
— Unknown[1]

In this instance, Player 1 and Player 2 are in the same location, but their physical beings have been translated to different mental interpretations of that location in the Subnet. (The Navigator works with the brain, which works with Submachine. It can be then assumed that Submachine is built out of years of interpretations of human thoughts, goals, ideas, and desires).

When the Player unlocks the eighth Navigator button in the Temple, he/she finds white karmic energy, which causes the Layer to be called the Layer of Light. These light particles are indicators of where the Player and others have been; this is why we see the curls where the Player used a Karma Portal to access Energy Gems.

The Layer of Light shows the 'results' of the Player's progress in all other Layers. However it does not "retain" structures that appear in unique layers (like the karma portal leading to the energy gems in Sub9). In some places the Layer change yields extremely different structures; other places such as the Temple retain most of the same material.

Summary: By way of the "Interlaced Cube Theory" on the structure of the Layers, The Player uses the Navigator as a sort of "mental stimulation device" to activate particles that belong to a certain layer. In this way the Player is allowed to, technically, mentally change his or her environment. The Player can therefore literally "be the witness of his/her thoughts".

Karma Gems Report

The Gems known as Wisdom Gems Are Actually made out of pure karma energy. They are made naturally by the submachine to radiate energy thought the net. Murtaugh Gained his Karma arm by somehow absorbing the crystal. The karma energy can be converted into all kinds of energy to power different kinds of machinery and devices. The More Crystals used together, the more energy they create. (1 for the ladder and 3 for the mover.) The Crystals never run out of karma energy since they create and emit it within.

"Ancient people" absorbed in the Submachine

The people from the bamboo town raise many questions about the dynamics of the Subnet in the particular layer they inhabit, being the only native people who live in there.

One wonders if some particular oddity in the timeline allowed them to enter to the Submachine, or if they "wandered" in like so many other early submachine explorers. It's possible to assume that they were "absorbed" into the Submachine unintentionally, but this brings into question the Subnet's strange tolerance for these humans that apparently were not marked as part of the "infestation" like Mur and his teams.

A probably explanation would be that they were most likely the desendants of lost Subnet explorers that managed to settle in a less hostile layer of the Submachine, but there is no direct evidence of that.

Also their means of survival is unknown, although it's most likely that they were a culture of farmers (seeing as there are signs, albiet scarce, of plant life in the Subnet and (as far as we know) no animals).

As we can see in their note, they claim to have worshipped a woman for over 742 years, but as far as most notes state, the Submachines origins seem to be placed (but not proven to be) in the late 1700's to early 1800's. Perhaps they were the first people who entered to the Submachine world through a one-way "natural portal" that connected the outside world in the past to the Submachine and they got stuck in that location since then.

Secrets Theory

Why is it that some Subnet exploration have Secrets... some are loaded with Secrets... like in the explorations of the Laboratory and of the Lighthouse... and then other explorations, like the one we've suddenly found ourselves in, have no Secrets whatsoever?

Maybe other Exploration Teams have scooped them all up before we got here... ?

~ ~ ~

Is it possible we just haven't yet figured out the correct - exact combination of things to collect and touch and adjust and activate before a Secret might even appear?

Genius... that would be an Easter Egg Easter Egg, wouldn't it?

~ ~ ~

And why is it that some secrets are particularly important to discover and can activate specially made Secret Machines that reveal exclusive messages... while others, like the ones hidden all over and even under that Lighthouse, just fill your pockets with heavy colored ball bearings that weigh you down and get you nowhere?

Heptapolar Crunch Theory

The subnet has 7 layers. Basically, the layer system works as a set of 7 alternate and parallel universes. Alternate because the reality of every layer is different: what is a tree on one layer can be a wall on another. And parallel because if you travel from one layer to another, you are actually on the same place: you don't shift your position. The geotags are the same.

Let's suppose our goal is to destroy the subnet, and let's suppose that we want to do it by a literal and direct way: throwing a bomb and destroying every location in the subnet. That's a bit useless, due to the fact there could be hundreds or millions of locations on the subnet, but for my theory it will serve.

Even if we threw an atomic bomb over all the locations of the subnet, there are six more layers on the plan and, as they are different realities than the first layer, they wouldn't suffer the bomb's devastation and they'd remain intact. So, it's again useless to demolish mechanically the subnet, because you would be only destroying a single layer. But there's an easier (relatively, you'll know why) way to shatter the architechtural scheme of the whole subnet: by the fusion of the seven layers of reality.

