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You can vote for a theory to be in one of seven categories, sorted by their status. Use these status descriptions when placing your vote.

  • Confirmed This theory was proven true with the release of additional information or a new Submachine game.
  • Likely There is more evidence in favor of the theory than against it.
  • Still alive There is about equal evidence for and against the theory.
  • Doubtful There is more evidence against the theory than for it.
  • Debunked There is enough evidence against this theory to label it dead.
  • Humorous (For theories that are just plain silly) (This category does not appear next to the others; add it into the "Debunked" category and clearly state that you find it humorous)
  • [ NEW 2017 ] - Voided: This submission is either a straight summary of previously known facts without substantial additions, does not have a clear argument or an argument in the first place, or has another quality that discounts it as an actual theory.

Each theory category will have a different window of time to receive votes, after which the votes will be tallied and the status will be updated. Once a theory is confirmed or debunked, it will not be re-opened for voting until a special jailbreak session is held.

To vote, please add your user name [or your Pastel-forum user name if you are a member of Pastel-forum] under the section you choose to vote, and add one to the number of votes. First category to 8 votes wins or the majority after two weeks, whichever comes first. In case of a tie, we'll go with doubtful over debunked, still alive over doubtful, still alive over likely, and likely over confirmed. If there is a three way tie, the category closest to the middle of the three will be chosen.

Please be sure to read the entire theory before voting.


  1. You must be registered on the Wiki to vote. Votes made by nonregistered users will be removed. Votes made by a user in place of another user will also be removed, and votes only cast on Pastel Forum at do not count.
  2. Theory owners are not allowed to vote on their own theory.
  3. Vote on this page only; this will help keep track of all votes in one spot. Do not vote on individual user theory pages. Statuses on individual pages will be tallied and changed after all categories are completed.


  1. If you are voting for a theory to be confirmed or debunked, you are encouraged to state a reason for your choice (these categories will put a theory out of voting for a long time, so it is good to back up your vote with a reason).
  2. You do not need to vote on every theory; however, try to vote on as many as possible (especially in the unvoted category).
  3. We recommend that you open the theory you want to vote for in a new tab so you can keep this page in the right spot and don't have to keep scrolling through all these theories to find the right one again and again.
  4. Which theories should I look at first?
    • In general, there are no specific theories that should be voted on first. However it is always nice to vote for Unvoted theories so they can hold a real status. Theories that obviously belong on one end of the spectrum or another should also be given some attention.
    • If the voter turnout is low, try to vote on theories that are actively being voted on (as in, other voters have voted on them this session).
    • Or just read as many as you can ;) You can change your vote for a theory anytime you would like, while the theory is open for voting.

If you need help, contact the active administrator here.

Unvoted theories macro-verse theory Submachine origins theory (invasive dimension)

Apocrypha Character Connections Speculation

Apocrypha The Devil Portal

Apocrypha Edge Deception Theory

Apocrypha Describing the Loop

ChryoyoYT The Purpose of the Defense System

DeleteTheSubCore Tearing Effect Theory

Dyno101 Portal Submachine (The submachine is the portal!)

Konijn24 Liz theory

Konijn24 Creator of the First Submachine Theory (Henry O'Toole Theory)

Konijn24 Karma Energy To Watt Theory

LittleTornado Properties of Karmic Portals

PiedPiper Theory of the collective human mind

Rusty Kerman Tesseract/Xen Theory

Samrux The Metaphysical Theory

Sundex On the Topic of Layers

Sundex S.H.I.V.A's Theory: The Acronym

Sundex Karmic energy theory

Sundex Subs 1, 2, & 3 v. Subs 8, 9, & 10: Portals

Sundex Enlightenment: Interpretations and Order

Squatchface Something happened in the lab theory

Squatchface The subnet in the making / Kara is the player

StoneInfinity The "Ancient Gem of Wisdom" Theory

The808tribe A Further Exploration on Murtaugh

Thegeniusyosh Mover Theory

Likely theories

Chaos Amnesia Theory

Cone Life Energy Theory

FedericoF The beginning of the Defense Systems

OnyxIonVortex Kaluza-Klein Layer Theory

Redafro Mur the Part-Time Puzzler Theory

Redafro Submachine Parameters

Rooster5man Corpses-Portal Theory

RuloCore Heptapolar Crunch Theory

Strange Planet Portal Entropy Theory

Strawhat Neo The Layering Theory

The Abacus Portal Mechanics Theory

Voxproximity The D.S. as a passive-aggressive entity

XUmbrax Mur: Dead, yet alive? Theory

Xzocka Red Brick Theory

Zerpentos Sub-Energy, Wisdom Gem, and Light Theory

Zombieshooter Karma is Wisdom Gems Energy Theory

Still alive theories

- ak - Lightness + Dark Theory

A1ex CT99 Archailect Theory

Asteriski Essence Theory

Azareus 4th Dimension Teleporters Theory

Chaos Report #173

CollinBollin Destruction of Space Theory

FedericoF "Ancient people" absorbed in the Submachine

Into the Void Quantum Computer Theory

NavyOfficer Karma Gems Theory

Pyro-Dude Karma Theory

Redafro Theories on why we never encounter anyone

Redafro Submachine as Physics-Engine Field

Redafro Mind-Reading Submachines

Redafro Subbot = Amnesia Theory

Redafro Redafro's Submachine, Plan, Knot, and Beamer Theory

REDX36 Karma Decay Theory

Smartguy5000 Von Neumann Theory

Subbot smasher Player Is Player Theory

TDDP The Meaning of the machine

the PLANer Phantom Energy Theory

Voxproximity Mur's Temporary HQ

Wanderer99 Murtaugh Recruitment Theory

Zerpentos Coordinate System Theory

Doubtful theories Same Portal Theory

- ak - Absorption Theory

- ak - People as Energy Theory

- ak - Time-stop Theory

- ak - Building for the Fame Theory

-NeroZero-BR SubWorld Theory

-NeroZero-BR Crossroad-Storage Theory

Apocrypha Interlaced Cube Theory

Boingo The Temple DefSys Theory

Boingo The Submachine Spacetime Distortion and Karma Field Theory

Boingo SNEE Evidence of Movers

Cone Karma Ocean Theory

DespEro The Project Theory

FedericoF Space-time portals theory

God Samuel Submachine Runes Theory

God Samuel FLF + Padded Room Theory

Hero of Carthage Agent Theory

Hooder Submachine complex theory

Lucca Ellorita Submachine as Database Theory

Mocha2007andcoco Drowsy Portals Theory

Mono99099 Frontier and Change Hostility Theory

MrEMan Subhistory Theory

Kees Submachine Portal Resonance Theory

Pyro-Dude Pocket Dimension Theory

Raxas Karma Particle Theory

Redafro Trapped Player Theory

REDX36 Sub-Bot Theory

REDX36 Submachine Earth Theory

Remi le Oduen Informational life form theory

Rever Man Layer 5 isn't layer 5?

Rever Man We killed a mouse

Robobrain Player Movement Through Submachine and Submachine Existence

Rooster5man Corpse Portal Theory

RuloCore Sectors Theory

Starks Hayter Karma and Portals Theory

Submachinefan Root/Core Symbiosis Theory

Subnoob Convergence Theory

Terein Buried under a New World

Wanderer99 Untitled

Weary With Toil Klein Bottle Theory

WorldisQuiet5256 Submachine Chair Theory

Xenyth The Theory of the Evolution of the Submachine and the Worlds within the Gems

XUmbrax Additional notes and sub-theories