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A gathered listing of theories about the Submachine games. Theories can be about anything related to the game such as the origins of submachines, their creators or the player's identity. If you are the author of one of the theories and the description is wrong (some are even missing), feel free to edit it and if you have the time please create a page for your theories.

Every so often theories can be voted on by people familiar with Submachine, including the Pastel Community. Visit this page for a list of all theories to be voted on in the next voting session, organized by category.

Some common questions that theories try to answer about the Subnet, though people have written about just about everything:

1. What is the Submachine?

2. What will happen in future installments of the series?

3. What is the purpose of a certain object we've seen?

Make your own theory!

If you would like to add a theory, you can! Make your own page and add the "Theories" category to it. Use other theory pages for reference on how it should look and how to best present your ideas. You can also always ask an admin or another user for help.

If you want to make a theory, keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure your theory is made up of conclusions that have not already been proven correct or incorrect. It is no use confirming an idea that is already well-known, or debunking one that is already known not to be true. So make sure to check out the theories already confirmed and debunked so there are no duplicate ideas being brought back up. (And of course be familiar with the Submachine games as much as possible ;) )
  • If you make a theory while a voting session is active, your new theory will not be included in that voting session.
  • Voting sessions are held every time a new Submachine installment comes out, or at a time agreed on by Wikia mods and admins if no Submachine games will be released for a while. The next voting session will be held upon release of Submachine: The Engine.
  • You should be logged into Wikia when you make your theories so we have a correct user name for each theory. If you do not have a Wiki account but have an account on Pastel Forum, you can also upload your theories there in a thread in the "Theories and Suggestions" subforum and we will copy it to the Wiki as you see fit.
  • Do NOT edit theories of other users. You may only do so if they allow you to and tell you so themselves (for help in grammar and spell checking, etc.). This means that you may not correct grammar and spelling without their permission.
  • Mateusz Skutnik has historically accepted theories into the Submachine Universe as a way of building the game with fan input. This still happens but you should not expect your theory to be automatically included in the Submachine Universe. Only a small percentage of theories are included under special circumstances.
  • You can ALWAYS ask an admin, mod, or another well-versed Wiki user for help :D.


The theories are sorted by their creator and are placed into several different categories explaining the status of each. These are:

  • Confirmed: This theory was proven true with the release of additional information or a new Submachine game.
  • Likely: There is more evidence in favor of the theory than against it.
  • Still alive: There is about equal evidence for and against the theory.
  • Doubtful: There is more evidence against the theory than for it.
  • Debunked: There is enough evidence against this theory to label it dead.
  • Humorous: This theories is just plain silly (not actively encouraged).
  • Unvoted: This theory is not yet voted on.
  • Reserved: This theory is not approved for voting by the author.
  • [ NEW 2017 ] - Voided: This submission is either a straight summary of previously known facts without substantial additions, does not have a clear argument or an argument in the first place, or has another quality that discounts it as an actual theory.

Voided theories will be shown on a separate page.

Keep theorizing!

List of theories

001010's theories

Debunked: Artificial Life Theory

Debunked: Karma Theory's theories

Debunked: Earth Theory's theories

Unvoted: macro-verse theory's theories

Doubtful: Same Portal Theory's theories

Unvoted: Submachine origins theory (Invasive dimension)

12vegeta12's theories

Debunked: The Purpose Theory

Debunked: Super Gem Theory

- ak -'s theories

Debunked: First Submachine Theory

Doubtful: Absorption Theory

Confirmed: Dimensional Pathway Theory

Doubtful: People As Energy Theory

Doubtful: Timestop Theory

Doubtful: Building for the Fame Theory

Still alive: Lightness + Dark Theory

-NeroZero-BR's theories

Doubtful: SubWorld Theory

Doubtful: Crossroad-Storage Theory

A Friend's theories

Debunked: What a Piece of Work is Man

A1ex CT99's theories

Still alive: Archailect Theory

Debunked: List of Minor Theories

Debunked: MurNet Theory

Confirmed: Murtaugh's Recruit Theory

Adfx033's theories

Debunked: Mur's Power Plan Theory

Alamos's theories

Debunked: Mur AI Theory

Alric 75's theories

Confirmed: Theory of revolt

anonymous's theories

Debunked: The Scientists Theory

Anteroinen's theories

Confirmed: Games with words

Debunked: Submachine personality theory

Debunked: Anteroinen's theory about the ending of Submachine and what comes after it.

