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A jolly good hello to you, my fellow friend. Either you have bounced in accidentally or already knowing me, hello :

I am NeroZero, and I have accounts on a few other sites around the web, such as the uberly-unknown The Casual Collective, Everybody Edits, ArcadePreHacks,,et cetera.

I hope you do not loose yourself within the Sub while in my profile, because the Karma Portals seem to pop from sudden nowhere. They might or might not lead to something relevant, though I highly doubt they'll be anything but The Lazer Collection quotes.

My main Wikias here are FigHunter and Submachine Wiki. Feel free to leave a comment if you're a member of these bunches. And, by the love of YALORT,do NOT send me messages like "omg wat is dat u said in u proflie lolol". If you didn't understand something, go check the mentioned wikias above.