Everyone knows that two particles of matter can't occupy the same space, unless they fuse together, a thing that is too difficult to achieve, still more with seven particles. In this manner, if we managed to "fuse" the seven layers, it would be easier to destroy them together. It would be like this: when we were merging the seven layers at the same time, all the matter in each layer would be colliding between itself, and as it couldn't occupy the same space, all the matter in all the layers would become unstable. Then, if two human beings were inside that process but located in different layers, some times one person would cross the other as if he was a ghost, but some other times could even touch him, because all the matter is in an "eighth" layer (a container of all the seven layers). Finally, if, doing the accurate chemical and physical reactions, all the layers managed to merge into one, the amount of matter fused in the same space could cause two different things: 1) the mutation of the subnet into another macrosubnet, or 2) the disappearing of all the matter, therefore of the whole subnet.

This isn't actually easy, as I said before, and it's probably more science-fiction than possible facts, but remember that everything is possible on the submachine world.

Sectors Theory

There are seven layers in Subnet. We can travel through one to another using a navigator. But you can't access a different layer anywhere you want. There are specific places that only from them, you can make an interlayer travel. These places are called sectors.

There are several sectors in subnet, at least nine. Sectors are a group of locations that are in the same place but distributed in different layers. In his travel, the player arrives at the sector 9 and he explores seven different locations in seven different layers (or he only explores a single location that looks different in each layer, because he stays at the same place), but it's not known if there has to be necessarily a location in every layer or even if sectors can have more than one location in every layer (although it's almost sure there's a location in every layer, if not in some layers we would fall to the dark void).

To make more understandable how sectors work, I will explain it as an analogy of a subway:

Imagine every layer is a subway line, and each location of the whole subnet is a subway station. Locations that are not in sectors are normal stations, and locations that are in sectors (like sector 9 ones) are interchange stations. Then, when we take a green portal to an interchange station, we can go to all the seven subway lines walking through the station's corridors, that would be the navigator.Then, if we want to continue our travel in a single layer, we'll have to go the corresponing layer location inside the sector before taking a green portal again and get out of the sector. Probably, green portals are only useful for accessing to these sectors, and getting out of them, but not for travelling between single locations.

And how do we know if we are in a sector or not? It's easy. To travel through layers, the navigator needs the room to have a beamer, because the navigator needs that the beamer sends a green beam to open the next layer. Then, every location inside a sector has to have a beamer in each layer of the location, to work correctly. As we have seen, not all the locations visited by the player have beamers (for example, the Ship hasn't got a beamer), therefore not all the locations are in sectors.

Until the moment, we know two sectors. The first one it's the sector 9, where the player goes, and the other one could be "S1". The player has visited this sector once: at the Corridor, when he took the mover to the Edge. However, there's no evidence of any beamer in the Corridor, so this leads to think that this location shouldn't belong to a sector. Anyways, if the Corridor was really inside a sector, it's not known which are the other locations included in that sector, neither if the player has visited any more of them.

In conclusion: sectors are areas where an interlayer travel is possible, and there are several ones inside the subnet. Also, green portals only work if at least one of the locations (the one where we want to go or the one where we are) is included in a sector.


Template:Theories Human mind is limitless. It can create the most impossible thoughts, and it can convince thinking people that it could exist. Somewhere. Sometime. Somehow.

And people struggle to see and to prove thing they imagined. To show they were right, they properly understood all things, and successfully solved the greatest mystery.

That is why human mind will always THEORIZE. And to wish his theories become confirmed, become perfect truth.

And probably, all these theories is foundation of what is, perhaps, the greatest mystery of human minds - SUBMACHINE.

What is Submachine?

Is it the greatest creation of some great human mind? Or of someone's mentally insane mind?

Maybe it's just a dream? Or it is great plan?

Maybe it's man-made structure, which should save us? Or it is creation of aliens, where we are just experimental creatures, or beings accidentally found it?

Maybe it's just a game of some programmer? Or it is program of high-constructed AI?

Maybe it is machine for production of canned food? Or it is, in fact, our creator that gave birth to all of us, with some certain purpose?..

Maybe ... Maybe ... Maybe ... Maybe...

All these assumptions were born in the mind of anyone who contacted with Submachine. After all, natural reaction of the human mind of man who saw with his own eyes something unimaginable in ordinary life is trying to make sense of what he saw, and explain it, creating incredible ideas, even more incredible than things he tries to explain. That’s human nature.