Debunked: Theory on Defense Systems

Debunked: Anteroinen's theor(ies) on the Core

Anubis's theories

Debunked: Evil Mur Theory

Apocrypha's theories

Debunked: Arcade/World War Theory

Doubtful: Interlaced Cube Theory

Debunked: Eighth Layer Theory

Unvoted: Character Connections Speculation

Unvoted: The Devil Portal

Unvoted: Edge Deception Theory

Unvoted: Describing the Loop

Argonbolt's theories

Confirmed: Self Generating Theory-Submachine as an Organism Theory (the Origins of Shiva)

Asteriski's theories

Still alive: Essence Theory

Avrilislost's theories

Debunked: The Dimensions Theory

Azareus's theories

Still alive: 4th Dimension Teleporters Theory

@Bady's theories

Debunked: Quantum Computer Theory

Baby Jimbob's theories

Debunked: Brainpower Theory

Bell-Chan's theories

Debunked: The Subnet Is A Hyper-Expanding Input-Driven Pocket Universe

Berty's theories

Debunked: Mysterious Entity Theory

Bit's theories

Debunked: Cyberspace Theory

Boingo's theories

Doubtful: The Temple DefSys Theory

Doubtful: The Submachine Spacetime Distortion and Karma Field Theory

Debunked: The Daedalus Theory

Doubtful: SNEE Evidence of Movers

Carbo14's theories

Debunked: Schrödinger's Cat Reference Theory

Chaos's theories

Likely: Amnesia Theory

Still alive: Report #173

ChryoyoYT's theories

Unvoted: The Purpose of the Defense System

CollinBollin's theories

Still alive: Destruction of Space Theory

Debunked: No Earth Theory

coolman1081's theories

Debunked: Eradication Theory

Debunked: God Theory

Debunked: Team Theory

Debunked: Clone Theory

Cone's theories

Debunked: Artificial Dream Theory

Debunked: Micro Theory

Doubtful: Karma Ocean Theory

Debunked: Atlantis Theory

Likely: Life Energy Theory

Danaroth's theories

Debunked: Abandoned Engineering Facility Theory

Debunked: Contiguous Sectoral Building Theory

Dark Rose's theories

Debunked: Untitled

Darrylb500's theories

Humorous: Submachinian Theory

Death Road's theories

Debunked: Player-Is-Mur Theory

Debunked: Safe Haven Theory

Debunked: SubMurchine Theory

Confirmed: Human Target Theory

Debunked: Loop Theory

Decoder's theories

Debunked: Epicenter Theory

DeleteTheSubCore's theories

Unvoted: Tearing Effect Theory

DespEro's theories

Doubtful: The Project Theory

Disco McDisco's theories

Debunked: Paired Gem theory

Debunked: Schizo-Extension Theory

Debunked: Mur is Dead Theory

Dr. NotSoNice's theories

Debunked: The Flaming Monkey Theory

DVanisAWESOME's theories

Debunked: Saviour theory

Debunked: Reality theory

Debunked: Submachine as Perpetual Maze Theory, by Sunshine bunnygirl 17

Dyno101's theories

Unvoted: Portal Submachine (The submachine is the portal!)

