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Hello Guys!! My name is Neo [just a pen name]. I am one of the chosen people who is sent inside the Subnet. I have passed all the test and I'm sent by Murtaugh. To survive inside the Subnet I have infiltrated a lot of Subnet defense systems and mechanisms. So, after the long journey, the wait is over. I have successfully ventured the layer of light. Those who have ventured it will be granted peace, and wisdom upon his/her journey. And now, I finally came to understand, that everything was made for a plan. Everything that starts at the beginning will finally come to an end.

The loop that causes the layers to clash is now fixed. With the power of Karma, submachine healing itself, causing the knot to be untied, the dimensions to be fixed, and the problems to be solved. It's the right time to exit the subnet. The lighthouse where Mur was once locked, will be the exit to the subnet. To all those who where still trapped inside the subnet, have courage! For the right time will come, that you would acquire the great wisdom inside the submachine.

Submachine 10: The Exit [Progress Bar]



I am now a college graduate but still I love playing games. And one of the games that I really loved to play is the Submachine Series. I had greatly enjoyed each part of the game. I hope there is really more to come!

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