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Water Pantheon

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Layer 5

The water pantheon is the fifth-layer representations of the location in Submachine 8: The Plan.


This location consists of a set of structures, statues, and buildings made of blue stone. It is apparently an area dedicated to the worship of one or more gods, since there are stone statues such as Krishna playing the flute, and a cat (probably a representation of Einstein). The location is set under a purple sky with white mist.

At the bottom, down some stairs, a pool of what the author classified as holy water can be seen. In the center is the gateway to the second section, which can be activated using an energy trail in the portal door which forms when the Player activates the beamer in the bamboo town. There seems to be remains of a karma portal at the far left of this area.

The beamer from this location can only be accessed from another layer, and needs a pivotable part of a pyramid to activate it and a mirror to reflect the beam in the right direction.

The energy trail is found here too, inside a pyramid, which opens once all the seven levers from all locations are set in the right position. It can be used to activate things such as the cat statue's pedestal (to get a secret) and the entrance to the garden.


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