Enula Elish's theories

Debunked: Internet Subnet Theory

FedericoF's theories

Doubtful: Space-time portals theory

Still alive: "Ancient people" absorbed in the Submachine

Confirmed: Many portals theory

Likely: The beginning of the Defense Systems

Forgingiron's theories

Debunked: Loop Theory

Frog2132's theories

Humorous: The Cheese Theory

Debunked: The Time is Gone Theory

Gil2455526's theories

Debunked: "Layer influenced behavior" theory

GIR-457's theories

Debunked: Human Learning Theory

Debunked: Mental Patient Theory

God Samuel's theories

Doubtful: Submachine Runes Theory

Doubtful: FLF + Padded Room Theory

Confirmed: Murtaugh Karma Portal Theory (For Sub1-4)

Guacamole Man's theories

Debunked: Timeless Theory

Hermit214's theories

Debunked: SAT Theory

Debunked: Organic Acid Problem

Debunked: Player-is-Liz Theory

Hero of Carthage's theories

Doubtful: Agent Theory

Debunked: Different universe theory

Hidude134's theories

Debunked: Void Theory

Debunked: Sadistic AI Game Theory

Hooder's theories

Doubtful: Submachine complex theory

I Dunno Lol's theories

Humorous: Overall Analysis Theory

ILUVSubmachine0920's theories

Debunked: Murt's History Theory

Into the Void's theories

Debunked: Wisdom Gem Data Storage Theory

Debunked: Afterlife Theory

Debunked: Mur as Defense Core Theory

Debunked: Wisdom Core Theory

Debunked: Defense System Theory

Still alive: Quantum Computer Theory

Debunked: "Arch" Theory

Isobel The Sorceress's theories

Debunked: In Your Mind Theory

JackO's theories

Confirmed: 4 Dimension Net Theory

Debunked: Comms Network Theory

Jomar Mendoza's theories

Debunked: Possible Submachine 8 Plot

Debunked: Subnet was a server theory

Debunked: Possible ship confront theory

Juratracer's theories

Debunked: Wisdom Gem Theory

Debunked: Map Theory

Konijn24's theories

Unvoted: Liz Theory

Unvoted: Creator of the First Submachine Theory (Henry O'Toole Theory)

