Submachine Wiki

Hello, Lorre here! I'm a nerdy pianist and songwriter with an addiction to video games, books, and mystery - thus, Submachine is perfect for me.

I should mention that I am half-blind, so I can't always have a good eye for page layouts. As a result, I'm hesitant to make large edits that will affect the look of the page. If I do anything wrong, just fix it up or tell me!

I only recently got an account on the Pastel Forum. I go under "Lorre" there.

I just finished composing a fan soundtrack for Submachine 9 - all the tracks can be heard on my YouTube channel and my Soundcloud , and the full soundtrack can be downloaded for free here . The download comes with fifteen tracks, a readme with credits and special thanks, and a bonus short story about Submachine 9.

Favorite Submachine game: Submachine Universe