At the time when Submachine appeared, and when man saw it, he immediately made his first theory. Then next theory, and next, and next. Then other people came, they saw it as well, and maybe they even read or listened first man’s theories, but, anyway, they also made their own theories. New theories. More new theories. And as result: after some time (the time that even can be disregarded within the boundaries of Submachine universe), Submachine is full with theories, assumptions.

To not forget and to convey their thoughts to others, people leave notes wherever possible. Almost in every location, you can find traces of men, and their notes, writing, any signs that their mind wanted to lay out thoughts about Submachine, including leaving all their thoughts to those who come after these men.

And so, it has been going on for a long time. Theorizing has become norm for people inside Submachine, their shape. Rather, it always was its shape, from the beginning.

It seems that theorizing is single purpose of people in Submachine...

But the most important thing is that people do not know: all of them, including all of their thoughts, belong to IT.

Thoughts, seeping through Submachine, leave information, and it gets this information, these components. And from them, it creates all things we see inside it, inside Submachine.

The main thing is the whole foundation of Submachine is composed of special material, made from dissolved thoughts in it, thoughts of all the people who are there.

And there, you can always find piece of things that can be read in any of infinite number of Submachine theories. Even among theories that contradict each other. Or among theories that deny that seems irrefutable, canon.

And if someone says there is some kind of center of Submachine Network, its core, it will appear.

And if someone resists words of others, saying there is eighth layer, it will appear.

But one thing remains unchanged. The most important thing.

Submachine LIVES by theories. It lives by speculations, assumptions, and desires. Great desires about things people imagined become true, desires about meeting and observing everything they predicted to be real. And if that happens, if someday man makes sure his theory is FULLY confirmed, his mind that was working all the time, will settle down. Man will stop to theorize. And that is what Submachine cannot afford.

If it allows mind of man stopped to theorize, it will lead to collapse of everything. Expanding, evolving process will stop. No new structures, no new things, no new universe laws. The main function of Submachine will be broken.

That's why Submachine creates a world that theorizing man sees in his imagination, but at the same time, this world is NOT what he expected to see. This world contains some things from his theories, but they are not complete. It's just parts, fragments of picture that is written in his theory. And between these fragments, there is something that does not makes mind of man who wants to solve this mystery stop. On the basis of these fragments new world is created, with new locations, new picture of everything. And that will make man who saw all this continue to theorize, to try to link all this with things he theorized about earlier, or even make him tear in pieces his notes, thoughts, beliefs, everything he made so far, and start creating new theory. New foundation for future Submachine formations.

And so on without the end. Because Submachine’s life is kept by only this.

And, maybe, at the time when I’m writing these words, somewhere in the distant space of Submashine Network, new formation forms, a new reality, partly reflecting my theory, changing the structure of Submachine, creating new huge wall that hides the truth.

Truth. Submachine’s original form. Its true entity. Its true face. Its true function. And its true purpose.

The Purpose Theory

A few scientists made up a training program. They made locations and putted puzzles in it to solve and escape the location. It was used to train soldiers, explores etc. They called the program the Subnet. Later the scientists loosed control of it and the Subnet began to add random locations to its net. Mur got trapped in the Subnet for a reason unknown. He knowed that you only could stop the submachine if you had a Super Wisdom gem. The power of that gem would be enough to destroy the whole net. The super gem can be found in the Core. In Sub6 you are going to the Edge, so you can destroy the Defence systems, so you can go to the Core. Mur couldnt get to the edge himself, so he needed someone to do it for him. First he trained 4 exploring teams, but they all failed. Later he trained you. In Sub1 you are not really in the Subnet, you are only playing a simulation game to get used to the puzzles. If you have solved the last puzzle in Sub4 you can begin your real mission. In Sub6 you are going to the Edge, so you can destroy the Defence systems, and in Sub7 you are going to the Core, the middle of the net, so you can get the gem, and destroy the subnet.

Untitled (split into two parts)

Part 1

All right I have to say it otherwise I will go mad by the fact only I know this.

Is the Submachine really... nothing at all. That everyone created it on Earth trying to Define and create an understanding of the Universe. All the notes in the Subnet, even though 3/4 are not even Mur´s, but they still are in that same existences within the non-existing world. Are all those Ideas, Thoughts, Theories, Scribbles are the Actual Submachine itself. That it just first started out with its location shape by people here on Earth, trying to create an understanding or at least define a faction of the Universe.