Unvoted: Karma Energy To Watt Theory

Latias1290's theories

Debunked: Time Passage Theory

Les paul166's theories

Debunked: Napoleon Theory

Debunked: The Cipher Theory

LittleTornado's theories

Unvoted: Properties of Karmic Portals

Lmcuadros's theories

Debunked: Artificial Countryside Theory

Debunked: The Two Players Theory

Debunked: Mousehole Theory

Ln6Ec's theories

Debunked: Purgatory Theory

Debunked: ET Theory

Debunked: AI Theory

Lucca Ellorita's theories

Doubtful: Submachine as Database Theory

Confirmed: What Karma Arm Really Does Theory

Debunked: Lighthouse Emits "Another Light" To Show The World In Theory

Debunked: Why Submachines went berserk

Luketheflame's theories

Debunked: The Stream Theory

Marbles's theories

Debunked: Cat Theory

Debunked: Normal Submachine Theory

Debunked: Liz is Evil Theory

Mocha2007andcoco's theories

Doubtful: Drowsy Portals Theory

Debunked: Who REALLY is the victor

Debunked: Quaternion Fractal Theory

Mono99099's theories

Doubtful: Frontier and Change Hostility Theory

MrEMan's theories

Doubtful: Subhistory Theory

Mrkees' theories

Doubtful: Submachine Portal Resonance Theory

Murandliz's theories

Debunked: The Player is Liz and Mur's Son Theory

Murtaugh's theories

Debunked: Egyptian Theory

NavyOfficer's theories

Confirmed: Karma Crystal Theory

Debunked: Rescue Mission Theory

Still alive: Karma Gems Theory

Ogt2's theories

Debunked: The Creation and Murtaugh's Theory

Debunked: The Root's Transportation Theory

OnyxIonVortex's theories

Debunked: Einstein the Cat Theory

Likely: Kaluza-Klein Layer Theory

Phenoix12's theories

Debunked: Mur Is the Submachine Theory

Debunked: Submachine Compression Theory

Debunked: Connection between Sub0 and Sub2 Theory

PiedPiper2017's theories

Unvoted: Theory of the collective human mind

Prupp's theories

Debunked: Mur's Workshop Theory

Debunked: The Memento theory

Purcellus/Haipeoplez's theories

Debunked: Wisdom Gem Theory

Pyro-Dude's theories

Doubtful: Pocket Dimension Theory

Still alive: Karma Theory

Rainbowpoptartunicorn's theories

Debunked: The Submachine was created by different cultures long ago

Debunked: Mur is The Submachine

Debunked: You (the player) are Mur

Debunked: The tree in the South Garden is the main source of energy



Raxas's theories

Debunked: The Number Station Theory

Doubtful: Karma Particle Theory

Redafro's theories

Likely: Mur the Part-Time Puzzler Theory

Likely: Submachine Parameters

Still alive: Theories on why we never encounter anyone

Debunked: Uninhabitable Theory

Still alive: Submachine as Physics-Engine Field

Still alive: Mind-Reading Submachines

Confirmed: Submachine Body and Psychology Theory

Confirmed: Game aesthetics "theory"

Still alive: Subbot = Amnesia Theory

Doubtful: Trapped Player Theory

Still alive: Redafro's Submachine, Plan, Knot, and Beamer Theory

REDX36's theories

Still alive: Karma Decay Theory

Doubtful: Sub-Bot Theory

Confirmed: Stationary Portal Theory

Debunked: Core of Knowledge Theory

Doubtful: Submachine Earth Theory

Remi le Oduen's theories

Doubtful: Informational life form theory

Rever Man's theories

Confirmed: Cipher Plate Theory

Doubtful: Layer 5 isn't layer 5?

Doubtful: We killed a mouse

Robobrain's theories

Debunked: Edge as Boundary Theory

Debunked: Plot Explanation

Doubtful: Player Movement Through Submachine and Submachine Existence

Rooster5man's theories

Debunked: Core Stores the Corpses Theory

Likely: Corpses-Portal Theory

Debunked: The Player is Henry O'Toole Theory

Debunked: Liz is Mur Theory

RuloCore's theories

Humorous: TV Murtaugh Theory

Likely: Heptapolar Crunch Theory

Doubtful: Sectors Theory

Rusty Kerman's theories

Unvoted: Tesseract/Xen Theory

Sakuya Neko's theories

Debunked: Waveform Collapse Expansion Theory

Samrux's theories

Unvoted: The Metaphysical Theory

Silasqwerty1's theories

Debunked: The FusionFall Theory

Smartguy5000's theories

Still alive: Von Neumann Theory

Confirmed: The Core Theory

Confirmed: Portal Workings Theory

Squatchface's theories

Unvoted: Something happened in the lab theory

Unvoted: The subnet in the making / Kara is the player

Starks Hayter's theories

Doubtful: Karma and Portals Theory

StoneInfinity's theories

Unvoted: The "Ancient Gem of Wisdom" Theory

Strange Planet's theories

Debunked: Karmic Civilization Theory

Likely: Portal Entropy Theory

Strawhat Neo's theories

Likely: The Layering Theory

Debunked: The Karma Masters Theory

Debunked: Memory Loop Theory

Debunked: Mur's Plan Theory

Sub8472's theories

Debunked: Theory of Mur and Liz

Sub-bot 100's theories

Confirmed: Portal Wisdom Gems Theory

Subbot smasher's theories

Debunked: Super-weapon Theory

Debunked: Green gem Theory

Still alive: Player Is Player Theory

Confirmed: Scrapper Theory

Debunked: Gem Warp Theory

SubHunter's theories

Debunked: The Uninhabited Theory

Debunked: The [Sub]Building Theory

Sublevel's theories


Submachine AL's theories

Debunked: Submachine Software Theory

Debunked: Human Testers Theory

Debunked: The Submachine Dimension Theory

Debunked: Alternate Timeline Theory

Submachinefan's theories

Doubtful: Root/Core Symbiosis Theory

Subman's theories

Debunked: Glitch Theory

Subnoob's theories

Debunked: Submachine 6 Theories

Debunked: Submachine Origin/Mur Theories

Debunked: Character Theories

Debunked: Saving the World Theory

Doubtful: Convergence Theory

Sub-Program 32's theories

Debunked: Loop Theory

Debunked: Subnet Editing Theory

Debunked: Daymare Plot Theory

Sudo su's theories

Debunked: Cat/Liz Theory

Suigetsu's theories

Debunked: A job in time Theory

Sundex's theories

Unvoted: On the Topic of Layers

Unvoted: S.H.I.V.A's Theory: The Acronym

Unvoted: Karmic energy theory

Unvoted: Subs 1, 2, & 3 v. Subs 8, 9, & 10: Portals

Unvoted: Enlightenment: Interpretations and Order

Swag's theories

Debunked: Untitled

TDDP's theories

Still alive: The Meaning of the machine

Terein's theories

Debunked: Completing the Incompleteable

Doubtful: Buried under a New World

The Abacus's theories

Likely: Portal Mechanics Theory

Debunked: "The Architects" is an Analogy for the Creator

Confirmed: Anti-Structural Architecture and the Winter Palace

The PLANer's theories

Still alive: Phantom Energy Theory

The Philosopher's theories

Debunked: Parallel Universe Theory

Debunked: Ancient Civilization Theory

The Void's theories

Confirmed: Submachine Manipulates Time Theory

The808tribe's theories

Unvoted: A Further Exploration on Murtaugh

Thebabylonproject's theories

Debunked: Dream Space Submachine Theory

Thegeniusyosh's theories

Unvoted: Mover Theory

Voxproximity's theories

Likely: The D.S. as a passive-aggressive entity

Confirmed: The Importance of the Number 32

Still alive: Mur's Temporary HQ

Confirmed: A Proposition Concerning the Mechanical Hand

Wanderer99's theories

Debunked: "Covert" Submachine Theory

Still alive: Murtaugh Recruitment Theory

Doubtful: Untitled

WarpZone's theories

Debunked: Corpse Censorship Theory

Debunked: Everyone Else Escaped Theory

Debunked: Natural Corpse Theory

Debunked: Slow Computer Theory

Weary With Toil's theories

Doubtful: Klein Bottle Theory

Confirmed: Artificial Consciousness - Extension of the Klein Bottle Theory

Wellan's theories

Debunked: Exist Theory

wierdotron5000's theories

Debunked: Lower Universal Containment Theory

Debunked: Omni-Dimensional Distortion Theory

WorldisQuiet5256's theories

Doubtful: Submachine Chair Theory

Debunked: The Black Dossier Theory

Debunked: Untitled

Xenyth's theories

Doubtful: The Theory of the Evolution of the Submachine and the Worlds within the Gems

XUmbrax's theories

Debunked: The Mur Machine Theory

Debunked: Defenses theory

Debunked: Lighthouse Diaries Deciphered Theory

Confirmed: Shiva Link Theory

Likely: Mur: Dead, yet alive? Theory

Confirmed: Mur's Rejection Theory

Debunked: The Exit at The Knot Theory

Doubtful: Additional notes and sub-theories

Xzocka's theories

Likely: Red Brick Theory

Yellowsubmachine's theories

Debunked: Sub_1 Karma Trap Theory

Debunked: Mur The Ordinary Guy Theory

YoshiBoy13's theories

Debunked: Trapped theory

Debunked: Confrontation theory

Debunked: Anti-Subnet theory

Debunked: Co-ordinates as relative to facility theory

Debunked: Exploration Theory Fact

Debunked: Universal Theory (version 1: serious)

Humorous: Universal Theory (version 2: silly)

Debunked: Right Here, Right Now: Version 1

Debunked: Right Here, Right Now: Version 2

Debunked: Hallucination/Dream Theory: Version 1

Debunked: Hallucination/Dream Theory: Version 2

Zephirius Jixx's theories

Debunked: No Goal Theory

Zerpentos's theories

Still Alive: Coordinate Systems Theory

Likely: Sub-Energy, Wisdom Gem, and Light Theory

Zombieshooter's theories

Debunked: Edge as lock to subnet outer-side theory

Debunked: Subnet Core theory

Likely: Karma is Wisdom Gems Energy theory

Zombyrus's theories

Debunked: Meaningless Theory

Debunked: Semi-Artificial Subnet Theory