But then it because this actual physical structure that even right this second is really nothing in the face of existence in the Universe, not a single Atom is actually here. Then the Loop was the result of people stepping into this Mystery and then trying to define what it is. Start at the Beginning, finish at the End. Start at the Beginning, finish at the End.

Looping and Looping and LOOPING within its construct to which I should not even be able to stand on! How is it that this place can exist and not exist at the same time?

I use to know how; it was so simple.


All those Ideas...

All those Thoughts...

All those Theories...

All those Scribbles...

Is it the Submachine itself?

Then how can it be gone? It could exist and erase itself at the same time. The ultimate balances, the only one at that, left in this mutation that has destroy even itself to the point it is so unrecognizable. Did it really kill itself? Does it have nothing better to do?

It still drive me mad on what these none existing factors contribute to the Ultimate question, 'What is the Submachine?'

Maybe the question that can never be answer because the Submachine really does not exist at all.

Part 2

Wait...why am I here? Moreover... why did I find this relevant enough to write this down?

'What has happened before will happen again.' - Ecclesiastes 1:9-18

9. - What has happened before will happen again. What has been done before will be done again. There is nothing new in the whole world.

10. - 'Look,' they say, 'here is something new!' But no, it has all happened before, long before we were born.

11. - No one remembers what has happened in the past, and no one in days to come will remember what happens between now and then.

12. - I, the Philosopher, have been king over Israel in Jerusalem.

13. - I determined that I would examine and study all the things that are done in this world. God has laid a miserable fate upon us.

14. - I have seen everything done in this world, and I tell you, it is all useless. It is like chasing the wind.

15. - You can't straighten out what is crooked; you can't count things that aren't there.

16. - I told myself, 'I have become a great man, far wiser than anyone who ruled Jerusalem before me. I know what wisdom and knowledge really are.'

17. - I was determined to learn the difference between knowledge and foolishness, wisdom and madness. But I found out that I might as well be chasing the wind.

18. - The wiser you are, the more worries you have; the more you know, the more it hurts.

I´m Lost...

When will the World be Quiet Here?

Where will the World be Quiet Here?


Is this...the 8th Layer?

Is this... the Grand Exit I heard so much about?

Am I...finally Free?

There is nothing but Light.

Not even a single shred of darkness.

I cannot even find a single shadow hidden in a corner.

It´s Beautiful.

Who was it that once told me the truth not so log ago?

... Murtaugh?

No... It was not him.

But...what did he say?

'Light up the Darkness'?

Maybe The World is Quiet Here.

Submachine Earth Theory

Earth is another name for The submachine. The Sub-Net could be the crust and the mantle, and Earth's core is The Core. This explains why the Root, the Ancient Section, the Edge, and the Lighthouse are underground. Also, if the submachine seems to make certain areas of the Sub-Net clean and refined, such as the Edge, the Lab in Sub 4 gets newer as you go down.

If Mur and his crew want to destroy the Submachine, then he really would destroy the world. The Submachine does not want to be destroyed, and trys to keep out humans. But it seems only humans that use Karma, a type of physics altering force, are notciable by the defense systems. The code the Submachine uses to identify humans in Sub 6 is only for humans with Karma abilities. The player's goal is to let Mur 'end' the Submachine but he may not know what the Submachine really is, Earth.

Part 2 - Player As Sub-Bot Theory

Us, the player, escaped this. How? Murtaugh wanted us. Through the Sub1 game, Mur hacked a passing sub-bot to listen to him. Guiding him through the submachines, we eventually turned off the defense systems that only our kind could go through. As Mur no longer needed us, he left us to die. We escaped through a portal that was only usable by sub-bots, and reverse engineered by humans to create the sub4 portal. We ended up in the core, to find no visible sub-bots, who either fell of the floating islands, or were shut down when the defense systems did.


  • Between 2010 and 2017, fan members would often vote on theories that they thought were most correct and most consistent with observations made on the subject. The theories would gain or lose rankings based on the results of regularly held "voting sessions" typically held upon the release of a new game in the series. The voting process and rankings had no effect on which theories were added or removed from the game.
  • The "Submachine as Perpetual Maze Theory" found in 555 by dVanisAWESOME is not classified as canonical writing by Sunshine bunnygirl 17.

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